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Friday, January 31, 2014

Pitiful...Just Pitiful!

Today's high temperature was: 31

I think it is just pitiful that people in this State are excited because our temperature might get up to freezing!  Thirty-two degrees, which normally would have us complaining that we had to wear our winter gear--now, has us searching the back of our closets to find out spring clothes!  LOL.  

It really doesn't snow all that much, when the temperatures are near or below zero.  We are expecting higher temperatures, this next week, and some moisture coming up from the south along with the higher temps.  Plus, we are expecting one snow storm after the other--along with the higher temps and moisture equals---more inches of snow will come.  So--this appeared on my Face Book page this morning.

The pattern is shaping up to be very active one starting this weekend and lasting the next two weeks. I have said many times that the storms that are coming will produce huge amounts of snow because of the heat and humidity that will be available to the storms. The storm this weekend will produce up to a foot of snow across parts of Michigan and the Midwest, and the storm coming midweek will potentially produce more than a foot. The storm following that for next weekend can produce over a foot of snow as well. While the extreme cold has backed off, it will be cold enough for snowstorms through the month of February.

We set a record for snow fall in ANY month.  39.1 inches--more than we normally get in an entire winter.

I just want to bang my head against the wall!  

It took me a month to get an appointment with the cardiologist--to make sure this low pulse rate isn't something to worry about.  I had an appointment for January 8th--had to cancel because of the 6 inches of snow we got. 

So I rescheduled for February 5th--this next Wednesday--and we are suppose to get over a foot of snow, starting on Tuesday night.   The cardiologist's office is only 1 mile away, in the small medical center.  I can drive in a snowstorm, but if I can't get out of my driveway/park, I can't make it to the main road to make the one mile trip.  

Perhaps I should just cancel again and wait until March.  If I didn't have the appointment, I wouldn't care if we got three feet of snow!!!

I walked down to Dar's to loan her a video she wanted.  That poor woman has been having an awful time.  She now has Afib, which is being treated and has to be on Coumadin, which has to be checked every week.  She had to go in and have her heart shocked back into normal sinus rhythm.  She had a spot on her leg that was pre-cancerous and has had it treated twice and may have to have surgery.  Last week she had to have a laser treatment on her left eye and woke up Tuesday with Cellulitis all around her eye, which they are treating.  If she isn't better by Monday, she has to go to hospital to have intravenous antibiotics because Cellulitis can get into the blood stream and turn into Sepsis--which is a blood infection and people die from that (she doesn't know that, however).  Plus, she has gained almost 40 pounds since September and looks very bloated. 

Then, I walked over to Pearl's to see how she was doing.  We don't see each other very much with all the snow and ice that she is afraid to walk on.  I don't go up to her place as much because Merle is home all the time now.  Today, he was out for a walk and so she and I got to talk.  Merle is angry at her a lot lately--I can see why.  Pearl got involved in a jewelry club and they send her jewelry every month and take money out of the checking account.  She swears she didn't sign up for it, but.........

She's angry because they got their Federal Income Tax refund back and Merle wouldn't give her half.  He wanted it all to go into the savings account as they are saving for a car.  Theirs is 18 years old and in terrible shape.

She went to the Salvation Army yesterday and got a whole bunch of junk--she goes once every week.  She justifies it by saying that she gets the stuff dirt cheap.  Merle questions that because she gets stuff she/they don't need just to buy something.  I think his verdict is correct.

Plus, she had a spot on her forehead that her dermatologist (the same one Dar has) treated twice and now wants her to go to Ann Arbor, U of M hospital to have it cut out and biopsied.  She canceled her appointment last Tuesday.  When I asked why, she said, "Oh because of the weather."  Yet, she went shopping at a mall half-way to Ann Arbor on Wednesday, which was a worse day then Tuesday.  She has rescheduled the appointment for February 11th.

She can barely walk and complains about her neck, back, legs and has neuropathy in her feet and yet, she won't go to the chiropractor because she is afraid of the deep tissue massage.  Merle goes to the same one I do and we both have tried to convince her that the doc could help, but............

So, I walked on home, got my mail, checked my feeding station, looked at all the different tracks around it, came inside and just thanked God that I am not having any problems right now.

Then, my neighbor/friend from when I lived in Saginaw called.  She had breast cancer 15 years ago.  She went in for a mammogram, first part of January and there was a "cluster" of something in the other breast.  She had another mammogram with a lot of other angles to it, then she had an ultra sound and then a biopsy yesterday.  They have told her that if it is cancer, they will do a lumpectomy and she won't have to have radiation or chemo.  She was pretty happy about that, but I wonder.  Did they just tell her that because they decided that more aggressive treatment would be wasted on a 78 year old woman?  Or is it really not all that bad.

I'm not real trusting of medical people--guess you could tell, and with this new health care program going on, I have been told, "they" are less apt to aggressively treat older people with life threatening diseases...because, it simply isn't worth it.

I just heard the weather update on the eleven o'clock news and we are predicted now, to get 9.6 inches of snow tomorrow.  Where Susan, Pammie and Mark live--just 20 miles north of here--predicted to get 11.5.   AND--they say, the storm coming in Wednesday "may" total up to 19 inches of snow.  Not the easily shoveled, cold, crisp, dry, light-weight snow, but this will be wet and heavy.  Great for making snow men, but not so much for getting off the driveway.

Alas--right now it seems our lives are all about the weather.  When is the next storm coming?  How much snow is predicted? Do we have enough supplies on hand?  Will we get shoveled out in time to get to work or make our appointments? Is school closed?  People ask on Face Book, "Does anyone know how US 23 is?  Has anyone heard how I-96 is, I gotta go to a meeting in Lansing.  Does anyone know if basketball game in Hartland is canceled?"  That's all we talk about anymore.  

Everyone is getting cranky and depressed.  We have been cooped up for too long.  It has been too cold to even get outside and walk to visit each other.  We are all worried about our gas bills.  We are just so very tired of it all!!!

I'm not going anywhere or even sticking my nose outside until Monday afternoon, when I have to go back to the chiropractor, so---have a great weekend.  I hope the team you want to win, wins the Super Bowl--I really don't care and will no doubt watch a Walton's or Little House On The Prairie marathon all day Sunday and of course, Downton Abbey Sunday night.

I just had a thought, can you even imagine what would happen in Atlanta with a 9.6 inch snowfall?  At least, they would have the traction from the snow so they could drive better then slipping and sliding on ice--of course, they'd all get stuck, but........................

See ya Monday.  Jude

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Foolish Folly

High temperature today was: 21 degrees
Partly cloudy, very windy
The Outer Banks of North Carolina when we were there

The Outer Banks of North Carolina a day ago 

I could not post a thing on here yesterday--I was exhausted!!!

2:00--appointment for deep tissue massage and chiropractor
          When I got out of there, I hurt so bad I just wanted to come home, but-----combining all the things I had to do, I drove back into Brighton.  Drove past my other stops to make it to the post office in time.  On to the Meijer store for supplies.  It was sooooooooo cold!  Then I noticed that their gas station had gas for $3.11 a gallon and my gas gauge was less then 1/4, so I stopped and filled up.  Of course I had no hat or gloves on, so I just stood there as the gas was going in and thought about something else to pretend I wasn't so cold (12 degrees).  Then back up the road to the Rich People's store for cake, croissants and two salads.  As I was pulling into a spot, I noticed there was a shopping cart in the way--in fact it was out in the lane.  There was a young man (40's) walking by and he walked between me and the cart and NEVER PUSHED THE CART OUT OF MY WAY as he walked by.  I mumbled to myself, as I am prone to do, "You silly son of a .....", got out, pushed the cart to the front of the handicap spot and parked.  GEEZ!!  

Finally, got on my way home and stopped to get a Subway for supper.  The massage therapist had given me a treatment on my neck and ears, trying to calm down the Tinnitus I have--it has been so "loud" lately AND the chiropractor had done some adjustments on my neck, shoulder and arm and then I had ultra sound treatments on the same area.  When I got home, I toted in all my groceries (8 trips), put them away, had my Subway and by 9:00. I had rubbed down the pain area with the best pain rub in this world and went to bed.

8:00 this morning.
     Woke up feeling great!  Neck and shoulder not paining at all and lower back feels great.  Tinnitus is pretty quiet too.  

8:40 this morning:
     Off to the doctor's office to get my blood drawn.  (10 degrees and super windy.)  Had three vials taken out.  I prefer to get blood drawn at my doc's office rather than the lab up the street.  Michelle, his nurse is the best!!!
It doesn't matter who draws my blood, it still hurts and my arm will ache for the rest of the day--it just always does.  I needed the tests done for my visit to the cardiologist's this next Wednesday AND I wanted the report too--just to check my numbers.

I think I told you, last fall, when I was last in the doc's office, Melissa Gilbert (Little House On The Prairie) was in there too.  I kidded my doctor about being "doctor to the stars" and it cracked me up because he had no idea who she was.  Apparently he is too young or never watched the show.  I found out today, that he makes house calls to her!  She called in the other day, back from her trip to some talk shows in New York and she had a migraine...so he went to HER house to help her.  NOW--as I reminded him today, I was his FIRST patient when he started his new practice about 8 years ago.  So I said to him, "If I called and didn't want to come in, would you make a house call to me?"  and his reply was, "No.  I'd tell you to take two aspirin and call me in the morning!"  Fame does have its privileges!!
Melissa’s Mid-Life Musings.

I got out of there and headed toward home.  Stopped at Wal-Mart to get Diet Pepsi--a buck a piece for 2 litres, and when I reached up to get my blue handicap card to hang on my rear view mirror, I couldn't find it! It must have fallen under the seats or something because I had it yesterday, but I couldn't find it.  I had the best spot too--the first spot right across from the door.  So--I backed out and moved down the line to another parking space.  CRUD--it was sooooooooo cold walking into the store. (Mumble, mumble.)

Thankfully, they had a nice display of Pepsi right at the front, so I didn't have to walk clear back to the back side of the store.  Back out to the car--trunk is frozen shut, load it into the back seat and start home.

Half-way home I remember, I was going to stop at Discount Tire and get my soft tires aired up.  Discount Tire is right across from my doctor's office.  I pulled into the parking lot of the Midway grocery store, out the other drive, back toward Howell.  

As I'm driving along, some idiot decides he wants into my lane and he pulled over right in front of me, no turn signal, no nothing.  I hit the brakes, they squealed, slipped a bit, but I didn't hit him.  My perfect driving record intact, I proceeded along. (Mumble, mumble--out loud curse words directed at him.)  

Got to Discount Tire, they aired up my tires, checked the treads and off I was, back on my way home.

Got home, tried to get stuck backing into the drive, revved it up and dang near backed into the Maple tree--unloaded the five bags of Diet Pepsi and got into the house.  It was now 9:56.  Did it all in just an hour.  WHEW!

Got on the phone and called the chiropractor's office to leave a message for the massage therapist, "Please tell Nichol that my ears are nice and quiet this morning.  Tell her I said, thank you soooo much!  and please tell doctor Janis that my collar bone, neck and shoulder aren't throbbing today.  See ya Monday."
2:00 - 21 degrees
     I decided because it was warm(er), I'd fill up the bird feeders, because--we are expecting an inch of snow tonight and...4 to 8 or more Saturday afternoon and night.
My Foolish Folly--or--another hare-brained idea of mine...

You may know that I have this "farm" theory of, survival of the fittest.  BUT--after I saw the bunny tracks AND have watched the squirrel try and get food from the bird feeders and being repelled by the "hot sauce" on the food, I decided, that because this is such an  unusual winter, they are going to find it very difficult to find food.  SO--I bought corn and peanuts--more than I could afford and was even going to buy rabbit food pellets, but realized I do not need a 40# bag (and that is about the size they come in) AND, while I was outside, I made a feeding station for the little furry animals.

I have a really sturdy cardboard box, and it just happens to be coated with some sort of plastic.  I put in a dish of peanuts and some ears of corn and put it under my Lilac bushes and put a heavy plastic jug of Niger seed on top to keep it from skittering on the snow when the wind blows.  If I get any action, or see any activity and think it is worth while, next fall I will have Merle build me a wooden box for this purpose.

This feeding station is non-denominational and anti-discriminatory.
Squirrel, bunny, chipmunk, skunk, raccoon.  
Whoever is hungry may eat at this place.
I feel so, sort of, St. Francis of Assisi.

It is outside my living room window--where the cats can watch the show--if the critters come during the daylight hours.  
Did you see that mess on I-75 in Atlanta?  I agree with the meteorologists--they had plenty of warning.  The government/mayor just didn't realize what a bit of snow would do to them and didn't react.

2 inches of snow?  Look at your ruler.  Do you realize how little that is?  Around here, the plows wouldn't even come through the park.  Dan, my snow shoveling man would not show up.  If we get an inch or two tonight--nobody will even be out shoveling tomorrow. 

Of  course snow, blowing across a highway, with the cars traveling on it, will cause ice and slippery areas.  At least, the governor stepped up to the plate and took the blame, quite an unheard thing from a politician.  I'll bet if it ever happens again, schools will be closed and people told to stay home from work.

I can't even imagine being trapped in a car for 12 or more hours.  I have to go potty about every hour--how would you accomplish that?

Well my friends--if we get 1/10th of an inch of snow tonight and tomorrow, it will set a record for the snowiest month--EVER.  We already have much more snow just this month, than we get in a year!  

All I can think of is something an old Japanese gardener once told me. "The more snow the better.  It sets the spring bulbs  for better blooms and it nourishes the bushes and perennials for larger and more prolific blooms."

We shall see, Grasshopper!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not Much Today

Today's high temperature was: 8 degrees
Sunny all day

I looked out my bathroom window, when I first got up this
morning, 9:30, and saw this big hole in the snow.
That, my friends, is where a bunny rabbit has jumped into.

Then I looked up and could see where he came from--all
the holes showing where he had jumped into for a moment. 

I looked to my right and saw where he had rested--his
"sign" very apparent.
Either he is staying here at night, next to the house for
warmth, or he is the one who dug his way under
the house and caused the pipe to freeze.
I'd like to go out and place a carrot there, he must be very
hungry, but then again, I don't want him to take up residence
under my house.  
Maybe tomorrow, I will walk out there and see if there is
any sign he can still get under the house or, if he
just sleeps here at night.  If he just sleeps here, then a treat I will leave him.

...and that is all I did today.  

I did open up my front door--twice.  Once to throw the dirty kitty litter bag into the garbage can and secondly, to run out and get a package from the mail lady.  It was the on-sale, cheap baby quilts I had ordered from Herrschners--10.00 a piece and cute as can be (normally priced at 29.99)..

When I came back in the computer room, late this afternoon, I realized that I could not access my Internet AND my phone was dead.  I called Comcast central and talked to George (real name probably Raja) and he had me fixed up in no time.  He said that I need a new modem (free) because they only last about two years (mine will be two in March), so I will get that taken care of, whenever I can get through the snow drifts over to the Comcast store.  It's only about 5 miles north of here.
This next picture is for Bella--something to help her with her Bushwhacked dreams!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Weather. What Else?

Today's high temperature was: 10 degrees
Sunny, snowy
I go to bed at night and this is what my car looks like.

I wake up in the morning and this is what my car looks like.

Yes--I like winter--always have.  I am snug and warm inside my wee home.  I have six inch exterior walls that are filled with blown-in insulation--as is the roof.  I have double pane windows with the gas in between the panes so they are warm.  When the sunlight streams into my front windows, it gets really warm in my computer room.  I feel better in the cold-dry weather--I can't really tolerate hot and humid.

I love to watch the snow fall and I am not adverse to getting out, cleaning off my car and driving wherever I have to go.


Even I am getting a bit tired of this winter!!!!!  We had no January thaw--which just isn't fair!  The North Pole air is riding south on the jet stream again this week--and that jet stream is dipping way down into Northern Florida.  We are expected minus 30 degree temperatures--of course, that is the wind chill, but still.....it is going to be really frigid REAL temperatures.

Earlier in the month I was saying, "Oh quit complaining.  We had winter's like this when we were kids!"  but I see now, I was wrong.  We are setting low temperature records and record snow fall and it makes me wonder......why?  Global warming causes climate changes.  Harsher winters and hotter summers.   Yes--I do believe in Global Warming--I however believe, it is a normal geological cycle that the earth goes through and I am not going to go out and buy an electric car, so my carbon footprint will be smaller.

So, I expect this July and August, we here in the north are going to see quite a few 100 degree days and drought conditions and that Dear Friends, is far worse for the land and crops then 50 inches of snow and -35 degree nights.

My furnace is coming on about every 12 minutes tonight.  I thought I saw a 100 dollar bill fly out the chimney flue!!  GEEZ!!!

Now, I am worrying about my southern friends as I see an ice storm is expected down south and snow way up to the Outer Banks.  You guys be careful because I know, you don't have a clue how to drive a car on ice--or snow for that matter.  
I was sitting here today, pondering while petting the cat on my lap and it occurred to me:  wouldn't it be fun if I took Catechism and membership classes at Jennifer's church?  Can you imagine the look on her face when her pastor mentioned, "Isn't it wonderful?  Your Mom is going to join our church!  She couldn't very well ban me from attending her church now, could she? 

No--I'm not going to do that!!  I don't even like her church, but it cracked me up and made me laugh to think about it.  Yes--I can have evil, vengeful thoughts at times--like those words you thought about saying--when someone was putting you down or in your face.  The "after the fact" words?  I don't act on the thoughts, so I guess it's okay?  

Karen called me on her way home from teaching today.  She is back in Grad school--going for her Master's, as is her oldest daughter, Helene.  She also told me that her second daughter, Susanna, who lives in Oregon and works for New Balance shoes, won a half-marathon last weekend.  Susanna and her hubs are going to run in the Boston Marathon this April.  Madeleine (youngest) will be dancing in the Peter Pan ballet the end of March.  Marcus (her third) is strutting around because U of M beat us Spartans Saturday night--he is the ONLY one in the family who attended U of M, and we threaten him and tease him all the time.  Now, it's his turn.

 Stephen, (her fourth) who goes to Michigan State turned 20 last week and has yet to thank me for his birthday card and $$.  Karen said, "I'm sorry, Mom.  I brought him up better than that!"  Which she did.  Her kids ALWAYS sent thank you cards.  I told her I'd get on Face Book and shame him a bit.  She said, "Go for it!"  I won't, but I will message him privately to see if he got the card.  Karen was in D.C. last week for the Pro-Life March--she said it was so cold, but they walked it all. So, I got all caught up on her life and the kids.  Her hubs is in D.C. this week.  He works for some secret government something and has to go to the "home" office occasionally.  Even Karen doesn't know exactly what he does.
Hey--I found the on-line forms for Pammie and me to make our revocable trusts.  

Well--wind chill factor of -35 tonight.  My water faucets will be on the trickle, cabinet doors under the sinks open--and we shall see what tomorrow brings!!  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Weekend

I barely had my eyes open Saturday morning when the phone rang--it was Dar.

I looked out the window and noticed snow was falling--giant, soft, pretty flakes--I wondered if she was scared of it.

Dar says, "I hate to bother you.  Were you awake?"


"I wondered if you could help me."

"Sure--what's up?"

"Can  you go on-line and see if I am scheduled to work today?"


"Can you go on-line, on the Meijer website thingie and see if my name is on there to work today."

"If I go on the Meijer website, all it is going to tell me is what is on sale."

"No.  After you get there, you have to go into the employee section."

So I went on the Meijer website.  "Wow!  They've got Diet Pepsi--ten for ten and the eleventh one is free."

"Yes...I know, but I need for you to see if I am scheduled to work today."

"Why don't you know that.  Didn't you work yesterday?  Didn't you look at your schedule?"

"Yes.  But...I forgot."

"Well...I can't get into the employee section.  You need a user ID, a password...and I can't access it."

"I will tell you how!"

"Okay.  What do I do?"

"You type in FMS, then when the employee section comes up, you type in my name and stuff."

"Is your new computer broken?"


I look outside, the wind has come up, it is blowing and we are in a heavy snow band which is causing a white-out.


"We are just having a lot of snow right now, the wind is blowing hard, but it's okay.  It will calm down in a minute."

"I hate Michigan winters!!"

"You've lived here all your life."

"I know, but...I've never been this old and it scares me.  What if I get trapped?"

"We aren't going to get trapped!  Okay--what do you want me to do on this Meijer website?"

"Okay.  Never mind.  I'm so upset, I can't remember my user ID or password right now.  I am going to have to run up to the store and check."

"Can't you just call the office and have someone tell you your schedule?"

"No!  I have to see for myself.  They might not tell me the right thing.  Besides....I have to drive my car in and out of my driveway to keep a path open...just in case."

"Well, it's only going to snow a couple inches...we aren't going to get snowed in."

"Oh...I can't shovel.  I've got to get out there and back out and in to pack down a path!"

"Okay.  Are you going to be all right?"

"Yes.  I will just drive on up to the store."

"Well, be careful, the road might be slippery and it is hard to drive in this white-out.  Why don't you wait a half hour and see if the snow lets up."

"No!  I gotta do it now.  Bye!"

I watched as she came flying out of her house and jumped into her car.  She didn't clean off the windows or anything.  Just jumped in and took off.

Less than ten minutes later...I looked out.

The snow had stopped, the sun was shining and it was a lovely 25 degree day.  She should have waited just a bit.

That poor woman!!!
Sunday morning.

7 degrees and snowing again--
3 inches expected

No milk in the refrigerator.
Half a jug of Diet Pepsi.
No Jimmy Dean croissant for breakfast.
Half a can of cat food.

I need to go to the store.

coming down hard out there.....

...But it's going to get worse--right?

Out to start up the car.
Brush snow off the car.
Damn!  It's cold!
Off I go in the blizzard.  My car the only one out of the park apparently, as there are no other tracks.
Get on the main road--wow--stay in right lane--creep along at 30 miles an hour
Blowing so hard it is difficult to see.
Windshield wipers want to freeze up.
Made it up to the Midway grocery store.
When I bust through the door, the clerk looks up at me in surprise.
Got supplies--no one else in the store.
I say to the clerk, "Only a fool would be out in this kind of weather!"
She nods in agreement.
Back home--thank you, God for protecting this fool.

Ten minutes after I got home.  Snow has stopped.

I have no business denigrating Dar.  End result--I am just as weird/foolish/impulsive as Dar!!!!!
I watched The Waltons marathon on INSP.  I love the older stories, when the Walton kids were all little.  
The snow continued on and off all day and is ramping up again tonight.

This coming week--colder than last week--the Polar Vortex riding south on the jet stream that is dipping down into the southern states.  Snow of 6 inches predicted at the Outer Banks--EGAD!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's A Cold Day In Hell

Hell froze over!
a small town south/west of here

Today's high temperature was: 9
Windy and bitter

I found out the greatest thing!!!  Balisha had lost my blog address.  She sent me an e-mail requesting it and I sent it back to her.  Her statement was, "You are hard to find!"  Which just reinforces the comfort I have in knowing all my searching and removing my blog address from search engines has worked!  Now--no distant cousin or family members can find it.  This pleases me :-)
Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber--they all started out as such lovely young innocent singers and movie stars--what happened?  Too much--too soon?  If Justin gets in more trouble, they are saying they may deport him back to Canada!

I have a friend that takes beautiful photos.  Well--she is Pammie's friend and Pammie's age, but I feel like she is one of my own kids and I am so proud of her.  She started less then a year ago, but she sure has the God-given talent, that comes from an artist"s eye, to see wonderful content.  She has just set up a website and I wanted to promote and post her link here.  Go in and look around.  Click on the different albums and then, click on "show all". Thanks.

I bit my fingernails most of my life.  Not down to the quick, but more of a hook one side and tear it off to the other.  (I also use to bit my toenails--but that is another story.)  About 25 years ago, I started using the glue on nails.  I didn't leave them long, just above the end of my finger a bit and polished them a nice, soft mauve.  My long fingers looked nice with long nails and the glued ones stayed on for quite a few weeks.  Then, one time I noticed that the glued on nails were starting to cause the real nail underneath to sort of become deformed.  I quit using them and noticed that I didn't bite my fingernails anymore and...man, my own nails took off and grew like crazy.  I let them become quite long and was quite vain about them--using hand gestures more when I talked--that sort of thing.

The other day I noticed that the index finger on my left hand as developed an arthritis bump and the end of my finger is becoming bent off to the side.  OHMYGOSH!!!  I've developed my Daddy's arthritic hands!!!
Can you see that index finger--getting crooked and bumpy?
So--I trimmed all my finger nails back!!
I was enthralled with my left hand because, as you can see,
my right hand is not too attractive with 1/4 of my index finger gone!

Well--I have to rant!  I posted on Face Book about a young woman friend of mine who can't get health insurance.  Well, the young woman is my Pammie!!  We talked about it last Sunday.

She isn't in bad health, does not have a pre-existing condition, she hasn't any outstanding medical bills and she is not pregnant, so even though she is poor, she can't get Medicaid.  She called to see about getting set up with ObamaCare.  She can't get the subsidy because she doesn't qualify for Medicaid.  She was told that she should go to the doctor, get a lot of tests done and then--when she received the bills that she cannot pay, Medicaid will pay them for her.  Pam's reasoning is, why would she want to rack up a whole lot of medical bills, knowing she can't pay them, in hopes that she MIGHT get on Medicaid.  What if they turned her down or wouldn't pay all the bills.  So she told the lady, she just wanted some low cost health insurance.

She would HAVE TO HAVE maternity coverage--even though she is 55 and through menopause!  When she and the lady finally got it all settled, on what she needed--the cost was way more then Pammie can pay.  There is one good thing, Pammie will not have to pay the tax penalty for not being insured because--SHE IS SO POOR SHE DOESN'T MAKE ENOUGH TO FILE INCOME TAXES!!!!!

You all know by now, that I have NO love for that man who lounges around the White House, but I thought perhaps his health care plan might help Pammie.  It does not!!  It is the most convoluted law I have ever witnessed.  My other kids health insurance policies all went up--at least 1/3 AND their deductibles also--from $1,200 to $2,500.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS PEOPLE!!!

So, tonight I heard on the news that it's a good thing Pammie can't get on Medicaid BECAUSE,. you may be poor enough for it, BUT if you have any assets--like a house, 
which is not included when you sign up for Welfare, WHEN YOU DIE--under ObamaCare, the government will MAKE your heirs sell the house (even if it has been Willed to them) to pay for what Medicaid paid for your medical care.

Pardon my French, but this is FRIGGING UNBELIEVABLE!!!
...and Pammie voted for him twice!!!  She ought to get some help just for being one of his constituents and her error in judgment!!!

I got an early morning call from my sister, Susan.  She and her hubs were shopping in Howell and they were coming to visit and bring me lunch.  What did I want?  "Two soft tacos please."

I told you that I was having a difficulty trying to figure out where to hang my new cross stitch.  I told Susie, she got up, took down the crocheted piece our great grandmother had done and said, "It needs to go here."...and the amazing thing is--I had the crochet piece hung on two hooks AND my long, narrow cross stitch frame hangers, just happened to fall in the same spots, so the piece hangs there perfectly.  

My sister, like our Mother, has a talent for decorating, and making little vignettes--a talent I have never possessed and will never, so of course, the picture looks great there.  I had thought to put it above the star, but it looks so much better under the star.

Perfect for all to see when they enter the front door

I love this blog community we are joined in.  I think of most of you everyday.  When I hear the west side of our state is being hit with a huge amount of lake effect snow--I think of Jean and wonder if she is doing all right.  When I heard of the cold spell down in Florida, I worried about Sally, running around in 30 degree temperatures in her flip flops.  

When I heard of the shooting at Purdue University, my heart jumped and I started praying for Melissa's safety.  A blizzard hitting Cape Cod--oh my gosh, is Marcia going to be all right.  Icy roads in the Detroit area--are Jeanette and Debbie going to be able to get to work without getting in an accident. Is Deb's new greenhouse going to collapse! Heavy snowfall in Pennsylvania--I think of Judy Frey and my friend at Muse and Amuse.  

Snow and cold with icy roads in Texas?  How is Karen going to manage--Texans don't know how to drive in that kind of weather!  Then of course, there's Ernestine--living in the woods, way back from the road.  Is there anyone who checks on her and Cali to make sure they are okay?  Joanie--way up in Winnipeg--they have more snow then we do.  She'll be okay though--she has Gord and a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  

Judy C.--oh, she's okay.  They are wintering in Florida.  Pat and Cathy--they should be okay.  Their hubby's aren't too healthy lately, but they will be okay, at least they have husband's to share all of this with.  Jody--she has kids that check on her, she'll be taken care of and Bella--Dear Bella, living on the Cul-De-Sac--neighbors nice and close.  

What about Marla?  They got so much snow in Indiana.  She has to get to work and...she has two big dogs that have to be walked. Lisa too--living in the same area--she has to get to work and she can't if her daughter's school is closed.

When someone in my blog family is going in for tests, or their hubby has surgery--they are immediately at the top of my prayer list.  When someone has a new grand babe, I cry tears of happiness.  I find it amazing that you all feel closer to me and I know more about you than friends I have known since Kindergarten.  

We do get involved in each others lives--don't we?  How wonderful it is.  We are spread all over the map and yet--we are very close.  I just don't know what I would do without my friends in the blog world!!!
Well ladies--tonight we are getting snow and fierce winds.  I have my front storm door tied with a stout string that comes through the door jamb and ties around my inner front door handle.  I had the wind catch that storm door once and slammed it back against the porch railing, where it smashed to bits.  I can't afford to go through that again.  Faucets will be on the trickle tonight, with cabinet doors under the sinks opened.  More snow on Sunday and then even colder temperatures next week.

I don't mind hibernating, as you all know--I enjoy being closed up inside in the winter, but...this is beginning to wear a bit even on me!!  

I will see you on Monday.  Love to all---Jude

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Bitterly Cold Thursday

Today's high temperature was: 14 degrees
Bright Sunshine
This alert was in my e-mail:

Weather Alert for Livingston County, MI
! Wind Chill Watch !
Issued at: 3:29 am EST on January 23, 2014, expires at: 12:00 PM EST on January
24, 2014

...Wind chill watch in effect from this evening through Friday
The National Weather Service in Detroit/Pontiac has issued a wind
chill watch...which is in effect from this evening through Friday
Hazardous weather...
 * wind chill values will fall to -25 to -30 tonight through
  Friday morning.
I looked up the Old Farmer's Almanac and it said, for this area, this week was "mild and rainy".  Really?  It also said we are to have a hot, drier then usual summer.
Last evening, Pearl called me and our conversation went kind of like this:

"You get your pipes thawed?"

"Yep.  The kid got under there and got me all fixed up.  He looked around and said my heat tape and insulation is just fine.  Some varmint dug a hole between the skirting and the ground and it let in cold air that froze up a small section of pipe where it comes up from the ground."

"Well...good.  You better fix that hole this spring."

"I sure will."

"Do you need anything?  Are you all right."

"Yep. I'm great.  I even got my garbage can hauled out to the street."

"Why did you do that?"

"Ah--tomorrow is Thursday.  We have garbage pick-up on Thursday morning."

" They won't be coming tomorrow---we had a holiday this week..they will be coming on Friday."

"We didn't have a holiday--like Christmas or Easter or Fourth of July...it was like a Federal holiday where we didn't get mail and some banks were closed."

"I don't care...it was a holiday.  You better get out there and haul your garbage can back up to the porch."

"Naw--everyone else has their cans out--except you guys...I think I'll leave it there, just in case."

"You're all weird!"  and she hung up.
This morning, Merle went for a walk and on his way by, he brought up my (empty) garbage can and mail.

"What are you doing out on such a frigid day?" I asked.

"Needed to get some air."

"Did you get your garbage can out this morning?"

"Nope.  I wanted to, but Pearl said they weren't coming today.  So now...I got a full garbage can and a week to wait."

"Oh.  Sorry."

"She is one stubborn woman...once she gets her mind set on somethin'.  You just can't talk any sense into her."

"Eh Yup," I said.

78 years old.  Been married nearly 60 years and still arguing over who is right!  Kind of glad I live alone!

So--this is what I did today.  I did poke my nose outside once, to throw the bag of dirty cat litter out into the garbage can.

My smaller humidifier broke, so I got this bigger one. Holds 4 quarts--I filled it up and got it going.
Trying for at least 30% humidity in here.

 Then I got on FB and played these games:  Words With Friends, Papa Pear Saga and Candy Crush

Then I had a small roast beef sandwich for lunch and these for desert.  I have to have my fruit and...you can't tell me that covered in DARK chocolate, isn't good for me.  Just think of all the antioxidants!!!

Then I watched my soap and at 2:00, I put this together.
 The note on the back explains the history of the picture

It was suppose to go here, over the back door, but...the frame is about an inch too wide and would hang over the frame of the door. I just don't know--where should it go?

in place of this cross stitch of the Outer Banks?

or over the star?
I can't decide.  No one may want it when I die, but I know, no one will have the guts to throw it away, LOL

 So then, I sat down in my chair and did this,
While I watched this:
Little Laura (Melissa Gilbert) now lives just 3 miles away
in Howell, Mi.
and I watched The Walton's:

Then I made this for supper:

and watched this:

and of course, this:

and Big Bang Theory:

and pretty soon, I will do this.....
leaving cabinet doors open and water on a trickle

and soon after that, I will join this guy:

and sleep for nine hours.

 and...we shall see what tomorrow brings.

I hear--1-2 inches of snow and 2-4 on Sunday......and the beat goes on!