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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

60 and Sunny Today--2" of Snow Expected Tonight!

Today, I am grateful for healers.

I could not wait for the ortho surgeon to refer me to his physical therapy clinic, so this afternoon I drove to my Chiropractor.

It is NOT my shoulder, it is my neck.  My neck is very out of alignment, as is my spine.  I laid face down on the table, he went down my spine with the heel of his hands and such popping and cracking could be heard for miles.

Then I sat up and he went over my neck and down my spine with the "tapper"--which I call the "Woodpecker device".  Then he pushed here and there with his thumb and more tapper on my upper ribs in front (under my pectoral muscles).  Karen had told me three weeks ago that my right shoulder was higher than my left.

Twenty minutes, I walked out.  No pain in my shoulder or arm at all and only a slight soreness in my neck from the adjustment.  I go back Wednesday.

He is soooooooo good!

Zoomed up to Wal-Mart and got some milk and cheese and I think I will get through until April 3rd when SS hits my checking account.
Then...Dar came walking in.

She had a colonoscopy early this morning.  An ordinary occurrence in one's life, right?  But wait. This is Dar!  Remember, she has the biggest medical file the hospital has ever seen, or so she has told me on numerous occasions.

She was fine when she got there, but fifteen minutes later, she started vomiting--except there is nothing in her stomach or entire system to vomit.  

Her blood pressure was 180/85--she had already told them it would be high.

They had a hard time getting the IV in because "I was so severely dehydrated."

She told them they were not to touch her until she was "out".

She finally, quit vomiting, or dry heaving, or whatever she was doing, so they wheeled her back.

She had her eyes closed and when she opened them, two tall doctor's were moving toward her.  She had a panic attack and started screaming, crying and kicking out at them, because, "I thought they were going to attack me." 
<can't you just see it?>

They backed away and a woman nurse (?) came up and tried to soothe her, wondering what was wrong.  So Dar, of course, told her, "I am an abuse survivor and I can't have men moving toward me like that!  It's on my medical record--you are supposed to know!"

That's all she remembers, so apparently while the nurse was calming her, someone else started the IV Versed/Fentenyl and knocked her out.

She is fine.  She has no polyps AND, the reason she had the colonoscopy is because she is so constipated.  After questioning her they found out that in the last six months, she has changed her diet and is NOT eating yogurt anymore, nor getting any fiber and not enough liquids.  So, the doc told her to start eating yogurt again, and drink a glass of Metamucil or BeneFiber everyday.  HAH.

She started getting colonoscopies in 1985, so it's not like this was her first one!

Abuse survivor?

She has never been hit by any man.
She has never had any man threaten her.
But--her mother deprived her of love because she never hugged her and her third husband, kept telling her she was unstable.  She had psychological therapy and they told her, because of her mother and husband, she had been abused.

So "ABUSE SURVIVOR" is stamped on her medical file. 

I tell you Dear Friends, this woman is not just weird or eccentric.  This woman IS unstable and is completely mental!!!

After she goes home from her visits over here, I feel like I'VE been abused!  LOL


  1. LOL Oh, my. Dar is a trip. There's definitely something wrong, but she gives you great content for you blog. :)

  2. Yay for a good Chiropractor! I'm glad you didn't wait for relief and he was able to help you so fast! Your stories of Dar never cease to amaze.

    1. Agree - Hurray for a good chiropractor. I love mine too - she's fabulous. And that Dar - she's one of those people - if she ever had to really face a tough time, she'd be institutionalized.
      By the way - Go Spartans!!

  3. Oh yes, Dar definitely is a couple feet short of a full mile! (my favorite saying!) Good for your patience, I don't think I would have any! Have a good day!

  4. Hope you still keep your appointment with the doctor. Maybe a little physical therapy can teach you some exercises to keep your back alined better. There are few painful situations worse than being out of line, as you well know.

    Dar sure likes drama. When I think of an abuse survivor---the kind that needs to be mentioned on a medical chart---you always think physical abuse, not the kind she reports having from a parent that never hugged you. What does that have to do with male doctors approaching her? Jeez! I'd like to see what else is written on her chart. Wacko, deranged, paranoid?

  5. I'm glad that you're feeling better (it sounds like you need to be in full health to cope with Dar!). Did the snow arrive? Jx

  6. I was so sorry to learn about your hospital visit, Judy. Hopefully, now you'll be feeling better. Take care of yourself. Love you!