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Monday, March 30, 2015

Highlights of My Weekend

Today I am grateful for a tiny increase in our outside temperatures and SUN!!
Friday night: 10:10 - 12:30am--Michigan State Spartans, ranked 7th in the NCAA Basketball Tourney, beat Oklahoma and went into the Elite Eight.  EVERYONE (including me) figured we'd be out in round two.

Saturday:  Merle came down to help me load the dollhouse, table and stuff in the car.  I do not see how he is going to be able to go back to work next month.  He is frail!!!  Remember last summer, how sick he got with all sorts of tests--nothing wrong with him except, HE IS TOO OLD TO BE WORKING SO HARD!!

I didn't think he was going to be able to get to the car AND I was holding up the other end of the, not-really-heavy , but bulky wooden-house.  In fact, I did most of the lifting and when we got to the car, I put one end of the doll house on the back seat, and had him climb in the other door and slide the doll house toward him, while I lifted and scooted it along.

He could not get his legs in the car.  He had to pick up each leg, under his knee and lift it into the back seat.  I felt bad for him.
Sunday--was going to church to hear the choir cantata, but sister called and wanted me to come out early.  So, into the car at 9:30 and on my way.

As I was driving out of town to get to the main road, a car came up quickly behind me.  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw it was a young man and his family.  He stayed right on my bumper, so, I gassed it up to 60mph (in a 55 mph zone).  We got to the main light, both of us turning left onto a busy road.

I put on my blinker to move to the left turn lane and he tried to get around me.  What the what?

I turned, he turned, then zoom over into the oncoming traffic left turn lane to get around me--thankfully no cars waiting in that lane--and off he went.

I was doing 62mph, he was way ahead.

This is a two lane road, so difficult to pass--and--up ahead, he was stopped waiting for the car in front of him to make a left turn--I had to stop also, but all of a sudden, he quickly zooms over to the right hand GRAVEL shoulder to get around the car.

"Wow.  This guy has a really bad emergency," I said out loud.

Up the road a mile and I see he is now waiting for the oncoming traffic so he can turn left--I pulled in behind him and stopped.

Where was he going in such a hurry?  The Bible Baptist Church!  Apparently a bit late for Palm Sunday service?

Now--I have always thought that we Christian's lead by example in our mundane daily lives.  We are kind and polite and responsible and this also includes,  how we drive!  He was in such a hurry to get to church to hear all about Jesus, that he endangered his own family and lots of people driving on the road.  It's a wonder he didn't meet Jesus on his way to church!!

As Forrest Gump would say, "Christian is as Christian does."
No more incidences along the way.  As I passed other churches, all were ensconced in their pews--I could hear the Methodist's loudly singing, "Hosanna To Our King," (not really, but I knew that is what we'd be singing on Palm Sunday).

Drove up sister's driveway to park back by the garage.  I did not want her to look out and see the doll house in the car.  Stuck my head in the back door and told her to go into the living room and told Chuck to come help me.

Carried the dollhouse and table into the garage.  I figured they would want it out there to work on it--as the table needs reconditioning as does the house.  Then I called her out.

Well--she looked and started jumping up and down and clapping her hands like she was five years old!!!

"You brought me the doll house for me to take care of it for you?"

"No.  I brought you the doll house for you to keep---forever!"


"Yes.  You always wanted a creamy yellow house with forest green shutters--go ahead and paint it yellow if you want.  Put shutters on it.  Put shingles on the roof if you want to.  Do whatever you want to."

"Shouldn't we keep it the same?"

"If you want too.  I've had it thirty years and now it is your turn."

"Who do you want me to pass it on too?"

"I don't care.  That is up to you.  Mother made it for US and....now it's all yours."

"Mother made it for you and then, I came along...."

"Yes and it was yours after I got married and then I took it back and now.........it's yours again."

"OH MY GOSH!!! Best birthday present EVER!"

Then she asked Chuck and I to bring it into the utility room where she could look at it and play with it this week. :-)

We had lunch and played a couple of games of UPWORDS, each of us wining a game, and at 1:30 I headed home.
<yes, I miss the doll house, okay?  but...it was the right thing to do.  She has two grand girls, 8 and 11, they will enjoy it>

Sunday:  2:20 pm.  Michigan State Spartans beat 2nd ranked Louisville, in over-time, 76-70.  Never should have happened!  I was shaking the whole over time!  I still don't believe it!  Now, next weekend we go into the Final Four and play #1 Duke--who will beat us, no doubt in my mind!!


  1. So sweet of you to give the dollhouse to your sis. :)


  2. Knowing your sister was happy to be the owner of the doll house brought tears to my eyes and the fact that we can make someone that happy is really great.

  3. I wish I had someone who'd love my dollhouse like your sister will love yours. You did a wonderful thing giving it to her while you can still see her enjoying it.

    I have to using my hands to lift one of my legs to get in a car. It's really not as serious as it looks. Just darn annoying!

  4. We are huge MSU fans. The games this weekend were unbelievable weren't they?
    I just think we have a good chance of beating Duke on Saturday night. Wouldn't that be something ?

  5. I just love your joy at bringing the doll house to your sister. So sweet.
    How is your shoulder doing??

  6. H says congrats on your Spartans.

    What a sweet thing to do for your sister. You are so fortunate to be close with your sister and to live close enough to see her. I'm so glad for you, Judy. She will enjoy the doll house.

  7. Such a gift of love. I know how much that doll house means to you. I know it will be well looked after and loved, and how nice that when you go visit her, you can visit those memories too. Forest Gump, one smart cookie. :)