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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Pain In The Neck

Today I am grateful for............still trying to think of something.

...and if I could, I would say this:

"Mark, you will call your mother on Mother's Day, send her a card and a bunch of flowers and you will come and put down the ten bags of mulch she wants."

"Pam, you will have Christmas Eve at your house so we can all remember back to the years we lived there."

"Karen, you will have a family picnic at your house and it will be on my birthday.  Remember the BIG birthday party you all planned on giving me--4 years ago?  Well, this can take the place of that."

"Jennifer, you will call and invite your mother to every school, sports, or church function your children take part it.  You will also invite your mother to come over to your house for supper, once a month."

 I have crocheted a dozen pair of slippers in the last 4 weeks.  These are for me because my other ones are wearing out and always were a bit too big.

If you remember, I go to the Chiropractor occasionally.  I have a recurring shoulder problem.  Well, actually 25 years ago, I ripped a ligament near my left scapula.  Every now and then this all flares up and hurts so much it makes me nauseous.

It has been hurting off and on for the last month--coincides with all the crocheting?  Maybe.

This morning I woke up at 3:00 with the most horrendous pain in my shoulder--neck--scapula; running  down my numbed and burning arm into my numb hand.  Left side--hm-mm.

At 3:30 am, I assumed it was a heart attack, middle of the night stuff is always scary, so I got up and walked around.  The pain lessened a bit.  I was not sweating, I was not dizzy, I was not nauseous, my heart wasn't doing anything stupid.  I took an Advil and went back to bed, laying on my right side.

At 6:00, I woke up again--pain as bad as before.  I got up, took another Advil and sat in my recliner for a while.  I rubbed some horse liniment on it and back to bed.

I woke up at 9:00 and it still hurt a bit, more up in my neck then shoulder.

I took a Naproxen.  Put my hot rice sock on it and sat in my chair for most of the day.

I decided not to crochet anymore--I have two pairs of slippers to make for CHRISTMAS--they can wait a while.  I decided to call the Chiropractor and then changed my mind and called my orthopaedic surgeon instead.  I do believe this can be helped with physical therapy and the only way I can get into his physical therapy office, is by a referral from him, and his physical therapy team is the very best around here.  April 2nd, 2:10pm

He will want to give me a Depo-Medrol (cortisone) shot, but I am opting out on that big, long needle, unless he puts me out with Versed first!!!

I am so tired today and just not "with it", in fact, it is hard to type this without a whole lot of mistakes.  It's like my eyes just want to close--and maybe I need to recline in my chair and take a short nap.

Hm-mm.  See ya----


  1. I'm so sorry for the pain you're in, and hope physical therapy can help. xoxo

    Also, I think you should send those "notes" to your kids; but then again, your feelings could be hurt even worse! :(

    When is your birthday?

  2. Understand your words
    and pain - mine comes on with vengance and then will suddenly leave for a few days.
    I have been outside all day working in soon to be garden.
    So tired
    warm bath and bed at 7:00.
    Take care
    of you. Love your slippers..

  3. My orthopedic doctor puts a small needled injection in to numb up the area before giving the big needed cortisone shot. The first shot feels like a pesky insect bite, the second shot I don't feel at all. When is the last time you've had an x-ray of that shoulder? Maybe it's filled with arthritis like mine? Glad you're going in to see the doctor!

    I have to do Advil PM sometimes to make sure I don't get pains that wake up in the night. Helps a lot.

  4. I'm sorry you're hurting. I'm thankful you have a good doctor you can trust and OTC meds you can take that take the edge off in the meantime. Really cute slippers! I'm glad you got the ones done for you before you decided to take a break from crocheting. As for the notes to your kids, yup. Those are all true things. Mark should call and come and help. Pammie and Karen would be wonderful hostesses. And Jennifer. That makes me so sad for you. I hope she figures things out before it's too late for her to not spend the rest of her life regretting something she can't fix. Love you. Hope you feel better today. HUGS

    1. HEY!! It worked!! Guess the new update fixed the issue. Uh-oh. Watch out for more comments from me! LOL! Love ya!

  5. Very sorry to read about how much pain you are having. May today find it easing off. The slippers are so cute.....I've been madly knitting washcloths and my left hand is beginning to rebel so I've had to let up.
    I sure hope your wishes for your children work. Way too long and painful.

  6. Oh bummer! Good thing for physical therapy! It can work wonders! Get some rest!

  7. I bet every mother has a list like that. Sorry about your shoulder pain. I think you're right about the physical therapy. It will probably help. Boy, you sure are getting your Christmas presents ready early. So smart.