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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rainy, cold, mundane day.

What did I do today, that could be of any interest to anyone?  Such a mundane life I lead.

There is a Genealogy Group on Face Book, researching Millers.  They found me and wanted to know my background and ancestor's.  Since Miller is such an uncommon name--right up there with Jones and Smith, I explained that I was only a Miller by marriage.  Proud of the name, but.............

They insisted they wanted to see what I had researched on the Miller family that I was joined.  So this morning, I sent them all the direct line ancestor's of my husband's.  Maybe I will find someone related to my husband?

While I was on Face Book, I posted that I thought the President needed a dog.  Almost every President has had a family dog.  I see President Trump in need of a Rottweiler.  

A big dog, with a head as big as the Presidents.
Maybe a Black Lab?

I love Labs.
Just a dog that he could walk the grounds with, get some fresh air, clear his head.  He could rant and rave at the dog, and the dog wouldn't care  He could keep the dog under the desk in the Oval Office and when the Prez got upset, he could lean forward and pet the dog to clam down and find comfort.  Maybe then, the Prez wouldn't have to rant and rave on Twitter.  Hm-mm?

After Face Book, I dumped all the wastebaskets and hauled the garbage pail out for pick-up.

While I was outside, I decided it was a good time to cover up the air conditioning unit.

I vacuumed the living room carpet as I had spilled some little glass beads when I was finishing up my cross stitch last night.

Added another gallon of water to my dispenser in the fridge.

Set up my TV tray, got my empty daily pill boxes out and filled them.

While I was watching my Soap, I took all the floss out of the project box and put it back in order in the fishing tackle box that contains all my bobbins of floss and other supplies.

I had washed my two completed cross stitch projects and hung them to dry a bit and after my Soap, I ironed them.

I will layer with paper towels and roll them around a tube to keep them fairly smooth.  Hopefully tomorrow, I can get to Michael's and get a frame for Della's prayer/poem and get it put together.

I already have another cross stitch project in mind.  So tonight, I will look at the floss color guide and go through the reverse process and take the floss needed from my floss storage box and put it in the project box.  I already have a big piece of Aida, 14 count, off white fabric.  36 x 30.

This is the next project.  Larger and more difficult.  This will take me through many football games, into the New Year and probably basketball games.  It is harder to cross stitch while watching basketball as the game moves so fast.  But--I've been cross stitching for 40 years, so I am capable. 

Did I ever show you my cross stitch, seasonal Angels?

These are mine that I put up every season change.  I made a set for Karen, and the Christmas one the summer one for Susan,because she loves Pink.  I also made a Madonna and Child one for Karen.  I made a large one of Hydragenas for Jen, as that is her favorite flower.  I've made many more.  My favorite one was a Russian pattern of a little girl who looked exactly like Jen's daughter, Elise.  She has it in her room.

I made each of the grandkids pillow, for their 2nd birthday's, of the thing they were most interested in at the time.  I don't have photos of the older kids, but these are what I did for Jen's kids.

and a Christmas tree skirt for my sister Susan and my step-sister.

On this tree skirt, my step-sisters grandpa had an ice cream shop in Byron, so I tried to remember what it looked like and put it in, behind the big yellow house--because her grand parents had the biggest house in Byron and...it was yellow.

I have done so many cross stitch things for people.  When I lived in Saginaw a lady visiting saw my Angel picture--the winter one.  She wanted to know if I would do one for her.  "I will pay you for the supplies and for your time."

When I told her that it took me around 200 hours to make, she changed her mind.  Even at 2.00 an hour labor, that picture would be $400.00, without the supplies and the frame.  LOL  The Angel pictures all have metallic threads and glass beads on them.  My favorites.


  1. Oh my goodness Judy your cross stitching is just AMAZING!! :) So much beautiful work. I link up at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching on a regular basis www.kathysquilts.com and that link up is for anything related to slow stitching. There are many cross stitchers and ladies working on embroidery, etc...not just hand quilting or piecing there. You should do a post on a current project and show some of these and link up one Sunday :) It's one of the few link up parties that I have stuck with over the years because it is encouraging to see others working on projects that are not done in a week or a month and we all appreciate that.

  2. Oh yes! Your work is amazing! And beautiful!

  3. You sure are a cross-stitch queen! I should send you one I started in the '60s and have you finish the a one each square left to do on it. Crazy because it's got a sea theme and it would look good with my cottage theme sun porch.

    I had a stranger contact me this week from Ancestry and ask this for links to my family trees. I have them set for private. But I turned them down because there are people in the tree who are still alive and that info could be used for identify theft since so many security questions at banks, etc., involve maiden names and locations, etc. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    1. I do not give the link to any of my trees on Ancestry.
      If they know someone in particular in my family, I would give them the necessary dates, etc. but nothing too personal.

    2. That's what I ended up doing with guy.

  4. My Grandmother Elsie who is my dad mom her maiden name was Miller and every so often I will come across info on my line of Miller.
    A pillow for each Grandchild 2nd birthday...How cool is that.
    Coffee is on

  5. Those cross stitches are beautiful, Judy. I think cross stitching was my favorite thing... back when I used to do those kinds of things. I loved how perfect it always came out.

    I need to get back to my ancestry project. I run hot and cold. I'll work like crazy for a while and then leave it for a while.

  6. You make me want to start cross-stitching again! Those angels are absolutely beautiful. Amazing.

    I think a dog for Trump is a wonderful idea.

  7. You work is simply beautiful and I live the tackle box idea. Um...you want another grandkid? Adopt me so I can be the recipient of such lovely craftwork. Although you might have to explain how is it you have a 61 year old granddaughter.


  8. Your cross stitch work is beautiful. They will be cherished for generations.

  9. I wish I had the patience to cross stitch again! Those sure are beautiful and you should be very proud of your work!

  10. Hi Judy...I love your cross stitch. I am not too crafty but at one time did a little needle point. Should try to start again. Since sitting seems to be my new normal I won't feel guilty if I am working on a craft project. Your cross stitch reminded me of a beautiful blue cross stitch table cloth made by an aunt some 52 years ago as a wedding present. I hate to admit that I never used it because I didn't want to ruin it. Now at the age of 74 maybe it is time to bring it out of the linen closet and use it! Hope you enjoyed your reunion. I have never attended one, reminds me too much of teenage clicks and all that went with that. I did see photos of the events and thought how old everyone looked, forgetting I look the same! Weather here still in the 90's and hopefully it will cool off soon. I shouldn't complain, a friend of 35 years lives in Santa Rosa, California. I spoke to her once right after the fire but haven't been able to reach her in the last three days. Hopefully she is safe and still has her home. Have a good week Judy. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your suggestion seems plausible but I don’t think this Prez has the temperament to treat a dog right. Knew a great big lovable Rottweiler and wouldn’t have wanted him near her — he would likely incite her to attack mode. Your cross stitch really lovely. Handwork like that takes far more time to complete than most people realize when they talk about wanting to pay for the time. Hope you’re able to enjoy some of these relatively calm times as hard to know how long they last as I reflect on previous years in my lifetime.

  12. Your nativity turned out stunningly! I'd love to do one, but I still have 2 projects I've not finished for husband (started 5+ years ago - oops!), so I'd better not start anything new! You do beautiful work.

  13. Yes, indeed your work is beautiful, Judy. I wouldn't have the patience and since I watch very, very little t.v. it would be difficult since I read a LOT! :)

    As for the dog for POTUS, I'd pity him (the dog).


  14. It's still like summer here and I am craving a cool, rainy fall day. Usually we get those in November so I am content to wait. There's no money in cross stitch but your projects are beautiful and I'm amazed by how prolific you are. I have not done any cross stitching in years but I used to love it. I should drag something out and work on it again, only it's so hard for me to see. Your tree skirts are great and you know I love angels. I think the President needs a dog companion too. I wonder why he doesn't have one. xoxo