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Monday, January 23, 2017

Why Is Monday Always Wash-Day?

Welcome Jane from Naples, Florida.  
Thanks you for the lovely comment.
Glad you found me from Ernestine's woods.  
She is a love, isn't she.

I know there is some kind of history on why Monday is wash day.  Tuesday was/is ironing day.  Wednesday was baking day.

I am a structured person, so I always do laundry on Monday.  Although when I had my nine-room house to care for, I did "certain" laundry on certain days.

Monday I did the whites and the bedding, and cleaned bedrooms.
Tuesday, I did bath towels, kitchen towels and cleaned the bathrooms.
Wednesday, I did colored clothes, which were folded and put in baskets set on the stairs for the kids to take up and put away and I mopped and cleaned the kitchen and entryway.
Thursday, I baked bread and cookies and pies and cake and laundered the dark colored clothes.
Friday was the day to vacuum and dust the living room and dining room--as the other rooms had been done on their special days.
Saturday, I washed the car, mowed the lawn and weeded the gardens.
Sunday, I went to church and crocheted or cross stitched the rest of the day while watching whatever the hubs wanted to watch on TV.

That schedule worked perfectly for me.  At least part of the house was neatened up and clean.  This schedule was posted so the kids knew what clothes to have in the hamper.  If you forgot to get your white blouse in the hamper by Monday morning, you either had to launder it yourself or wait until the next Monday. 

Yes--with 3 teenagers and a baby, I had to have a schedule and it worked great.

Now, with this wee house and maybe 4 loads of laundry a week--no need for that schedule, but I still do laundry on Monday and change the bedding and tidy up the bedroom and bathroom.

One of my blog buddies mentioned a new TV program on her post the other day.  Since Downton Abbey has been canceled and there is absolutely nothing on Sunday night viewing, I clicked on PBS and lo and behold, a Masterpiece show all about Queen Victoria.  It was lovely!!  The show that came on after wards is all about Henry the VIII's wives--in order of their marriage's to the nasty man.

Now, I love historical stuff.  I will watch any biography, any documentary of famous people.  I watched one this afternoon on Tiger Woods.  A lot of the truth comes out, which normally wouldn't from a News source.  There is a another documentary coming up--can't remember when, called "After Camelot" and explores the lives of not just Jackie and JFK, but the entire Kennedy family.

Anyway, Sunday night at 9:00 on PBS, it's a good as Downton Abbey and supposedly, true.
I finished up the cross stitch baby quilt on Saturday night.

and had promised myself to get started on the Nativity cross stitch.

but, as it often does, something got in the way.

I used to have a silk flower sway above my back door.  Karen made it for me in 1992.  This fall, I had to toss it out.

I have been wanting a cross stitch picture up there ever since, but it is a narrow space--6".  I created and made this one of my childhood "spaces", but I got carried way and it got too wide.

Well, New Year's Day, I just happened to be browsing through the Stitchery magazine and.....

The total design height is 3".

Silly people!!!Of course I ordered it.  
Started it yesterday afternoon.

If I get the narrowest of frames, it should be 4 1/2 inches in height.  Just perfect to fit above the back door.

Also, remember that crocheted all in one piece cardigan that I couldn't understand the pattern?

I contacted the place where I had purchased the pattern and, they gave me some help and yes--I had it right--it is supposed to look like this at Row 27:

It's a mystery, isn't it?
Apparently (hopefully) when I get up to the top of the sleeve, there is going to be a change.

Those strips are supposed to be the left front and back.  I can tell you this, the back part better increase, because this is an XL size and my back is way wider that that one strip.  HAH!


  1. I'm so in awe of your ability to do cross stitch. Beautiful work. I vaguely remember my mother's washing schedule over the years. I don't have such a schedule.

  2. your shell piece spoke to me, it will be beautiful and i hope it fits. i love the sweater, but it doesn't look right but i have never crocheted or knitted a sweater!

    you sure do have a lot of projects going - i really enjoy your crafty side!!!!

  3. I recall a n usury rhyme...Here he go around the Mulberry bush. I know family on certain day they ate certain food...Friday fish, Saturday hamburger, and Sunday Ham.
    Coffee is on

  4. I miss cross stitch so much. Just can't see it anymore. That shell design is beautiful and will look perfect over your door. The baby blanket is adorable. The recipients of your gifts are very lucky people.

    On your schedule, the day and task that stood out most to me was Saturday. Did you really wash the car every Saturday? We used to wash and wax our cars by hand, but now my car goes through the carwash once a month... if it's lucky. I give it the full deluxe wash just to show I care.

    I especially like the cross stitch you designed of your childhood spaces.

    1. I lived and drove mostly on dusty gravel roads, so yes--I washed the car every Saturday. Nowadays, I take it through the car wash every three months whether it needs it or not. LOL

  5. The housework schedule comes from centuries ago when a woman's magazine first printed it and many households had servants to do the work. It does make sense to have a rhythm to our work, after all, the Mother Earth does.

  6. 2nd visit BUT i never said anything about the GORGEOUS baby quilt, it's so beautiful!!!

  7. I watched Victoria, too and did enjoy it! I have never had a set cleaning schedule, even when I was home every day. Now obviously I do most of my cleaning on the weekends.

  8. I watched the first two hour segment on Queen Victoria. Love it! Now THAT was a woman with good instincts! Given that I watch 1 hour TV, tops, a day, the rest goes into that little black box next to my TV, waiting for its turn.

    Oh, my, you are good with the needle. You can make that left front and back as wide as you like. Sounds like you know the pattern better than its publisher. No wonder your friend (Chris?) has you proof her patterns. It's so easy to miss 'little' details, not the hers have ever misplaced a sleeve.

  9. I have been trying to comment, on your latest post.

    I can not.

    Not sure what is going on.

    If this comment doesn't show up, I'll have to write to you.


    Luna Crone

  10. I love your account of how you kept your house. There is something so wonderful about women who are devoted to homemaking. I don't keep a schedule quite like that but my life is devoted to keeping a home for my husband and children (even though the kids are grown and live in their own homes, they still often enjoy our home). I like cooking for them, and decorating, and planning get-togethers. My girls were such a big help to me when they were older school age, and teenagers.

    I do believe this latest quilt is my absolute favorite of all the ones you've shown us. And the seashell cross-stitch will be perfect above your door. Good job!


  11. I got the sweater pattern too. I hope it doesn't take too much knowledge of crochet - I know about 3 stitches!