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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday--this and that.......

DETROIT - General Motors announced a $1 billion investment in its U.S. factories.
The company also announced it will begin work on insourcing axle production for its next generation full-size pickup trucks, including work previously done in Mexico, to operations in Michigan, creating 450 U.S. jobs.
“As the U.S. manufacturing base increases its competitiveness, we are able to further increase our investment, resulting in more jobs for America and better results for our owners,”  said GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra. “The U.S. is our home market and we are committed to growth that is good for our employees, dealers, and suppliers and supports our continued effort to drive shareholder value.”
The announcement comes after President-elect Donald Trump has attacked GM and other automakers for building vehicles in Mexico and shipping them to the U.S.
Earlier this month, Trump threatened on Twitter to tax GM for importing the compact Chevrolet Cruze. While GM builds hatchback Cruzes in Mexico, most Cruze sales are Ohio-built sedans.
Changes already.  It's a good thing--especially for the depressed area around Detroit.
Mr. Trump annoys me, when he speaks.  I can't imagine him giving a deep, profound inauguration speech, without a lot of "this is going to be YUGE", or arm swinging or any of the faces he makes.  
Of course, he hasn't yet learned how to be or look Presidential.  To me, he acts like he's still campaigning.  He certainly does not have the polish of a politician.  Maybe that's a good thing?  I'll wait a while before I judge the job he does.
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Watched a real interesting show on PBS tonight at 10:00.  The second part if on tomorrow night, same station, same time.  It recapped the first couple of years of Obama's presidency.  Boy--he had it tough!  I had quite forgotten 2009 and the Tea Party protests.  The mistakes Obama made, that he talked about, and the emotional feeling he had after the 2010 election when the Republicans took over the House.

It wasn't biased at all.  People from both camps talking frankly about what happened and how things were changed from that time on.  It was almost like a biography and I actually enjoyed it.
Nothing much else going on around here.  Schools were closed today because of ice build-up on the country roads.

John called.  He was at Meijer and they had Pepsi on sale--10 for $10.00 with the 11th one free.  He got me 11 and dropped them off this evening.  Bless his pea-picking heart!  Then we sat and HE chatted for an hour about his job as custodian at the high school.  He has earned enough money to buy a new stove and fridge and has nearly enough to get a new furnace and new windows.

He always said that when his dog, Maizey died, he would move back to town, but with the money he's putting into his place, I don't think he will.  He sure wouldn't recover what it is costing him if he sold.

I walked up to visit Merle and Pearl.  He's doing great, she is declining rapidly.  They unsubscribed their Internet service because Pearl can't figure out how to "'work" the computer anymore.  She can barely walk around the house, but is back in PT again.

Merle walks or rides his bike everyday--depending on the weather--and after the garbage men come to pick up the trash, Merle comes out and picks up the garbage cans and brings them up to the porch, for about half a dozen neighbors.  Once they put him on the meds for Parkinson's, he has improved back to the way he was 3 years ago--it has been amazing to see.


  1. That's good news about Merle, but bad news about Pearl. When my sister-in-law couldn't remember how to use the computer anymore it was the beginning of a rapid decline of her mind. But unlike Pearl she'd worked with computers her entire work life.

    Did the Obama documentary talk about how his administration saved the auto industry and saved us from another Great Depression after the banking crisis he walked into on day one? That chapter alone could fill two hour documentary. Funny how you were watching that Obama documentary and I was watching the Ivanka Trump one on CNN.

    John is a good friend. I wish I had a friend like him living around here.

    1. I think the PBS would be more interesting than CNN any day. LOL

  2. So sorry to hear about Pearl, but I guess it isn't surprising. Still very sad. I'm glad Merle is doing well, though.
    Good to know that you laid in a supply of Pepsi. :)
    Putin gave a speech in support of Trump yesterday. This could be the budding of a serious bromance. Brings a whole new meaning to the term power couple.

    1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

  3. That PBS documentary was very well done and I liked the neutral aspect. I saw it quite a while back.

    Good news about the MI auto manufacturing Let's hope that heralds a trend.

    Very sad to hear about Pearl's decline. She has been a good friend. Speaking of good friends and neighbors, John was so nice to call and bring you the Pepsi!! That sort of community is so precious and needed in our world!! Glad you have it.

  4. I like neutral aspect in all my news reporting, but can't find it anywhere, anymore. Just tell me what the person did without putting a slant on it.

  5. I may have to spend the entire day, Friday, in the closet to get away from the TV. :)

  6. so sad about pearl but good news about merle. i think good things are coming, i have to believe that otherwise i would believe that our plane is about to crash!!!

    1. Every four years, no matter who is walking into the Oval Office, new or on a return trip, I believe.

  7. I reserve the right to cut off my nose to spite my face. Lol

    Very sad - how Pearl is doing. Getting old's not for sissies, is it. I hope Merle does as well if pearl passes, as John is doing after Maisey. Maybe one of these days he'll show up with another dog?

  8. I have no desire to see Mr Trump fail. I have a big desire to see him grow up and act like an adult worthy of the office he's been elected to fill.

  9. So sorry about Pearl Judy, I'm sure you miss her before all the changes. Poor lady. Xoxo

  10. Interesting DT trying to take credit for latest auto company jobs coming back to USA when arrangements for those moves had been in works for many months. Auto co just finally announced it now so will curry favor with him since he can add this one more lie he tells American people and some will believe.

  11. So sorry about Pearl Judy, I'm sure you miss her before all the changes. Poor lady. Xoxo