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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I have a lot of mysterious questions in my life, like---

Why do we call this a Grilled or Toasted Cheese sandwich, when it is basically fried?

Why is it when I buy my Diet Pepsi liters from Walmart, I have to use an adjustable wrench to get the caps off, but when I buy it at Meijer, I can twist them off comfortably with my fingers?

Why is it, I mailed a Christmas card to a friend.  It came back stamped, "Address Unknown", yet when I sent her a Thank You card a week later, it never came back.  Same person, same address, she received it.
Jennifer gave me a pre-loaded Visa Debit card for Christmas.  $50.00.  When I tried to use it yesterday, it wouldn't go through.  I came home and called the company that sold these gift cards.  They checked.  I have a balance of $12.00.  They told me the places the gift card had been used: $1.00 Mc Donalds, $37.00 Toys R Us--towns in California.

I told them I lived in Michigan.  The card was securely fastened in its Gold cardboard packaging--how did it get used?

Maybe an employee working at the card company, stuffing gift cards into their packaging, took a card with her on lunch time and made some purchases, then came back, put the card in the packaging and the company sold it on-line to my daughter.

They are supposed to be sorting this all out, but...I had to download, fill out four forms, send photos of the card, and mail it to the company in Pasadena, CA.  I wonder if I will ever get my Christmas gift.
Why is there this political double standard in America?  When the Tea Party held protests, the Liberals were furious.  When the Liberals held the Occupy Wall Street protests, the Conservatives were furious.  When President Eisenhower played a lot of golf, the Liberals were furious.  When President Obama played a lot of golf, the Conservatives were furious.

When JFK supposedly "stole" the election in 1961, the Conservatives were furious.  When George Dubya supposedly "stole" the election, the Liberals were furious.  When George Soros paid and bussed in Liberals to protest, the Conservatives were furious.  When Conservative Bikers are headed to DC, the Liberals are furious.  

Why is it okay for one group, but the same thing done by the other group, is not okay with the first group?  

Why is "tolerance" the buzz word for both groups, but neither one practises it?

"A house divided against itself, cannot stand."  Abraham Lincoln.

What's bad for the goose is also bad for the gander--right?


  1. Frying is done in a pan with oil while grilling is quick, high heat with as little oil as possible. At least that is what google says. The Pepsi question is easy. The two stores get their Pepsi from different distributors with different bottlers. I'll leave it to your other readers to work their way down you list. LOL Oh, and did you confirm with Jennifer that she bought the gift card from a regular store and not from an internet place that buys and sells cards at a discount? Supposedly they are cards people get and don't want but lots of room for abuse at those places, in my opinion.

    1. So if I only use the butter that is on each side of the sandwich, then I am grilling it--even if the temperature isn't real high? Meijer and Walmart are next door to each other. The Pepsi truck distributes to both--that's why it is a mystery to me. I know she bought it on-line and had to pay $3.95 for the card.

  2. Like you I am mystified at the behaviors of political parties. Perhaps it's time to get rid of the two party system that nurtures that bad behavior.

    1. I don't know if that would help. Isn't that what the Tea Party is? A third party?

  3. Maybe if we all listen to what we said the world would be a better place.
    Coffee is on

    1. Yes, that's true, but sometimes even if we say an innocent sentence, somebody is going to jump on us, because everyone is so easily offended nowadays.

  4. When I make these cheese specialties I toast the bread, put some butter on each piece, slap some cheese in between and nuke it till the cheese is melted. Voila! A toasted cheese sandwich.

    Question: why would the Liberals be furious over Bikers for Trump being at the Inaugural when most Liberals won't even be there? A question to ponder.

    1. Well now--your last question IS one to ponder. I don't know why, but my Face Book was blowing up on Tuesday about Trump's Thugs riding into town.

  5. I just love your pondering posts!! Those twist off cap issues are a problem....I have been blaming weak hands but I think it is the way they are applied. Strange about the Wal-Mart caps!! Maybe we will get the answer.

    I'm sticking with Abraham Lincoln's words. They are so true. I hope the marches can remain peaceful while getting their message heard. There is such strength in unity! I applaud the support for women's rights and the rights of al Americans. Here's to peace!

  6. Crazy, isn't it? Politics, I mean.

    I want the Pepsi from Meijer's. I have an awful time getting those things open.

  7. I stick with "grilled" cheese sandwich. That pan, does a grilling action, to me.

    I know, we put butter in the pan, first (frying). But there must be some kind of "grease", on a grill, all the time too? to make the grilled food look and taste so goooooood. Yes?

    Weird, the bottles, purchased at diff stores, easy and hard to open! Really weird. -chuckle-

    Double Standards! The name of the game. If "I" do it, it's ok. If "you" do it, it isn't.

    Heard a 'talking head' yesterday... Loved what she said.

    "All you Liberals are so scared and worried and shaking in your boots!?! Goooood!!!!! Now you Liberals know, how all we Conservatives have felt, for the last 8 years."

    Luna Crone

  8. I haven't read your blog for quite a few days so just saw that you asked where people were from.
    I am Judy from Ottawa, Ontario but right now I am in Sarasota, Florida.
    The side bar just says a visitor from the United States!

  9. Grilled it is, methinks, based on that definition. Hope you get an answer on the gift card -- Ver-r-r-y interesting! Don't know about the rest of the perplexing problems -- go back to your knitting!

  10. you ask more questions than my handsome hubs!! i watched a cooking show once, about making grilled cheese on an outdoor grill - making the same point you did!!

    i don't talk politics!!!

  11. Well now I have learned to save my gift card receipts! And NOT to buy them online except direct from the company. WOW! I wonder how often then get away with this? Never underestimate the power of retired folks ... we have the time to sort these things out!

  12. My jaw dropped with your experience with the pre-loaded Visa debit card. To think - it got broken in before it was mailed to you. What else can it be?

    You are so right on with the liberal/conservative double standard. Remind me, every time I get in a snit, OK? - Though my pledge is to not air my political opinions the next four years. My FB feed is gloriously free of politics, so I will not sully it with mine (fingers crossed behind my back).

  13. LOL!! Great questions that made me smile in the beginning and end up cracking up :)

  14. LOL! These are great, Judy! Thank you so much for sharing, I am smiling. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)