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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I don't know if I mentioned it before.  I have 9 grandchildren.  I decided 5 years ago to cross stitch a baby quilt for each one of them to have for their 1st child.  When finished, I wash them, iron them, let them hang for a day to completely dry and then pack them in tissue paper, put in a large zippered bag, (like drapes or curtains come in) and into a large plastic storage box.  I figure I'll be long gone by the time the last grandchild marries and births, but at least there will be a gift for their baby from the Great Grandma.  They can choose whichever one they want.


#2--this one is for my grandson Marcus, if he keeps
dating and marries that cute little farm girl, Morgan.





#7--this is the one I gave to grand daughter Helene,
for Della.


I need to do one more.  I know the one I want to do.  It is another Noah's Ark one, but it is expensive.  I search E-Bay every now and then and also check the Salvation Army store.  When Dar worked at the SA, one like I wanted came in and she grabbed it.  She showed it to me and I asked her if I could buy it from her.

She said, "Oh. No.  I'm going to make this one."

"I didn't know you cross stitched."

"I haven't in years, but one day, I will again.  I do lovely work."

That was 4 years ago.  She doesn't have the patience to sit and cross stitch.  I doubt she will ever make that quilt.  She has no expected grand babies or great grand babies.  

So I just keep looking.  These are stamped cross stitch, so I kind of "sew" them rather than do the "punch" method.  I don't want any stitches to show on the back of the quilt, so I move the needle between the layers.
Della is 3 months old today.


  1. They are all absolutely gorgeous...including that sweet little baby girl. I think what you are doing for the babies is a wonderful idea. even if they don't get to know you they will have something to remember you by and always in their thoughts.

  2. Oh Judy, those are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful idea.

  3. Judy. these are so, so sweet!! And you've certainly put in a lot of loving work on them. I have made quilts for any future great grand babies I might have, although some of the grand kids say they don't want to have any. We've found that a good way to choose who gets what, is to number the quilts and let the person getting a quilt draw for it.

  4. Della's darling and the quilts are absolute priceless heirlooms. I hope the recipients cherish them because they really are so special and meaningful. It says so much about you, Judy, that you do this. xoxo

  5. Never thought much about heirlooms. Sure are pretty quilts.
    Coffee is on

  6. Oh, those little quilts are really special -- you are so talented with all your needle work.

  7. Della is so delicious, I could dip her in barbecue sauce and eat her.
    I'm glad I won't be the first grandchild of yours to get pregnant, because I'd have a hard time choosing which quilt I wanted. They are all beautiful.

  8. Those quilts are really pretty and your grandchildren will love having them! Della is so cute! I can't wait until Maxwell is a little older and more able to interact with us!

  9. Takes a lot of patience to do cross-stitch. Your work is beautiful. Keep checking eBay for the Noah's Ark quilt. Right now they have two kits for $25.00 and one without the thread for $14.

    1. I checked last night--not the pattern I want however. Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Precious baby!

    Fantastic needle work!

    Sweet idea, to make them, for babies, who are yet to come!

    Who will keep these projects, and make sure they are given out, when the time comes?

    Luna Crone

  11. Whoooo-Whoooooo!!!!

    I could post here, today!!!!!

    Don't know what the mix-up was, yesterday.

    But it's *fixed* today!!!!!

    Onward, as you say.

    Luna Crone

  12. How lovely, to see all those beautiful quilts you have completed for lucky greats and grands.....so much love in each and every one! Della is growing so fast and those are the most adorable photos. I love the outfit!!

  13. each one is so precious!! such a great idea judy, i'm going to do this if i ever have any grandchildren!!

  14. That Della's adorable! So are all the quilts. I would feel so good if I had one thing made by my grandmother!