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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ticked Off

Friday started out just fine.  The sun was shining.  The wind had settled down.  It was cold, but it was a shiny day.

I had to go to Walmart and pick up a prescription.  On the way there, driving on the 2-lane, plus left turn lane, plus 2-lane road--50 mph speed limit, some guy in a big pick-up drove out of a driveway right in front of me.  I had to slam on the brakes, or I would have T-Boned him.  He glanced at me as he headed the opposite way.  I sooooooooo wanted to flip him off!  

Got to Walmart parking lot and there was a nice spot, near the door, with a car backing out.  I put on my blinker light to let everyone know I was going to pull into that nearly vacant space.  The car left, I was about to make my move and a guy, in a pick-up, came around the corner and into that space.  He got out and glanced my way.  I sooooooo wanted to flip him off!

I got home and decided to take a shower before the basketball games started.  The water ran for longer than usual before getting hot.  I had no hot water.  Apparently the gales of wind we had on Wednesday blew out the hot water heater pilot light.  I had done laundry on Thursday and hadn't even noticed because I wash in cold water.  ARGGH!!!

So, I called the electric company, with which I have my appliance service repair plan.  They can get a guy out here on Monday. 
Okay--everything will be fine.  I had some lunch and took my anti-anxiety pill and settled in to watch the basketball tournament.

At 3:00, right in the middle of my Michigan State game against Minnesota, a team we have beaten twice this year, my phone rang.  It was Dar.

"Hi.  They sent me home.  My sister-in-law Mary drove me home, but I need a favor from you."

"What's that?"

"I have prescriptions I need to get filled.  I have to take my dizzy pill at five."

 "Did you drop the prescriptions off on your way home and you want me to go pick them up?"

"No.  I have them here.  You have to take them up to Walmart and sit and wait for them to be filled."

"Well, I can do it in an hour, but right now I am watching the basketball tournament and Michigan State is playing.  Why didn't you have your sister-in-law drop them off on your way home.  You came right by Walmart."

"I know.  I just didn't feel like stopping. I wanted to just get home."

so because it is all about you, you want me to now hop to and do your running.

"Like I said, I can do it in an hour.  You don't need them until 5:00, I'll be over at 4:00 to pick them up."

"Oh.  That's cutting it kind of close.  Why don't you take them up now and then go back and pick them up when they're ready?"

"Because I want to watch this game and my gas tank is almost empty so I didn't want to drive anymore until Monday and fill it up when I go to PT."

"I'll call Sheila and see if she can do it."

"Okay, let me know."

A few minutes later, I saw Sheila pull into Dar's driveway and then out again and leave.  She was gone for well over an hour.  Dar never called me back.
Michigan State lost.
I wanted popcorn and milk for supper.  When I opened the refrigerator, I remembered.  I had used the last of the milk that morning for my Cherrios.

I soooooo wanted to flip off the entire world


  1. Some days just go that way don't they, when you want to flip off the entire world. I honestly don't remember if I've ever actually done that---flip someone off---but now days I wouldn't dare.

    I am SO glad I don't have a Dar in my life. You have my sympathies.

  2. Wow, now that is what I'd call a frustrating day.

  3. Some days are diamonds; some days are stone! It's been a while since I flipped someone off. I'm actually scared to now because people are so crazy!

  4. Dear One... The Full Worm Moon is Sun. Mar. 12th. Need I say more...?????????

    Luna Crone

  5. Yes, I will say more.

    I am nearly 80 years of age. I have had a lot of time, to experience many Full Moons. Some are what I call the "Full Moon Effect." Some are simply beautiful to look at.

    But I always pay attention to the Full Moons. In case any coming one, will be a &*)(&%&^%$@@ "Full Moon Effect" one.

    Obviously, this one was, for you. On Friday anyway. Let's hope, that was it.

    But I'd say, don't let down your guard, until some time next week. Go slower, in case some other arse-hole, pulls out in front of you. Etc., etc., etc.

    But! Hooray for you! You did not do-the-bidding of Dar! Gooooood!!!!!! Good grief, can you imagine if you had gone back out on the road, again?!? After all your earlier trouble!?!

    Luna Crone

  6. That Dar actually freaks me out; I can only imagine being her neighbor, Judy. sheesss

    I get road rage (in my head) many time when I'm out driving. It's almost "don't you know how to read? The speed limit is 55 and you're passing me doing at least 85, and that's after you've ridden my car's tail end like you own the road'. And, so on and so forth. Sometimes I'll yell out I HOPE YOU GET A TICKET!' Of course, like Jeanette I'd be afraid to give the bird; people are getting killed every day!

    Ok, my soap box is done!

    Love you!

  7. She said she was too sick to drive--yesterday at 4:00, but I noticed she was in the car and gone bright and early this morning. Must have had to run out to get her special Bigby coffee. She's healed! It's a miracle!

  8. HELP!!!

    I think I just got sucked into Google+. Which I hate with a passion.

    So I am leaving a comment here. Then I will click on my "name click-able link". And HOPE it doesn't take me to a Google+ page.

    Ugh... Ugh... Ugh...

    Thank you in advance, for letting me check my "name" here.


  9. HOOORAY!!!!

    Clicking on "Luna Crone" takes me to my Luna Crone Profile Page, with Blogger!


    I so hate Google+!!!! I am so glad, my link, doesn't take anyone there!

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Did anyone say "Full Moon Effect"????!!!!!!????!!!!!!

    I need to get off the computer!!! Yikes!!! LOL

  10. Was there a full moon last night? Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep.
    I hate to say it, but Dar is a pain in the butt sometimes. I know a "Dar" in my own life.
    There are times when flipping someone off would be so satisfying.

  11. Grrrrrrrrrrr. What a day. Things can only get better from there, I hope!!

  12. Grrrr with the drivers. I've actually gotten out of my car, WITH MY CANE, to tell someone I had been waiting for 5 minutes with my signal on. He said sorry and moved.

    We all have a Dar in our life. I am proud of you for saying no, but yes on your own schedule!!!

  13. That certainly sounds like a wonderful day -- guess you didn't do "the good day dance" that morning when you got up. Or maybe there was some voodo you were supposed to do the night before. Obviously, there's something you're doing wrong -- couldn't possibly be the rest of the world -- or could it???

  14. Because I have allowed people to take advantage of me all of my adult life, it is very difficult to break that mold. I feel so guilty. Of course, there are people in this world that recognize that and use it to their advantage. I feel guilty that I let something so insignificant as wanting to watch a basketball game, deter me from helping out a sick neighbor.

  15. hehehehe, awwww, i do feel for you!!

    i will share with you what i have learned about flipping people off.
    if you flip a man off, he will pull into your son's baseball game and you will realize he is the coach.
    if you flip off someone by the doctor's office, they will sit with you in the waiting room for at least a 1/2 hour.
    if you flip someone off in the food store parking lot, they will end up behind you in the checkout line. you get my drift??

    some people confuse kindness with being taken advantage of. i see kindness - if you don't, try to. people have told me i let people take advantage of me and i always say, i am just trying to be kind and helpful!!!!

    1. I agree--just trying to be kind and helpful!