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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Logical thinking--I am all for that.......

Let's be logical and reasonable here, okay?

The wooden monster has hung way up there for 14 years next Wednesday, March 15th.  Why would it suddenly decide now was a good time to fall?  Or does that mean the odds are turning in favor of it dropping?  Of course, you know what they say about March 15th?  

Beware the Ides of March!

I will be taking the Monster down when I get this room painted--hopefully the first part of May.  Unless of course, I am in the midst of chemo from the bad colonoscopy from the bad stool sample test.  
I just know that dang test was a false positive!

I suppose I could hang it over my couch? Under the Ocean painting?

I need more clutter on that wall!

Over the fireplace/TV stand?

BTW--I have given up on the curtain  musical chairs.  The kitchen ones will stay where they are and one set of these in the den will go on the bedroom window.  I think.

Physical therapy yesterday.  I was doing pretty well until she rammed her thumb into the muscle by my rotator cuff.  I dang near fainted and let out a "Yelp".  Couldn't help it.  She caught me by surprise.  One nice extra--I get there 15 minutes early so I can do my exercises to warm up my muscles before she attacks them.  I ride the stationary bike for 10 minutes, even though that is not part of my therapy.  I can tell already--my legs are getting stronger!!!

So today--I gotta make the 3 mile jaunt up to the Walmart.  I have prescriptions to pick up.  Cat food--AGAIN and stop at the bank.  

I FINALLY--got that gift card fiasco straightened out.  They closed the card and sent me a $50.00 check instead.  It has only taken 2.5 months and a dozen phone calls. Good thing I got it.  I will need it for the prescriptions and cat food and gas for my car.

ARRGH!  Prices keep going up.  My health insurance doubled and my car insurance went up $20.00 a month.  

Oh well--get into happy thoughts.  Put a smile on my face and off I go...............................


  1. awwww judy - i don't think that wood would fall after all these years but we did have a chandelier in our entry way fall, maybe after living here for about 10 years. the entry way is open, the chandelier 2 stories up and one night it just let loose and fell. it shattered into a million pieces and cracked all the tiles that were underneath it. so, long story even longer, it could happen!!!

    i'm glad you got the gift card mess straightened out - that took a long time. a lot of peeps would have just given up!!!

    ps...the hubs said thanks, for the nice compliment!!!

    1. You are very fortunate that no one was hurt!!!!!!!
      You tell Chuck, it was not an idle compliment--it's the truth. He is resourceful and handsome and I wish he had a slightly older, single brother. Give me a good reason to move to New Jersey and be closer to my beautiful Atlantic Ocean. LOL

  2. Hey, maybe you can sneak into the PT's office and ride that bike even when you don't have an appointment.

    What about hanging the driftwood over your kitchen cabinets? Why not leaving it where it is?! How did that worry seed get planted? Easier to worry about the thing falling down that worry about your colonoscopy. Which will be FINE.

    BYW...I'm guessing it was hung with screws into 2'x4' solid wood. It's not going anywhere voluntarily.

    1. My kitchen cupboards are either an open soffit, close to the ceiling, of they go to the ceiling. Just because, I have walked around and looked. Other than standing it on its nose, on the seat in my shower, there is no place for the Wooden Monster, but where he resides now. There he will stay. I'll bet Pammie takes it after I am gone. She loves eccentric things like that too, plus, she knows the story behind it.

  3. I think the driftwood started the worrying by a couple of us asking what it was. LOL

    Judy, I also have a place that when Britt gives me a massage I want to scream to high heaven; it's a result of an accident way back in l963. It seems the whiplash decided to carry down to my right shoulder, if that makes sense.

    Good for you riding the bike! That's great exercise as I sit here reading blogs. LOL

    Your colonoscopy is going to be fine!


    1. My "accident" occurred in 1985, when I pulled up on a very heavy rototiller to turn it. Ripped the muscle under my scapula and of course, never did a thing about it. It torments me and about every 5 years, I go to PT to get it and my neck straightened out and it usually calms down for another 5 years.

  4. Your drift would will be just fine. Unlike us (or rather me) it hasn't gained in weight over the years and who ever put it up knew what they were doing or it wouldn't have lasted this long.

  5. Great for you riding the bike! It makes such a difference. I like the driftwood over the tv - it would look nice there.

    1. So very nice to see you on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Riding that bike is so good for you. Good girl!
    I bet they get a lot of false positives on that poop test kit, but I know it's a nagging kind of thing.

    1. Well, considering the little "smear" test they do in the docs office has always been fine. I thought of not having the colonoscopy and then thought, "why not"? I've never had one so I need to experience what most normal people go through every 5-10 years. It will be good for me to totally cleanse my colon. People pay good money for those kinds of cleanses. LOL

  7. All rise!!!

    Hear! Hear!

    I officially remove myself from the Monster discussion!!!

    Luna Crone


    1. Thank you. I shall hold you to it!!!!!!
      You will get justification if and when it does fall and your prize? A 7 feet piece of very heavy driftwood!!! HAH!

  8. Gas been creeping up slowly here. To bad our wages don't slither right a long.
    Coffee is on