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Friday, March 10, 2017

This and That

The schedule for yesterday was, cross stitching and watching the Big Ten basketball tournament.  4 games, so it was an all day affair.  My eyes were crossed by 10:00 last night.  Did you hear that the plane the University of Michigan basketball team, cheer leaders and Pep band members were on, had an accident?  On take-off, because of the high winds, their plane couldn't take off and slid off the end of the runway.  No one was hurt--thankfully.  

They were not allowed to unload the plane, everything had to stay in place while the NTSB investigated.  They got no sleep, and arrived in D.C. (where the tourney is taking place) in the morning, and on the floor to play at noon, in their practice jerseys.  They went on to beat Illinois anyway and played like demons!!  Their coach was crying he was so proud of those kids.  I was too, even though I detest the U of M.

My Spartans won too.
Today's schedule?  Another 4 games, beginning at noon and ending around 10:00 tonight.  You would be surprised how far I am on my cross stitched baby quilt.

I do have to run up to the Walmart to get a prescription for my Celexa--anti-depression pills.  Can't go without taking them.

You all don't want to see me without them!!!
Wednesday, on my way to PT, I saw Dar's friend Sheila, helping her to the car.  Sheila had Dar's arm around her neck and Dar could hardly walk.  

Dar has been in hospital since then.  She is having balance problems.  First thing I thought of was a stroke.  I called her yesterday and she said they had run a lot of tests on her and they thought perhaps she had a blood clot at the base of her skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is on blood thinner Coumadin.  How can she have a blood clot?  

Then she said it might be Vertigo, but she isn't dizzy or nauseous, it's just when she stands, she tends to fall toward one side.

Then she said they gave her a little pill called Ativan to help her.

Ativan is an anti-anxiety pill.  Hm-mm.

She wanted me to go over and check on her Dad.  It was 8:30, dark, windy and cold out there, but I went over.  He is doing fine by himself.  

He is such a gentleman.  95 years old and yet he got up to answer the door, we chatted and when I got up to leave, he got out of his chair, walked me to the door, opened it up for me and thanked me for checking in on him.  

I called Dar back.  She thinks she is coming home today.
900,000 people with no power in south-east Michigan.  The worse outage in history.  The power company "thinks" they will have power restored by Sunday night.   The temperatures have dropped and it is mighty cold.

Thank goodness, I live in a place where all power, phone, gas lines are buried.  I've been here almost 14 years and the only power outage we have had, is when a truck  ran into a transformer pole and snapped it off.  We had power restored in 3 hours.

My sister and BIL have a whole house generator, so they are fine.  My son Mark and Pam, who live out by sister, had power restored yesterday morning.  Karen has a generator that will run their furnace and water pump, so they are pretending they are "camping".  LOL

.....and here I sit.  Warm and toasty and watching basketball games all the live long day!


  1. My husband used to take Celexa. I called it a miracle pill and he always had a "happy hour" soon after taking it where he was silly as heck. He had so many serious disabilities it was a godsend for him.

    We have a LOT of power outages around where my family lives, too. Most are without power and have been while. High winds kept the workers from fixing lines plus they all live in rural areas. I lost roofing in the winds but no power.

  2. I hate it that so many are without power, and for such a long time. Hopefully, Sunday back on!

    Celexa is one of my anti-depressants but I take all of my meds at night; maybe should take one in the day to see if I get silly. Nah, I'm silly enough. :)

    I'm glad you aren't affected by the power outages, Judy.


  3. wow that a lot of people with out power. It would sound a lot worst if they said just short of million.
    Most people around here are Gonzaga fans.
    Coffee is on

  4. So glad you are cozy and warm and comfy... And able to keep stitching and watching basketball!!!!!!!

    There are people, not too many miles from us, who are without power, also. And our temps are going down, down, down...

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I don't even want to mention power outages for fear we'll have one with all this wind we're getting. We've only had one since we moved here. My brother has one of those whole house generators. He doesn't even know when the power goes out. Dad took Ativan. What ever is wrong with Dar, it doesn't sound like it's going away any time soon. Glad you're all cozy with your awesome power.

  6. we are getting snow as i type, a soft and gentle snow. only sticking to the grass i assume because of the recent warm temperatures! we have a generator in our garage, always just in case. we were so happy to have it after super storm sandy. 8 days with no power, we were able o save he contents of our refrigerator. most people lost everything - in more ways than one!!

    i don't watch/like basketball - i'm not a big sports person. we mostly watch movies!!!

  7. Our Spartans did't fare well this afternoon. Sure takes the fun out of watching the rest of the tournament. I hope they make it through a couple games in the NCAA tournament.

    1. We lost our big guns to injuries. The whole season has been pitiful to watch. I am rooting for Wisconsin now.

  8. Power went out in P. M. for son, but have fireplace so "camped out" in living room -- little grandson was excited, said it was the best night ever.