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Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Moaning

The beginning of the dreaded Daylight Saving Time AND a full moon?

The full moon I can handle.  I love it and will do my monthly ritual of going out on the porch and howling at it.  The DST will affect my Circadian Clock for at least three weeks.  It always has and I suspect, it always will.

My neighbor/friend Pearl, isn't affected by it at all.  She doesn't even notice the time change.  Dar gets bat s*** crazy from the time change.  Even more so than normal.  HAH!  I just feel a bit discombobulated for half a month.  The sun now comes into the rooms at a different angle than what the clock says.

I thought maybe, I'd try something different.  Saturday at noon, I went through the house and set my clocks ahead an hour.  Then, when the cuckoo clock cuckooed 11 times, I went to bed.  When the alarm went off at 8:00, I got up.  I concentrated on what the cuckoo clock "said" and tried to ignore the sun angles.  It did seem to help.
Five days with no hot water.  Dar was out too and her brother came to light the pilot light on her water heater.  She e-mailed me later to say, "I'm sorry.  I forgot all about your pilot light.  I should have had him come over and light yours."
Yes, that would have been nice, but since it is always all about her............

I have an appliance service plan through my electric company.  The service man was to arrive this morning between 7-11:00.  I got up at 7:00 to empty the closet, get dressed and get ready for the call that he was on his way.

It is now 10:30 and I just got the call.  "Because of the snow (1") he will arrive between noon and Two."

"I have an appointment at 2:30 and won't be back home until 4:00.  It's just a pilot light that needs lighting--it will only take a few minutes."

"Okay.  I'll put him down for before 2:30 or after 4:00."

<sigh>  It would have been nice to get a shower in and wash my hair before PT.  Guess I will warm up some water and wash down the important parts.  The hair will just have to be wild.

The electric had 900,000 customers without power since Wednesday--mostly in Detroit.  So I guess I am at the bottom of the list for my insignificant issue.  Maybe I should switch over to the appliance service plan my gas company offers?
Other than that and a dishwasher filled to the brim with dirty dishes, a laundry basket filled to overflowing with dirty clothes and a cat that is on a diet and keeps meowing for food--everything is fine.

I guess I'll see how the rest of the day pans out before I get too anxious.


  1. That's a long time to go without hot water. You deserve a metal. That Dar! You can run up and get her prescription but she can't remember to ask her brother to light your pilot?

    The time change doesn't bother me at all. Maybe you need black out shades or a sleep mask.

    Our "1" of snow made the road like driving on grease. I had to go out this morning and it was hazardous.

  2. Haven't even read this post yet but.....

    LOVE your Subject Line!!!!

    Didn't you once say, you can't think up Subject Lines??? Well you "nailed it" with this one, Gal!!!! :-))))))))

  3. DST... I try not to pay attention to clocks. Try to just go with the flow of the sun, and of darkness. Because I am "pissed off" at the time change enough, to try to not, not, not let it "mess with me."<--- Just me.

    5 days with no hot water!!!!!!!! &*(*^&%$#

    If your pilot light was out, why didn't you call your Power Co.? They get very "spooked", about gas. Bet they would have been over, like "in-two-shakes-of-a-lamb's-tail".

    Did you hear that colloquialism, when you were growing up, in your area of the country???? :-)