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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


My predictions for 2017 was it was going to be a year full of change.

One of those changes will be happening on March 30th.

Have you ever gotten news and you felt a cold band wrap around your mid-section?  That's the way I felt.

My doctor called.  My Colo-Guard stool sample test came back positive.  I have to have my first and I hope last, colonoscopy that day.  I'm not worried about the prep.  It will be spring-time by then and as my Grandma would say every spring, "You need a good cleaning out!"  My Mother would bring out the worm medicine and laxatives and if that didn't work, a warm soapy enema was in the offing.  

I am worried about the results.  I have had bouts of severe diarrhea and then constipation since July.  That's one of the "signs".

Every year I have the FIT test, which is a stool sample smear and all have been negative.  Then, on reading about this Colo-Guard test, I see there are a lot of people who have had false positives and clear colonoscopies.  But still.........................................

I have my lung CT scan on the 15th.  I sure hope that one goes okay.  My voice is still hoarse and that too is one of the "signs".  My chest x-ray last fall came back good, but chest x-rays don't always show tiny lung tumors. So....................................

GEEZ!!!  I'm falling apart!!

Well, if I'm going to talk the talk, I am going to have to walk the walk and put all of this in God's hands.  Not that He causes any of these health problems, but that He will help me get through whatever the future brings.
Yesterday we had strong thunderstorms, high winds and a nearby tornado in Michigan.  Today, we are expecting snow this late afternoon.

I have to deal with the inkjet refill place again.  The black refills do not work!  Neither one!  I have tried them both in both of my printers, so I know, it is not a printer problem.  I should just break down and buy a new black inkjet at Staples and then---I'd know for sure.  They are so expensive--the new ones.  The refills are about half the price.  Oh---I just don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, I go to the torture chamber.  So far all the maneuvers have done is cause my nerves to become more inflammed.  I don't think my left shoulder will ever get back into it's correct position--it comes forward a bit, but I am in it until the end of the treatments.
So, today is Ash Wednesday.  I'm not Catholic so I don't get to have ashes on my forehead, dripping down my nose and I sure hope I don't tell someone they have a "smudge of dirt" on their forehead, like I mistakenly did last year.

I did learn something last night, as I watched Mother Angelica on TV.  The ashes are a sign to make us remember death.  That we all are going to die and return to ashes.  That knowledge seems to be an everyday thought in my life as I age.  I don't need a one-day reminder.

I know that Lent is a time of atonement and sacrifice.  We Methodists never "gave up" stuff for Lent.  When I was in the 9th grade, before going into my Algebra classroom, I stated to my friend that I was going to "give up Algebra for Lent".  Not realizing that my teacher was right behind me and heard that comment and was not pleased.

I rather like to take on something new for Lent.  Like calling a friend just to say I thought of them, or an e-mail or a note.  I think one day I will go over and visit Dar and her Dad and one day visit Merle and Pearl and one day visit Jackie.  

I never have quite understood why Catholics have the 40 days of Lent at this time of year.  Jesus went out into the desert for 40 days BEFORE He started His ministry, not 40 days before He went into Jerusalem and His death.  

Although, it IS a good time to have a period of thought and atonement BEFORE His crucifixion.  After all, He did it all for us.  Then the joyousness of Resurrection.  Christians would have no "religion" without His Resurrection.  

Sure, His birth was significant, but our church year begins on Resurrection Sunday--Easter.  If He hadn't come out of that grave alive, He would only be a great prophet.  He would not be the Son of God and we would not have all the promises He gave us to believe in.

So, March is coming in like a Lion.  Many will be anointed with the sign of the cross made on their foreheads with ashes mixed in oil and the rest of us have spring-time to look forward too.  A time of new life, as baby animals are born and flowers come up out of their cold, dark winter graves.

I'd say, there are a lot of reasons for celebration!


  1. I will pray for you, Judy, that the xray won't show any tumors, and the colonoscopy will be clear. I haven't had one in years, but they aren't painful at all. You'll be given something to make you comfortable. But, you will need someone to take you and drive you home. You probably this though.


    1. Yes--I love Propofal to put me to sleepy and Pammie is going to drive me. It's only about 15 miles from here. Medicare will pay for a CT lung scan for ex smokers. I think it's a good thing to get.

  2. Well, I whined yesterday. And today, you have real things, to whine about. Best wishes, of course. The waiting, is so difficult. Hugs....

    Was a Roman Catholic, till in my 60's. Gave myself permission to question, in 2000. It took time and work, but I came out, with no religious affiliation.

    Believe me, I suffered through all that Lent jazzzzz, enough for 5 lifetimes. See, I was born with OCD. Can you imagine, trying to follow all those "Can't Eat This", and "Can Only Eat So Many Times" stuff?!? It-Was-Pure-Hell for me. :-((((((

    Again, best wishes....

    1. The Catholic church has changed a lot. Now you get Sundays off and can eat anything you want and no longer have to eat fish on Friday. I don't understand if, at one time, these were GOD's rules, how Popes can change them, but...................

  3. I'm sorry you have to have the colonoscopy but I'll bet the false positives on that other test are very high. Gotta try not to worry until you have something concrete to worry about.

    On your shoulder being in a forward position, did they x-ray it? When I had the labrum tear surgery last year, that's what my shoulder was doing, even trying to sleep was painful and I was told no amount of therapy can correct that.

    1. No x-rays. "They" figure it's arthritis in the shoulder pulling it forward much as it has done to my hands--pulling my thumbs in toward my palm. Most of my pain is in the muscle under my wing bone and that is mainly what they are working on. Strengthening that muscle and my arms and neck. Yes--don't worry until there is something to worry about and then...don't worry either because you have no control over it and worry doesn't help one little bit! Right?

    2. Much easier said than done, though, on the worrying. :)

  4. Oops, not the kind of news you want to get. I'll be watching for a progress report.

  5. I really appreciate your Christian testimony.

  6. Judy, I hope all of your tests go well. The colonoscopy is a breeze, its the prep for it that is kinda yuck. I will keep you in my prayers. God is good and He will be with you.

  7. I'll keep you in my prayers. And God is always there to help us through what we can't handle on our own - he can take our worries too.

  8. I'm sorry to hear all of this, Judy. I'll keep a good thought for you. Keep us posted. You know we want to know what's going on. Take care.

  9. Oh Judy, I'm sorry you've got to go have the colonoscopy after all. You're right, there are a lot of false positives, and I will be praying both of your tests prove you're healthy! It's waiting that's frustrating, too.

    I'm hoping for only good things for you--- including your shoulder problem, my friend!
    xo Trudy

  10. I'm thankful that as a Christian -- one saved by grace and grace alone, that not of myself -- I can boldly approach the Throne of Grace and beseech God to be with you as you undergo these tests and learn their results. And I will pray for you. No ashes necessary; no Lent to be observed. His birth, life, earthly ministry, substitutionary death, one-time atonement, and resurrection are with me every moment of every day. It's great to be free of rituals and in touch with the One who makes all life possible and Who abides with us in the person of the Holy Spirit -- the Comforter -- for times when life is uncertain and frightening. God bless you this Easter, this spring, and every other season. xoxo


  11. Praying for you and under stand so much you share.
    Know arthur very well.
    Again prayers for healing and strength for you.

  12. Well I hope your colonoscopy and x-ray both come out negative, The little "signs" that you are having could be signs of other things.