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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

It's Friday. Again! Time goes so fast......................

I thought Salmon patties sounded good for supper.  It was canned pink Salmon and they weren't all that great.  I prefer Red Sock-Eye Salmon, but I ate one while it was hot and have been having one cold one, dunked into Ketchup for lunch the last couple of days.  The Food Bank only has pink canned Salmon.  "Beggers can't be choosers."

That's one of those new ceramic fry pans.  I'm not impressed.  Sure, nothing sticks to it, but that causes the food to just slide around and seems to me, to make it difficult to get under and flip the meat to the other side.  I had to toss my big 16" Teflon coated fry pan, it was just to heavy for me to maneuver and very worn.  At least now, I'm not ingesting flakes of Teflon--which is probably a good thing?

I got my new tier curtains today.  I'm not in the mood to iron and put them up as yet, because I also have to wash the windows first.  

These are the ones being replaced.  Notice how you can see through the bottom tiers.  Not a problem during the day, but I have had neighbors tell me they can see me sitting at my computer when they drive by.  That makes me feel a bit creepy.

Then, I got to pondering.  

"Oh, Oh."  One of you just said that.  I know you did!

I am not fond of the curtains in my bedroom.

 What if I swap out the curtains in my kitchen to my bedroom?  These have been my kitchen curtains for a few years.  I could put the tiers from the den on this window.

Then put these tie- backs on my bedroom window--I used to have tie backs at that window and liked them.

Then take these curtains at my bedroom window, wash them, fold them and give them to the Salvation Army.

New curtains at the three den windows.  The den tier curtains at the kitchen window.  The kitchen tie-back at the bedroom window.  It would be like I had new curtains in every room.  Are you confused yet?
John stopped in and brought me 12 jugs of Diet Pepsi.  They were on sale for .99@ at Meijers.  6 de-cafe and 6 leaded.  I am a happy camper.  I was down to one jug of de-cafe.  YIKES!!  A near miss there.  I am hoping when I have the colonoscopy, it doesn't show my innards all torn up by my years of drinking Diet Pepsi.  To have to give that up?  I'd have to go into rehab!!
One tiny political note here.  I didn't watch the State of the Union address, or whatever they call it nowadays.   I don't care to hear what any politician has to say anymore.  I can't do a thing about their agendas, so I choose to ignore them all.  Whatever will be, will be.  And to think--I used to be so involved.  PBTTT.
Well, the sun is shining today.  It is cold and snow has covered up my Daffs and Tulips that were about 4" tall, but the sun is shining.  What a weird and strange season this has been.

Enjoy your weekend.  I shall be cross stitching and watching old time movies on TCM or basketball games on ESPN.  Sounds heavenly to me.


  1. Hi Judy, I'm from Cleveland Hts, Ohio. Living here with hubby, son 4 chickens and a rescue cat. Just became a grandma for the first time. My daughter and her husband have a beautiful baby boy. Yahoo!! Love your blog

  2. I'm totally confused by your curtain swaps! LOL But I'm sure it will work out just like you envision. What is that dark thing above the windows in your computer room?

    1. I was gonna ask the same thing. LOL

  3. I'm confused also, but I'm sure whatever you do will be beautiful! If you drink the diet, I wonder why John brought the leaded also. Just curious.

    Hey, if your insides are messed up from the aspartame? I'd hate to know what my 60 years (or more) of drinking Coke, leaded. hmmmm

    Enjoy your weekend. We were cold this morning; it was only 65 degrees. LOL


  4. We like salmon cakes. I haven't made them in ages. Yours look good to me. I don't like that pan either. One of Dad's caregivers had one. I got to try it out, and decided it was not for me.

    I had to follow carefully, but I think I understand your musical curtain game. You're a bloomin' genius! Ha!

    Your old enough to drink what the heck you want. That's my two cents. Unless it bothers your kidneys, intestines, liver, blood sugar, brain function, nervous system, etc.

    1. So far, nothing bothers my internal organs. Well--brain function, I'm not sure about.

  5. Not sure what all I'm doing in craft line over the weekend. Salmon patties does sound good.
    Coffee is on

  6. Didn't "follow" you, with the curtains, but you do, whatever makes you happy!!!! You know your home, better than any of us do.

    Just as long as you can't be seen, sitting there, at night!!!! I agree with not wanting that.

    But to have your computer, right where you can look out a window, does sound great. I once had a little writing desk, placed like that...

    -drum roll please- I am not going to get going, on Diet and Regular Coke. Not!!!!! Seeeeee????!!!??? How *reformed* I am becoming?!?!?!

    Now I expect a Gold Star, for that monumental display of restraint!!!!!!! >,-)))

  7. i am not much of a curtain person. most of my windows are not covered as my back yard is private and no one can see in. we have a lot of windows in the back of the house, those that are covered i use blinds. but the blinds are almost always open so i'm not sure why i even have them!!! my front picture window has blinds and they are always closed!!

    i use blinds because i watched my mother care for curtains for years and always said i would never do all that washing and ironing!!!

  8. You mean your windows are dirty? Didn't you clean them last spring? I didn't quite follow the curtain swap, either, except that it makes sense to demote the ones that work the least well.

    It never dawned on me that a pan where food slips too much could be a pain, but it would be. Good. I'll stay away from that pan. The other day, I cracked two eggs into my frying pan and walked into the other room for just a second to check my computer. You guessed it. It's a wonder my smoke alarm didn't go off. Now I know to move it INTO the kitchen...