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Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Monster on the Wall

That, Dear Friends, is a 7 feet long, heavy piece of drift wood, taken out of the Au Sable River up north.

1960--my Mother, sister and I were visiting her brother (my uncle), who had a home on the shore of Lake Huron.

One day we took a road trip to various places of interest in the area and then to the top of the hill with the Au Sable river lying far below.

My Mother spotted it and said, "Judy!  You need that.  Help me drag it up here."

So down we ran and hauled that heavy thing up the steep hill to the car.    Thanks goodness, back then, cars had larger, deeper trunks.

When we got it home, she put some heavy eye bolts on the back of it and hung it over our couch.  It has hung over every couch I have had, in every house I have had, until I moved here.

Now, it hangs over my den window, ready to come crashing down on my computer/monitor/desk at any moment.

It is one of my most prized possessions.   (and at the time, very dusty).  LOL


  1. Interesting story....



    Do you think it might be worth-your-time (and money) to have it checked, for the strength of whatever is holding it, into the wall??????????????????????????????????

  2. ooooh what a treasure judy, i love anything that hangs on the wall that has special meaning!!

    it's a very pretty piece, the shape and the colors!!

  3. I love it and the story behind it! If it could talk it would tell such tales of where it's been. I would have hung it so the wide part was centered in the peak and the tail going down one side (assuming the room is wide enough) and the whole thing facing down instead of up. But don't take offense at that because I've rarely been in a house when I didn't want to rehang all their decor. LOL Can't tell from the photo but is it sawed flat or knotty natural on the surface? Almost looks like a tree root water weathered. Beautiful!

  4. That piece of wood is gorgeous!! Do you believe in wood spirits?! lol - that's a sweet one.

    I love wood, too. Every tree that's been cut on my property the last ten years, I asked for a long 3' portion. Then I age them, chipping off the bark, and use them as tables, or pedestals. Recently I sanded and put clear finish on an especially nice one, It sits here with a massive granite sculpture on top. I so love the 'spirit' of wood! Other than that I collect rocks. And I have a collection of Indian arrowheads. I must have been an Indian in a former life.

    1. Gowitheflow - Too bad you don't have a blog where you can show us all your cool collectibles and yard art. You could call it "Flo's Spirit." LOL

    2. HAH! Yes-- a blog by Flo. What a unique idea. LOL

  5. I love it, Judy, and it's made all the better because it has such a great story. There's nothing better than decorating your home with things that have meaning.

  6. OH MY GOSH...It looks kind of like a giant bat :) fooled me at first!

  7. I only have decor that has meaning! So I have fallen in love with yours. Now to add some to my Granny Pad!

  8. I was in the car on my cell when I left that comment up there. I came back so I could see your driftwood on a bigger monitor. It is awesome.

  9. I think it is awesome. My grandmother often decorated with driftwood, using it as centerpiece to add other floral etc. items to.

    BUT she usually did that on the fireplace mantel...no worries about it crashing down:)

  10. Well, it may not be the most attractive thing hanging on your walls but it more than makes up for it in sentimental value! We have a rock that we stole off the beach in Mackinaw City a long time ago. We brought it with us when we moved to Canton and it sits in the back yard over where we buried my beloved cat, Tori. When we move it's coming with us! (but not Tori, she's staying where she is!)

  11. Drift wood sure can make some interesting yard deco. We use old snags and the birds and chipmunk have great pleasure in it.
    Coffee is on

  12. Love it
    has memories
    everything in this small home has a memory :)

  13. A wonderful treasure knowing your mother found it for you. Great memories are priceless.


  14. I loved your story! It's interesting that your mother thought you really ought to have it. I would keep it, too, if my mom had especially wanted me to have something like that. And, wood has a beauty all its own. Especially driftwood!

  15. It's a very beautiful and unusual piece. I bet its a great conversation starter.