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Friday, March 17, 2017


How did I miss Wednesday and Thursday posting?

I went to have my CT lung scan.  It took less time than a mammogram!  Then off to get my hair cut.
It was the Idea of March so I was thinking and missing my Mother a lot.  She has been gone 47 years and I still miss her!
Then I checked my Patient Portal to see the results of the scan and it said, "Pending until March 19th."  Now that freaked me out!  With blood work, I can get the results in 2 hours.  With the x-ray, I got the results the next day.  I am wondering why this is taking so long.  Is there something bad on there and they are going to let my doc know first?

Thursday, I kept expecting to get a phone call from my doc all morning and I vowed I would not answer it!  I want to know the results first.  If it's bad, I can prepare myself.  When I had my chest x-ray last summer, he called and said, "I want you to come in and talk about your x-ray."  I was a nervous wreck for two days.  When I got into his office he asked, "Why do you get these?  They won't show anything important.  You need to get a CT scan."  Nothing had shown up on the x-ray.

I took off outta here at noon to drive the 45 minutes north to have lunch with my Old School Gal Pals.  There were 8 of us today.  Missing Bethie who now has a Chamber Commerce meeting the third Thursday of every month.  So I campaigned for her that we change lunch days.  I thought the third Wednesday instead, but one of the gals baby sits her great grand kids on Wednesdays and another one goes to a quilting group every Wednesday.  So, we just moved the lunch day up to the 2nd Thursday of every month.  All those in favor, say Aye.  Those opposed? (None). The Ayes have it.

Then out to The Farm to visit with little sister.  We had a really nice conversation and I dropped off her birthday prezzie.  Home by 6:00 with daylight to spare.

The few Irish ancestors I have came from Northern Ireland and were "Orangemen".

We never celebrated St. Patrick's Day, but the guy does deserve some credit.  He rid that land of snakes, so he's a good guy in my opinion.  
Today both University of Michigan and Michigan State University played basketball games in the NCAA March Mania tournament.  One at noon and one at 9:20 tonight.

You know what I'll be doing during that time.  You do know?  Then, pretty soon it will all be over and I can concentrate on Major League baseball.  I do love to watch baseball.  It is a nice slow game and a lot of cross stitching can be done without having to look up a lot.  (insert smiley face).


  1. UGHHHH... To waiting.

    Lovely old photo. I take it, March 16 was her birthday.

    Btw, there were no snakes in Ireland. That was the Church's way of suggesting, that Patrick drove Paganism, from Ireland.

    Ahhhh yes, "the Old Church strikes again".

    Of course, he didn't quite make a clean sweep of Paganism. -grin- Just look at all the old holy places... Wells and church sites.... And search back, to their origin... Pagan. :-)

    Part of both of our relatives came from County Cork. Mine, from Churchtown. Have an old, old sampler, to prove it. ,-)

    1. No, her birthday was June 16. She died on March 15th, at age 53.

  2. Well, I hope they didn't find anything unusual on the ct scan. Maybe the xray technician is off duty or something. But, if you get the results on the 19th/Sunday you'll know before the doc I guess.

    Enjoy the games; I'm a basketball fan. :)


    1. P.S. Glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy lunch with your gal pals, and then your sister. Our group meets on like the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday every month. I don't go since not many friends there; it's like our class of 1960 has been taken over by further on down the line classes. :)

    2. Occasionally we have "kids" from 1959, not often though as they forget when our luncheon is. LOL

  3. Glad your lunch group changed to include your Bethie.

    Enjoy your games while I fuss about missing the soap they replaced.

    1. My Soap is on NBC so I clicked back and forth between it and the game. UofM won.

    2. Jean R I missed my soap also! I always forget it's March Madness until I see it on. WAHHH

  4. Replies
    1. The doc called today and I didn't pick up. I just wasn't in the mood before the weekend started. Nothing can be done until Monday anyway. Hopefully by then, I will have a chance to see the report.

  5. i don't think you will ever forget your mom and you shouldn't. she died so young!!

    i have tried to use my X-ray places patient portal and i can figure it out. next time i go, i am going to bring my computer and show them what i get/see so that maybe they can help me. i am due for my MRI, i have to go every 3 months!!

    1. Good idea. I always want to see my reports.

  6. I'm glad you have such great memories of your Mom! You will always miss her. Keep us posted on the results of your test. And enjoy March Madness!

  7. I miss my mom too and will for the rest of my life!