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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016


In regards to the popcorn, because I have it three or four a couple times a week, I am going to get one of those poppers that is used IN the Microwave, but with regular popcorn.  Pam and Jennifer have one and really like theirs.  Then I can add my own REAL butter.  They say, this one is the best.  You have to use disks in the bottom to concentrate the microwaves.  Walmart--about $13.00.
So--Dar stopped in.  ARGGH!  She was in hospital last week for 3 days.  She had a fast heartbeat, caused from a reaction to a Flu medication she was on, plus dehydration.

She was in the same hospital I stayed in last spring and had to have a cardio-inversion, to get her heart back to normal sinus rhythm, just like I had.

To hear her tell it, "They tried to kill me!"

"I tried to tell them,, I am allergic to everything!  But, they wouldn't listen to me.  They acted like I was a  hysterical, old woman!"

"Did you get in one of your hysterical fits?"

"Probably.  I remember crying and talking very loud. They were trying to kill me!"

"How did they try to kill you?"

"With the inversion!  They put something in my IV and I went out like a light!  When I woke up, they told me they zapped my heart to get it back in rhythm.  They didn't tell me they were going to do that!"

"I'm sure they did.  When I had it, they explained it all to me and I had to sign a paper giving them permission.  Did you sign anything?"

"Yes, but I didn't know it was for that!"

"No one explained it to you?  They just put something in your IV and you went out?"

"I thought they were giving me something to calm me down!"

"And it did, didn't it?  Fentanyl works great that way.  You get a nice nap and feel great when you wake up." ( and I giggled.)

"Then I had to have a stress test and once again, they put something nuclear in my IV and my heart rate went up and I started yelling.  I must have been allergic to that too!"

"They probably used Thallium as the tracer dye to show if your blood flow is sufficient for your heart.  Did you lay on the table, with the electrodes on your chest while they did the procedure?"

"Yes.  But my heart rate went up."

"It's suppose to.  Like if you were exercising or on a treadmill."

"Well, they didn't tell me that was going to happen!"

"Were you nervous?  They probably told you, but you didn't hear them because.......well, you know how hysterical you get when you are in the hospital."
Then we dropped that subject (thank you Lord) and she went off on a tirade about how her brother and sister-in-law are trying to kill her ninety-four old father.

"I know they are controlling him!  I would like to get him out of there, but he can't come live with me because of my son and grand kids being here."

"I thought you gave him the option last fall and he didn't want to live with you."

"He didn't.  He said I was a woman and women are controlling.  Besides, he is afraid that people will talk if they see me living with a man." (What?) 

"Why doesn't he go live with your other brother.  Take him up to their new house....like for a two week visit.  He'd enjoy being near the water.  Then, he could just stay there."

"I have already thought of that.  Pat (SIL) always took such good care of him when he used to live with them.  I plan on calling her when I get home and set it up.  I'm off work so I can take him up for a visit tomorrow."

Well, tomorrow came and went and her car didn't leave her driveway, so I guess Daddy is still stuck in the house with the son who is "trying to kill him."

I suggested two years ago that Daddy move into one of the many Senior housing places around here.  We have half a dozen of them.  Very nice and expensive--like $3,500.00 a month expensive.  Since Daddy is a millionaire, and loves to be around a lot of women, he'd probably enjoy it.  But, that is out of the question because, "We don't want Daddy to think we are sticking him in a home."  So they never suggested it or took him around for a tour of the places.

Dar did not ask how I was doing, nor did she notice the cedar chest just 3 feet away from her.  She hasn't noticed as yet that the tall media cabinet is no longer there.
John and Maizey stopped in this morning.  He sat in the same chair Dar occupies when she visits.  He talked while I cooed to Maizey, petted her and gave her a few Cheerios as a treat.

John told me the very same things he told me last night, when they stopped in.  He has to have an ultra sound on his foot.  That is Monday.  At the UofM in Ann Arbor.  He is going up north Tuesday, to visit his sisters/brother, he will be back next Friday.   He got upset with his neighbor playing music too loud at 2:00am and turned him into the office.  (That is the 4th time he told me that), and he has to take Maizey to the groomer tomorrow.

John did not ask how I was doing, but did caution that it was raining very hard and I should be careful if I had to drive today.

An hour later, I stood up and said to Maizey, "Precious Pup, I have to get busy and you have to continue your walk."
(In other words, time for you to go, John)
Sometimes, I gotta tell ya, these two people drain every ounce of energy out of me!

I need to go up and visit Pearl again, where she and I would have a TWO-WAY conversation.  Like normal people.  

Normal people seem to be missing from my life.


  1. Oh girl! What is normal anyway? LOL

    Actually, though, I didn't realize that Dar's father lives in the town y'all are in. Honestly, he sounds like a nut job also. Like, living with Dar and people would talk? I'm sorry but that's just funny to me.

    Yes, visit with Pearl! :)

    Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Maybe that's just your new normal. LOL Seriously, you need a metal for putting up with Dar. John, at least, has a very good heart and does a lot of things for you. He's thoughtful in ways that count.

    Dar's family would make a great book of crazy characters.

  3. LOL Your... um... colorful neighbors give you a lot of content for your blog. It's like one of those old radio soap operas. All your readers gather 'round and tune in to see what Dar and John and Maizey and Pearl and Merle are doing today. :) We love it.

    1. Great comparison and true!

    2. And since we haven't seen their faces, I imagine them. They are a hoot!!!

  4. Will you let us know how this popcorn popper works out? Mine is a very old design, a plastic bowl with a vented lid. It works, but leaves lots of unpopped kernels.

    ARGH! Dar reminds me of my sister. Her brain jams up under certain kinds of stress and she can't comprehend anything. Come to think of it, that's what mine did (still does, but less often ...). These are symptoms of PTSD. Hardwired in, it's beyond the sufferer's conscious ability to control; all one is aware of when PTSD is triggered is some (metaphorical) fire hydrant is exploding inside one's brain, and all the thinking circuits are shorted out. I guess it's also known as a panic attack, but me - NO I never had PANIC attacks...

    A little self observation and reflection would help get perspective... Dar sure seems to be missing observation skills

    Oh God, yes! Aren't two way conversations are heavenly!?!

  5. U use my microwave popcorn popper all the time! It does leave a lot of kernels un-popped though. I'll be curious to see how well the disc on the bottom will work on yours.

  6. This is completely off subject but it has been one year today since my oldest sons house was hit by the Norman/Moore Ok tornado. Hope you enjoy your popcorn popper. VickieOkc

    1. I remember how scared I was that day for my OK friends!!!

  7. The BEST part of your wacky neighbors is how you tell us about them! And your little tiny comments that I can just hear you whispering in your head!! I'm not sure I could talk to (listen to) Dar more than once a month!!! What a Debbie Downer!