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Monday, March 21, 2016

Oh. My. Gosh!

Where do I begin?  
Where did I leave off?
What a weekend!!

Of course, by now, you've all heard of my Spartans tragic loss.  One and done!  For the last couple of months, sports commentators and those in the know have been stating, "I see the Spartans going all the way and winning the NCAA Championship."  I have stated that, "I've heard that before."

In reality--I bought into the whole hype.  They won the Big Ten Tournament.  They had a terrific season.  We had the Big Ten player of the year.  We had the winningest coach in Big Ten history.  What could go wrong?

A bit too cocky perhaps?  Thought playing a 15th ranked team was going to be a walk in the park?

The biggest upset in NCAA Basketball tournament history.

This says it all:
After I recovered from that--well, actually I still haven't recovered and probably never will! 

Anyway, a kid that used to play softball for my Dad and graduated with my sister and a Friend on Face Book, is moving and had a cedar chest for sale.  A LANE cedar chest.  I have always wanted one.  My Mother had promised I could have hers, someday, but apparently when my little sister was in her teens, Mother also promised it to her.

I did not get one for my graduation, as most of my girlfriends.  I was getting married.  I needed mixers and electric fry pans.  I didn't need a "hope" chest.  Then when Mother died and my little sister was two weeks shy of her 18th birthday and about to graduate, of course I didn't say a word and let her take the cherished cedar chest.

So, I inquired as to the price and he wanted $200.00 for it.  Sadly, I could not afford to pay that.  I loved it though.  It was just my style and the wood matched my furniture.  I didn't respond to his comment on the price, but last Thursday, he personal messaged me and said, for me, he'd sell it for $100.00 AND deliver it!!!  I took the bait!!

He brought it over on Saturday.

I have felt guilty ever since for spending that money, but....I DO love it!!!

and, Guess what?  It was manufactured in 1956-57.  The year I would have picked it out for my hope chest!
Sunday the Big Day for Maddie's ballet.  I had no idea what a BIG DAY it was going to be!!

I always leave early for these kinds of things.  Just in case.  I usually get there a half hour early, find a nice up close parking spot and sit in my car and people watch.

The ballet was to start at 2:30.  I left here at 1:30 to make the 12 mile trek.

I thought I knew where I was going, but when I got there?  I wasn't where I was supposed to be.  So, I back tracked and started again--3 times I did this.  Then I got out my "for emergencies only" Obama SafeLink phone and called:  Karen--Pam--Jennifer.  I found out later, they didn't recognize the number so they didn't return the call.

I decided to try one last time and go beyond where I thought the high school was.  As I sped along, I could see the big school off in the distance, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get there.  Finally, I just turned on a road that looked like it might be near the school and ended up at the middle school, wended my way around the paths and ended up at the school.  2:15!!!

Luck was on my side, as the parking lot was filled to the brim with ONE handicap parking slot open.  I pulled in, searched for my handicap thingy (that I rarely use) and whipped it over the rear view mirror

I got in the school, ran into the ladies room and there stood Jennifer!  We glanced at each other and didn't even recognize each other at first.  She washing her hands and me racing into a stall.

The ballet was lovely.  Of course.  There were 3 starring roles, Maddie had one of them.  Of course.  I got to meet my oldest grandson Marcus' girlfriend Lauren.  Karen was right.  She is a lovely girl.  Not pretentious in the least.  Very real and normal.

 LtoR: Karen, Mike, Helene, Lauren, Marcus, Mark, Jennifer, Pam

Then, we all went to supper at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  I knew right where it was and was the first to arrive.  HAH!

My oldest grand daughter and her boyfriend Mike, Mark and Karen--left

Marcus, Lauren, Jennifer and Pammie on the right.

I sat down, across from Pam and next to my oldest grand daughter, Helene.  Helene leaned forward a bit and said to Jen, Pam and I, "You know how grandma always says it's so nice to have a new baby for Christmas?  Well, I'm pregnant.  I'm due October nineteenth."

Thankfully Jennifer and Pam started in with the squeals and the congratulations, so that I had time to recover, gain my composure and instead of saying, " YOU'RE WHAT?"
grabbed her in my arms, hugged her and whispered, "Oh my Sweet Girl.  How wonderful!"

Then I went around and over to Karen and hugged her.  "Oh Honey.  You're going to be a grandma.  You are going to love that so much!"

The family ALL appears to be very happy?  I had all these words running through my mind.  "My grand daughter is Catholic and dating a Jewish man?"  "My strict Catholic grand daughter is pregnant and unmarried?"  "They act like this is some how normal and worthy of celebration?"

Of course, I had to put those thoughts right out of my head and join in.  After all, she is my first grand child and I love and adore her unconditionally.  True acceptances comes into play because, after all...........what can you do about it now?  Mike adores her and takes such wonderful care of her.  She is 31 and it's now or never?  There is going to be a marriage--sometime.  Plus, it is none of MY business!

AND--I do love having a new baby around at Christmas time!!  and I told them, "It's going to be a girl!  Grandma's know these things."

I will have to review my baby afghan and quilts, I have stored and let Helene pick out the one she wants.  

YIKES!!  I'm going to be a Great Grandma!!
Then, there's this one, with her sweet, innocent nature and her Purity ring firmly worn on her ring finger!!  Let's keep it that way.  Okay?


  1. This cedar chest is so handsome! I don't know what you had there before, but this is a show piece. Cedar's smell is so fresh, too.

    Thank God your last attempt finding that school hit the jackpot. You have such a lovely family, Judy, thank for sharing them here. As I read, I recognize - isn't everyone's family a trifle unorthodox these days? LOL

    What a beautiful openhearted smile on Maddie. Is she looking at her Grandma for this photo? She'd melt any heart...

  2. So so happy for you, great grandma! Just like being a grandma all over again.

    Glad you make it on time; reminded me of when I missed Hunter's christening as I kept going up and down the same road - of course, it wasn't even the right road! :)


    1. I didn't mention how beautiful your Maddie is; and I know how proud you are of her just as all the grand's.
      Also, I didn't get a cedar chest either, but I have my mother's now, and she gave Patti one for her graduation. I sure found some uh - let me see how to say this - interesting things in Mom's. LOL Love yours, and so happy you were able to get it, Judy. xoxo

  3. WOW, what a weekend for you. Congratulations on the coming great-grandchild. So happy for all of you! Lovely you all had such a nice time together. The last picture of Maddie is such a beautiful shot.

  4. Congratulations ... I hear and appreciate everything you said. God is so good to meet us right at the place of our need. The important thing is that He is faithful, and that no precious baby is ever a mistake. And I hope Great-Grandma is right and that it's a beautiful little girl. xoxo

  5. Maddie is sure beautiful!

    My "hope chest" was a cardboard box. A lot of my classmates got a Lane hope chest for graduation but I got a type writer and that seems appropriate now since I married so late, all hope was out the window. LOL

    Celebrating babies coming before marriage sure seems weird considering the shame that carried when we were young. But is it what it is and that baby will be well loved. I got to a baby shower early recently and they were having an impromptu "shower" before the real shower began. The impromptu shower was for a 16 year old who had just delivered and didn't have anything. They came up with gifts with just an hour notice and the real guest of honor was the ring leader to make it happen.

  6. I rather think this baby was planned. My grand daughter went to a liberal Catholic college where the nurse passed out birth control pills with no problem. Since it was a Catholic college and the birth control pills were dispensed, the women there figured it was okay. ????? Yes, this baby will be loved to pieces! The more babies, the better, but it almost feels to me like, "Let's see if we are fertile and THEN we will consider marriage." It just feels odd to me.

  7. That cedar chest is great! You love it so there is nothing to feel guilty about. Congrats on your future great grandmotherness (is that a word?) You know, that is the normal now. What's not normal anymore is to get married first! Sign of the times!

  8. Wow! There's so much here, I don't know where to begin. First, condolences on your Spartans. I know how you love them.

    Congratulations on the Lane chest. It's beautiful. It's funny how we sometimes want something forever that we wanted when we were young. My sister always wanted an American Girl doll. They are so expensive, but someone she knew had one as a child. When she became a grandmother, she bought one for her granddaughter. I always wanted the Royal Doulton Balloon Seller. My mother's friend had one sitting in her living room, and I was in love with her. I've always wanted her, and you just sent me on a hunt for her on eBay and Etsy. :) Never too late, right?

    I know you'd like the circumstances to be different, but congratulations on the new great grandchild. May she be healthy and happy and loved her whole life long.

  9. I'm so excited that you're going to be a Great Grandmother! This is the way so many 'kids' do it nowadays. Have babies, then get married.