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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

.....and the beat goes on............

........and more terrorists attacks and we hear the news and see the pictures and say, "This is terrible.  This world we live in is in trouble."  Then we go about our day, as I did today because---I am becoming inured to it all.  When I see the Alert--"Breaking News"--I wonder, "Oh!  Where now?"  Then I sit down and watch TV a bit and then change the channel or get on with my day.  It's becoming part of our lives, isn't it?
I moved the cedar chest over on my "fireplace-to-be" wall and took the Rattan trunk and put it at the end of my bed.  I am thinking of swapping out the handles with black iron or something, as these handles make it look too Early American style, which I have NEVER liked. :-)  My fireplace will have black iron handles on the doors.

So when I get it, and move the cedar chest back in front of the couch, they will match up really well.  Right now, I am a couple hundred dollars short of the $402.00 I need, but on a good note---I have $600.00 in my "Car Repair" envelope.  I am planning on getting the car fixed next month.  YAY!!!
I did make a quick run up to Walmart this afternoon.  I was out of milk and Nestle's Quik, which I have for breakfast every morning.  Also needed a banana, two candy bars and 4 jugs of Pepsi.

This is what I noticed today with my Purry Furry's.


  1. Your TV/fireplace piece is a take off of the Arts and Crafts style...1910-1920s styling. Your cedar chest is Early American, no changing that. The curved, gold handles repeat the curved wood that runs along the bottom front. If you want a tweak that so the two pieces look better together why not just spray paint those gold handles blacks? That would tone down the Early American style without picking handles that would probably fight with the lines of the piece.

    1. I like Arts and Crafts style, that's why I chose that fireplace. My Grandma's house I raised my kids in was Arts and Crafts. Good idea to spray paint them black. I have a can somewhere around here.

  2. Yes--the terrorist attacks do seem to make us say,
    Oh ,my--that is SO terrible! What on earth and where on earth will they show up next!"
    And since we can do so little about it...we seem to turn the channel, pray for that country, and try to think of something more pleasant think about. Somehow we're becoming anesthetized to it ll--and that is awful!
    So glad you got to spend time with all your family for Maddie's dance recital!
    Enjoy Prince Buddy and Princess Marguerite--of course, you know the Prince thinks he's a bit MORE royal than everyone, including his mistress, I do believe. :)

    1. Yes--Prince Buddy does strike a royal pose. He is the most easy-going, lovable cat and wants to snuggle ALL THE TIME. Princess Margueritte (Maggie) is a terror! HAH!

  3. I'm appalled even more by every terror attack. It's so horrible. I would never, ever travel by plane to anywhere in the world at this time. God please be with us in this election cycle and give us a leader who will deal with this global menace. xoxo

  4. I've been catching up and leaving notes. You've been busy.

    Your Lane chest will be beautiful wherever you put it. Congrats on saving so much of your car repair money. You are diligent, aren't you?

    The terror attacks are heart breaking. What is our world coming to?

  5. That looks very nice with the TV on it. I agree it will look much better with black handles. I never cared for the Early American style either!

  6. We still have two early American end tables that Britt is using.

    The news is so grim. All we can is pray.


  7. I'm no fan of early American either, but I do love your kitties! I think this is the first time I've seen them. The Lady sleeps just as my Dixie Rose does. They're such good companions -- Dixie's getting old now, and I hate the thought of being without her. But the day is coming, I suspect. She's sixteen now -- getting to be an old lady!