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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

HGTV, Memories and Where Is Spring!!!

Something I have noticed.  People that leave comments on blogs, usually leave a comment about the last paragraph(s) the blogger wrote.  The blogger can write an impassioned post for half the page.  If they end with a short note about a robbery at their favorite store, the robbery will be what most commenter's write about.  I know that I tend to do it too.  I am pondering why that is?  It's a memory thing I guess.  We read the whole post, but only really remember the last part.  LOL
This past weekend, I watched many episodes on HGTV, about Tiny Houses.  Cute little places that come on wheels and you park them in a Tiny House park or on land you own.  In other words, trailers.  But, we can't call them that.  Oh no--that would take away the appeal to modern people and cost 1/4 the price!  LOL

When I first got married, we lived in a Tiny House, but that wasn't what it was called.  Back then, it was called what is really was--a trailer.  160 square feet.  

A year later, I moved to my brand new, just built home, only 1080 sq. feet, but enough room for three bedrooms, bath, kitchen, dining and living room.  

Ten years later, we moved to my Grandma's house.  Two story, full basement, over 2,000 sq. feet, not counting the basement. Now, that was living!!

Then I moved to Saginaw and the house had a full finished basement.  1,400 sq. feet, not counting the basement.  Three bedrooms, bath and a half, living room, kitchen and family room.  I lived there 12 years.  Corner lot, nice little house.

Then I moved here 13 years ago.  Not a Tiny House, although it came on wheels, in two pieces.  960 sq. feet.  A Wee House and just the perfect size for me!!

Monday was my little sister's 64th birthday!  I never, ever thought I'd still be alive when she was this age.  She has been sick again with that nasty flu bug that has been going around.  She has had it twice in two months time!!!  Yes--she did have her flu shot.  I still think a lot of the congestion is caused by the smoke that their fireplace expels every time the door is opened and by the dust from the dry wall.  

They are finally finishing up their last project in the house.  New master bedroom en' suite--I think that's what they call it on HGTV.  Not so much their bedroom, that is in what used to be the parlor, but redoing the bedroom next to it, into a bath and huge closet/dressing room.

What did I get my little sister for her birthday?  Well, I got her a coloring book and a case holding 72 colored pencils, of course.

My Dad's mother, Grandma Helene, Susan and Me.
Mother's Day, 1953

Monday was also the 4th anniversary of my best friends passing.   SHE was my only "sister" until I was 13 when my real sister was born.

I have told the story before.

I had no neighbor children to play with way out in the country, so on the first day of Kindergarten, I was pressed with my back into a corner, tears sliding down, looking out at the chaos and scared of all the children and the noise.  I just wanted to go home and play with my Mommy.

She, on the other hand, was missing her older brother and sisters, who were upstairs in the same school house.  The teacher would not let her go up there and be with them.  She came over to me, tears sliding down her cheeks, so cute in her two braids, put out her hand and said, "Will you play wif me?"

I grabbed her hand and we hung onto each other for the next 68 years.  Double dating in high school, standing up in each others wedding, living only 4 miles apart, we raised our children together and went on many family vacations together.

Hers is the only funeral I have ever cried at...and I didn't just cry, on the way out of the church, when I passed her casket, I broke down and had to be helped out of that area.  I felt awful being like that in front of her children, but I found out later, just how well she knew me.

Three days before she died she told her kids, "You keep an eye on Aunt Judy.  This is going to be hard on her."  Yeah--it was and it still is.

John left early Tuesday morning for the 8 hour trip to our Upper Peninsula to visit his siblings.  I have to admit, I am going to miss the Little Nipper and Maizey.  They stop in every day now.
Can you believe?  The DST change still has me flummoxed!  I am not ready to wake up when the clock radio comes on and I am not ready to go to bed when the cuckoo clock chirps out eleven times.  


I am starting to get the "let's take down the winter drapes and put up the spring sheers!"  "let's get out there and clean up the gardens."  "Let's paint the front porch."  The Farmer's Almanac said we were going to have an early, warm spring.  The TV weather man didn't get that notice.  

It was nice and sunny a warm today and warmer tomorrow, but---low 20's at night by this weekend.

Mother Nature is a nasty old, cranky woman!!!!


  1. I love the tiny housed that are trending right now! They are so cute but probably only good for one person. Two people would be too crowded! That being said when we sell out house to down size we probably will end up in a "trailer" because a) I don't want to clean anything bigger and b) I want to live cheap so we can travel some! I like the little house you lived in in Saginaw. Very cute and on such a pretty lot! Happy Belated Birthday to your sister. It's nice that they are finally finishing up on their house! I can only imagine how much you miss your best friend! Have a good day and let's hope Spring decides to show her pretty face soon! My cats are getting antsy and they are dying for me to get the window's open!

  2. I'm in love with Tiny Houses, although I don't think I could live in just a couple hundred square feet. I saw a show this weekend where they took a late 50's vacation trailer and finished, and I was surprised how much storage was in the thing.

  3. I love the concept of the Tiny Houses but I'm too materialistic to live in one. I think that is the appeal...we want to be less attached to our stuff.

    When I read a blog I often jot down notes on what I might like to comment on. If it's a LONG post like you tend to write I'll have to narrow down the stuff I want to comment on or it would take me forever to write it. LOL

    Wishing you peace and comfort with the memories of your friend's sadiversary.

  4. I try to write short, honest. It's just that this blog is sort of like my journal, filled with my thoughts, more than happenings and obviously, I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands and in my mind and I end up writing dissertations every single day!!!!!!!

    1. You just keep doing what you're doing. I enjoy reading about your life, Judy. xoxo

  5. It is so hard to lose a good friend, especially one you've had for so long. They do not grow on trees, I'll tell you that.

    I love that pic of you, susan and your Grandma Helene, love your dress. You look fabulous, dahling. We should all be able to keep those bodies. :)

    Like Jean, I often jot down notes so I won't forget something important by the time I get to the end of the post. Just have to lean to compensate as we lose our abilities... especially our minds. :(

  6. I guess we need to leave the impassioned stuff until the end of the post so we'll comment on that? My own mind can hold only two topics, max, and if I read the comments, I have to read the original post all over again!

    What a sweet way to meet your best friend! "Will you play wif me?" She was really the constant in your life, even more than your kids! I'm so sorry that she passed away. I hope we in this blogworld help you feel less alone. BTW, I envy the way you freely unload here.

  7. I love the look of those tiny houses, but I think the setting makes a huge difference. Three hundred square feet in a Manhattan loft is a whole lot different than 300 square feet out in the woods, where you can spread out, outdoors, and don't feel so hemmed in. I used to spend a lot of time at a cabin in the hill country that I think was about 256 square feet. But it had windows all around, and plenty of room for a sink, a small propane stove, a table and chairs, a bed, two storage trunks, and some shelving. It was just right. I could downsize to a smaller one-bedroom apartment (from 850 sq ft to 748) and that would be fine, but I don't want to give up my view. It's a million dollar view, and I'd never find another like it.

  8. I'm probably guilty at times on just commenting on the last or next last thing that's written. It depends on what I've
    retained in my wee brain, and/or I've already read some things on FB so don't feel the need to reply again.

    Love seeing the places you've lived, Judy. We travelled so much before I was ten with Dad being in the service, I can't even remember how many places. I suppose that's where I get the gypsy in me. My brother/sis-in-law were talking the other day about the really small places we've lived in over the years. The first "real home" was built in l953, and was very small, didn't bother us a bit. It was nice to finally have a "home". :)

    As you know, I lost my best friend also, and miss her so very much. She passed away within hours of my spending the night at her bedside in the hospital. I like to think she heard at least some of what I was saying. I talked all night. :(

    You and your sister are very blessed to have each other. I'm sorry she's ill again though.


  9. You know your tiny houses list was very interesting. Where I am, some of the houses are large old victorians, some average ( talking older houses here ) and in some parts of a neighboring town, actually VERY tiny in certain sections...whenever I see them I am reminded of the tiny house movement of today.

    Love all your old photos :)

  10. I've also noticed how people only comment on the last sentences. I rarely have anyone new leave a comment for me; it's usually the same people. although there are several page views from those who don't leave a comment. I feel sometimes that my posts are boring to most since I live such a different life here on the farm.

    1. Your posts certainly aren't boring to me because---I wish I was right there with you taking care of the chicks and everything else!