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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekend Doings

Our newest project is done and the pattern is for sale on Ravelry.  Check it out on:

Look who stopped in for her daily visit.

Maisey had been to the Salon and had pretty little
Christmas bows in her ear hair. 
She has had Cushing's Syndrome for the last three years and is getting worse.  John doesn't think she will make it until Spring, but every time she sees me, she manages to hop up the porch steps to get to me.  She and I have a mutual love thing going on.
One nice thing about Face Book--you can renew old friendships.  Not exactly a friendship, but a lot of my kids school chums have "friended" me on Face Book.  A sister to one of Karen's friends wanted to get together for lunch.  We've had to put it off the last two Tuesday's, but managed to meet up Saturday for lunch.  At the Golden House Chinese restaurant.  Now, I haven't seen this little girl since 1979 and a good thing I had her picture on FB or I would not have recognized her. (I call them kids--he's 54 and she's 53.)

I got there a bit early and waited inside.  She came in a few minutes later and right behind her was her brother, Karen's classmate and the kid that came to visit me last spring.  We had a good conversation and food, for about an hour, then went out into my car, so they could smoke and yakked for another 90 minutes.

These kids were from a very poor family, with an alcoholic father, that lived just up the road from us.  Both of them took 4-H gun safety, taught by my Daddy and Harold,, the brother, also played 4-H softball for us.  Of course they both have very fond memories and much love for my father.

Just another example of how he loved the kids he taught and they loved him and how he treated those kids far better than anyone in his own family.

I love how the "G" is covered up and it says, "Olden House" right next to my olden head!!!

This morning I woke up with terrible stomach problems!  I don't know if it was the Chinese food that started it, but I did throw my left-overs in the garbage.

I've felt punk all day.  Tired, noisy tummy, nauseous--let's just say, if I had a Colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow morning, I would not have had to do the prep!!!
We have set record temps for the last two days. December 13th--in Michigan--and 62 degrees?


  1. It's really nice that Karen's friends sought you out to visit you. Proves how much you must have influenced them in ways that meant something to them.

    I can't imagine how that makes you feel to have others tell you how good your father was to them as kids when your memories don't match up. But that was a life time ago and you turned out to be a very strong and loving person and that's really all that count at this point in time.

    I'm loving this warm-so-far winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It really doesn't bother me anymore. He was much revered in our community and that's a good thing. I have forgiven him long ago. Although, I have found, it is much easier to forgive someone after they are dead! (I tend to be a bit too open and honest on this blog!)

  2. I hope that you're starting to feel better again today.
    It's also pretty mild over here in the UK - although there's been some problems with flooding further north. I'm glad - I don't like feeling shivery and I'm saving on my winter fuel bills. Jx

    1. Me too Jan. The furnace rarely comes on these days.

  3. The last time I ate Chinese food I had the same stomach problem. Now I rarely eat it but when I do I stick to vegetarian dishes! Been loving this warm weather but I think our dreams are about to come crashing down on us this weekend!

    1. I would have been concerned about the food, but I have eaten at this restaurant many times and always the same thing. Beef and veggies, white steamed rice, egg roll and Oolong tea, and never had a problem. The other two people with me had no stomach issues. Who knows? I feel great today!!

  4. It's been in the mid-seventies here. Beautiful but weird for this time of year.

    How nice that Karen's friends wanted to go to lunch with you. I know I wouldn't recognize any of my son's childhood friends from Maryland. My son is 41 and still looks like he's 20. It's always a surprise when I look at other forty-somethings. I can't believe I have a kid that age. It's easier to delude myself because he looks so young.

    Chinese food always makes me feel gross. The last time I had it, I woke in the middle of the night with the "grippers."

    1. Yeah--good name for it. "Grippers"--moving along the bowel until they explode! HAH!