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Friday, December 25, 2015

It Was a Wonderful Time

Christmas Eve at my house Pam's house.  Everyone that mattered was there.  I got to meet my first great grand Pup.  He is adorable and got passed around just like a new baby would.  His name is Ruppert--I think named by my oldest grand daughter, Helene's new boyfriend, who I can barely stand.  He's so arrogant and fake!!!  He won't greet you  or talk to you unless you address him personally. He rarely smiles, but when a camera is turned his way, breaks out in a big toothy grin.

The genealogy books were a hit as were the girls slippers and boys spaghetti sauce and.................My son said, "I love you, Mom".  The first time since he was a little boy!!

Pam's bottle tree, with clear lights inside each bottle and along the limbs.

My The long living room--large dining room off to the right.
View from windows on the left?
Two fields and the woods

My sister and Chuck

Oldest grand daughter and my 8 week old great grand pup

 Marcus& Stephen

My son-in-law and the boys napping under the table with the pup

My son Mark and his fiance', Cindy.

                                       The Queen Size quilt Karen made for her brother.

Cindy, Karen, Moi, Pam and Karen's husband Mark
My Mark in the chair

 Helene, Marcus, Suzanne, Stephen                           
Helene's boyfriend, Mike (bleck), Moi and Madeleine       

Sitting in the rocker I rocked all my babies in. :-)


  1. What a wonderful gathering! Stephen is wearing the extra same sweater as my nephew wore to our party. That puppy is just about the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time.

    Glad you had a good time and that your books were a huge success but there was never an doubt they would be. And how special was to hear your son say "I love you." Great day all the way around for you.

    1. Almost too hot for a sweater yesterday AND today. I had the front screen door partially open most of this afternoon.

  2. What a terrific Christmas at Pam's (your) house. Such a feeling of belonging. And what a cute new addition! Was there any emotional undercurrent, due to Jennifer and her family's absence? Any mention of that by anybody? (I'm so nosy)

    1. I asked if "they" had arrived safely and Pam said she got a text that they were unloading the moving van contents into their storage unit--in the pelting rain. Later I said I had a box with the Oertels christmas presents inside and Karen said that Jen has to come back in January to tie up loose ends at the law firm office and would be staying with Karen. So I sent the box with Karen. No emotional undercurrents. Jennifer has not been at our last three Christmases, so...................

  3. Oh... your great-grand pup is adorable!!! It's nice to see so many of your family getting together for Christmas (and that there were no tensions). The quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Jx

  4. Judy, I didn't realize Jennifer had already left Michigan. I love the pics; you have a really nice family. :)

  5. Oh gosh, I also meant to say "I love you Mom" - are there any sweeter words? I got goose bumps when I read that. So wonderful.


  6. Oh so happy for you
    a beautiful family
    and you look good and happy

  7. Oh see? I knew they would love their books! Who wouldn't especially knowing how important that kind of stuff is to you! Your description of Helenes new boyfriend sounds very much like someone I know in Shauna's in law family. Hardly can stand to be in the same room with him!