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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

....and There She Was............

all day on the Winter Solstice thinking it was Tuesday.  Rushing to the store.  Rushing to another store in a different city.  Rushing home.  

At 6:00, she realized it was Monday and it was kind of nice.  Not nice the realization that most probably she is in the early stages of senility, but the realization she had a whole day that she hadn't counted on at 9:00 that morning!

She bravely took on the massive traffic flow going to the Wal-Mart to get the needed ingredients for Mississippi Mud Brownies and Nacho Dip and looking for an extra box to wrap her family tree book in, for her sister.  

She had a lovely encounter, while in the stationary aisle.  She noticed a woman, standing by her cart, looking perplexed.  "May I help you?"

The lady said, "I am trying to find mailing labels--the kind that stick to the package."

"I know right where they are," she said as she led the lady around the corner, two aisles over.  "All sizes.  Did you want two by four shipping labels?  Here's a whole pack."

"No.  Those are for printing on a computer.  I just want the single ones that I can write on "to" and put my return address on."

She looked and reached forward to remove a single package from the upper holder. "Like these?"  she asked.  "There's only one pack left."

The lady took the pack and said, "I hate people that do this, but................" as she opened the package.  "Yes!!  Exactly what I wanted.  Thank you so much!  You saved my Christmas."

"Yay!" she said as she smiled.  and they both wished each other a Merry Christmas as they went in different directions.

She found everything she needed and headed to the check-out line.  

"That will be sixty one dollars and forty-two cents," said the nice cashier.

She dipped into her wallet and pulled out her S.N.A.P. card and said, "There is sixteen dollars on here," as she punched in her PIN.  

"Forty five dollars and forty-two cents," said the cashier.

She pulled out her Wal-Mart bucks card, "I don't know how much is on here...but let's see," she said as she punched in her PIN.

"Six dollars and forty-two cents left," said the cashier.

"I can handle that, she said, as she inserted her bank debit card and punched in her PIN.

When she got home, she backed her car in, as close to the porch steps as she could get and carried in her groceries.

As she sat down to rest her weary back, the phone rang and it was her friend and neighbor.

"I was just thinking of you," she said.  "I need to get up to your place for a visit."

"Merle has a diagnosis.  He does have Parkinson's.  The specialist said the minute he saw Merle get up and walk, he knew right away."

"I guess we thought it might be that, didn't we?"

"Yes.  We are all so glad and even happy that we finally know what is wrong with him!"

"Always good to know, I guess.  Is he on medicine for it now?"

"Yes.  He takes four pills a day.  The doctor said he would see improvement within a day.  It took two days, but he can walk better already and his right hand has stopped shaking."

"YAY!  she said.  "That is wonderful.  Merry Christmas!"

"What is going on with you?"  asked her neighbor.

So she told her neighbor.

"Not even a damned good-bye?"

"Nope."  and she could feel the tears starting again.

"Well, I went though that for two years with my oldest daughter.  I still don't know what I said or did that made her so angry at me.  Her sister told her to 'get over it'.  Mom won't be around forever, treat her with respect, no matter what."

"I do know what I did.  It is all my fault."

"Yes....but after three years?  I don't know what to tell you, but it isn't over.  You'll see her again."

"Maybe...at my funeral...all my kids with be with me.  Maybe then is when I can manage to get them all together and with me."

"Well, if I'm there, I am going to give everyone of them a good tongue lashing!"

She laughed and said, "Thanks!  Wish I could see that!"

Then she made herself supper.  A toasted cheese sandwich and a glass of milk to dunk it in.  She realized she hadn't had a toasted cheese sandwich in quite a few years.  It felt very comforting in her tummy.  She needs to eat more and better.  She can slip her jeans off without unbuttoning them.

and today, when she woke up and realized it was her "extra day, she wrapped presents and put some in a nice big box to, one day, ship to New Jersey.

and she watched the cute little squirrels, at her feeder.

and she started getting her pans and ingredients out to start baking tomorrow, because on Thursday, she will celebrate Christmas with her three children, her five grandchildren, her sister and brother-in-law and she will be very, very thankful.


  1. Okay, I'm confused. Did the heroine in your story shoplift the mailing label from Meijer or did another lady shopper do it?

    I'm glad Merle knows what's wrong now but that's not an easy diagnosis to get. I hope Pearl will be kinder to him know that she knows he's not faking. How very sad for them.

    1. I am the one named "she". The lady was glad for my help and I imagine the lady paid for it. :-)

  2. Oh man! You couldn't find a package with just ten sheets in it? Argh!

    I agree with Jean ... Pearl better prepare herself for being a caregiver and to be kind about it. It's a wicked disease with no cure.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS and have fun getting all your goodies made!

    1. The Specialist told Merle that with the meds, he can live another 20 years, so Pearl is now planning on dying first. Merle and I continue in the, over a year, contest of trying to get Pearl, the Stubborn Swede, to finally go to our Chiropractor and...I think he and I are winning!!!

  3. Oops, I mean at Wal-Mart not Meijer.

  4. Well, didn't you have quite the day. It's always nice when you can help someone. Sorry to hear about Merle. I hope Pearl can soften toward him. They have a tough road ahead, but I'm glad the meds are working. I hope you have a nice Christmas.

    1. It's the strangest thing, but their whole family seems to be so happy that Dad has Parkinson's. I guess it's just relief that after 2 years of doctor's telling him nothing was wrong, and us all knowing there was, he finally got a solid diagnosis.

    2. It is relief. My mom was sick for a long time and doctors told us nothing was wrong with her. We knew better and it does make you breath easier to finally find out the truth so you can deal with it. Not know is hard!

    3. My Mom never got a diagnosis--even after she died--on the autopsy. We have never found out why she died.

  5. Well, I hope she has a wonderful Christmas with her family and doesn't think about her wayward daughter too much! Anxious to hear how everyone loves their family history books!

    1. RE: the books. Me too Nettie--kind of nervous they will just yawn when they open them.

  6. So sorry about Merle - I've always heard how devastating that is. I agree with our buddy, Jeanette; just remember it's not your fault and someplace deep inside, that wayward child knows that.

  7. I'm thinking about your wayward daughter on her way to New Jersey, rain instead of snow. Will she reflect on her loss? Her self inflicted loss? That's how I see her grudge over you. They say resentment is a poison you brew for someone else, then drink yourself. I hope for her sake and yours, that she finds in her heart to reconnect with you and let bygones be bygones.

    Merry Christmas, Judy. I take your cue, and will be grateful in my own remnant of family.

  8. Just sending you a huge HUG!!!!!
    Merry Christmas sweet lady!

  9. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. VickieOkc