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Monday, December 14, 2015

A Mission

Now that I have finished my Mission of finding the perfect pillow--I go out into the world to find the perfect fitting bra.

This kind of amuses me as I was 14 before I needed to wear a bra and didn't really need one then but for the fact that ALL my girlfriends had one and I felt weird.  It was a lovely affair at 32AA.

When I graduated and married, I had grown to a 34A.  My best friend Arlene and I were the same size. Within three months of being pregnant, I was a 38D.
She got clear up to a B--"two fried eggs with the yolks broke," as her husband used to say.

Arlene had large hips.  Her husband preferred large boobs.  I had large boobs, my husband preferred large hips.  It was a source of many jokes over the years the four of us were together.

Anyway--I went from folding my arms over my chest to hide the fact I had no boobs, to folding my arms over my chest to hide the fact I had big ones.  I was truly embarrassed.

As my weight went up and down, the cup size changed very little  I do remember once, after my divorce when I lost fifty pounds, I got into a 36C and bought bras in every color manufactured.  That happy phase lasted for about 5 years.

Something odd happened at menopause.  I went from a 38 D to a 40D.  Same cup size, just bigger around.

Something even odder happened at age 70.  Now at an enormous 42DD.

Back down to a 40DD, when Fred died and I lost 30 pounds, but about a year ago, all of a sudden, my cups runneth over!!

I have worn underwire,three-section,  Bali Bow bras for years and years.  Now, all of a sudden, they aren't fitting right.  

In November I went on an internet search.  I found a bra that sounded just perfect.  40DD.  The Lilyette by Bali and a minimizer thrown in for good measure.  It was only $22.00--I am used to pay up to $40.00.

I came.  It had a wonderful "U" back which I liked, but it didn't fit.  Back it went, returned for a 42DD.

I came.  It didn't fit.  Back it went for a 42DDD--I had remeasured and was sure I had found it.

It came today.  It doesn't fit right.  It is going back.

So I went to the Her Room bra website to see what was my problem.

The "bridge" in the center of the bra(s) stick out.  They are supposed to lay flat against my sternum.  They do not.  They bulge out which is very apparent under any top I might wear.

Searching farther--I find reviews by women who claim the Polish company EWA Michalik makes the best bras for big-busted women.   Most Polish women are large in the boobie area, I guess. 

I got.  I calculated my measurements in cm's.  By their standards I would wear a 95C.

95C?  Is this not the scariest measurement you have ever heard of?  DDD is bad enough.

They will build you a bra using many measurements and it will only cost $200.00 EU--how ever much that is in dollars, I have no idea.  AND it only takes 3 months for it to get here!!

Back to the reviews.  Adorra?  Some of them have wider bridges.  I need a Balconette bra.  Something resembling a balcony, I guess?

I do have a large balcony.  If I am not careful, it catches food--I have the stains on my tops to prove it.

It's nearly 9:00 and I am tired of searching for bras.  It will resume tomorrow.

Either I find the perfect bra or I will set up a Go Fund me to pay for breast reduction surgery.  

EGAD!  Wouldn't that be most painful?

I refuse to go another year with my bra bridge sticking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Too funny, Judy. Every woman has the problem of finding the perfect bra, I think. I have given up trying. Bali is my brand of choice but when I had the shoulder surgery and had to have something easier to put on I discovered the stretchy things that fit no matter your cup size. Great around the house but I don't wear them in public now that I can put on a regular style.

    I've been internet shopping for a sleeper chair and it's driving me as crazy as your bra search.


    1. P.S. How can your remember all the sizes you've been? I barely remember from on year to another when it's time to order one.

    2. Because I've always been in awe how my boobs could go from nice and neat to huge and in the way!!! They seem to keep growing. When I lost weight, I never lose it there.

  2. Oh I remember my first training bra! I was so PROUD! Just flat stretchy material with a beautify tiny pink bow in the middle.

    I think 36C would just be ideal! I'm a Playtex girl without an underwire. They just became too uncomfortable (maybe I should quit slouching?) I like WIDE straps. 38DD ... I might try those reducer bras next ....

    1. I don't see how a DD can wear just a regular bra and keep those puppies anywhere near where they are supposed to be. I take off my bra and those puppies nestle on my tummy for a nap! Disgusting!!! Although, I have seen plenty of women around here who don't wear bras!! Puppies bouncing all over their tummies--truly disgusting!!!!!

  3. Hormones are definitely scary things............ I've been 34B from my late teens and have a drawer full of perfectly nice bras for all occasions. Now - at 49 - the sinister menopause is starting to take hold and weird things are happening in the boob department. Don't know what Mark would make of me with a DD cup!!! Jx

  4. Finding the perfect bra sounds like the perfect goal for your new year. It may take an entire year. I have a difficult time finding a good-fitting bra, too. It isn't easy for us large-boobed girls. Hopefully, one of your commenters will have a good suggestion. I'm always open to a fresh recommendation about a bra.

    1. It is a problem that "normal" girls who buy $15.00 bras have no clue.

  5. Now I understand why just any pillow wouldn't do. Had to be perfect, because sleeping on your stomach isn't an option. No advice here from this tiny gal. Good luck! Glad you can try the buggers on, and return them. Free returns, no?

    1. HAH! I used to sleep on my stomach, but can't now. My "pillows" are too large and in the way--besides, it hurts my back now to sleep on my stomach.

  6. I went to a bra shop in Plymouth last year and got fitted and then talked into buying a bra for $60. It's the most uncomfortable bra I own but at least I know the right size to buy now and have several much more comfy bras that I didn't pay $60 each for! My issue seems to be straps falling down which drives me crazy. I have a few of those racer back bras but you can't wear them with all necklines. An ongoing dilemma!

  7. I like Warner's underclothing. They have a wide waistband but it is not binding. Love them. I just purchased their bras and like them, too. I need a little padding and the reason, here it goes, my nipples are huge, HA and they seem to have just enough. I am not big in bust but not small either and some padded bras I look like I could use my boobs as a table. Kohl's and Bergners carry Warner's Also, this is getting too wordy but mine are not the same size so that gets interesting in the fancier bras and Warner's being soft and a little padding help with that. Too much information.

    1. No--not TMI. I need all the reviews and help I can get. Thanks, Judi.