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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Continuing Mission

"Do your boobs hang low,
Do they wobble too and fro?
Can you tie them in a knot,
Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulders,
Like a Continental soldier?
Do your boobs hang low?".

Well, yes, as a matter of fact!
My girl friends and I used to sing that song when we had PJ parties.  We all laughed, not knowing that around 55-60, we'd be the models for the song.  Then, we used to sing it loudly at our weekend get together's at Arlene's up north cottage.  In our jammies and bounce around--except for Arlene who remained to her dying day, a nice B cup.  She often went without a bra.

My daughter Pam NEVER wears a bra.  She was late for my Dad's funeral because she was going through drawers, trying to find her one and only.  Thought she should because she was wearing a dress.  Pammie, still an A cup.

My Mother was a perfect 36C.  My Dad's mother had what she called, "quart jars"--I can relate.

Perky?  I never was.  My oldest grand daughter, Helene, has inherited my height and my overly pervasive bust. 

My grand daughter Madeleine--well, you've seen her photos in her ballerina suit--I think she has very little.  
My friend Beth was wearing a bra, long before I was. Also my friend's Judy and Sandy and, well most of them.  Except Arlene and I...and even SHE got one before I did!

I don't think we had training bras, back in the day.  I remember one day, I stole borrowed one of my Mother's bras and stuffed it with toilet paper.  I went to visit my grandmother and she tried not to laugh as she asked me what I had on under my T-shirt. I was 13+ at the time.  She told my mother and thus the whole hunting for a bra for Judy occurred.

My Mother started lining the bottom of my suitcase with sanitary pads when I was 11 and first went off to church camp--or to visit an aunt.  

I didn't start my periods until I was nearly 14--all my friends already had theirs, including Arlene.  They would come to school, complaining about their cramps and I'd sympathize with consoling words, "Oh, I know.  I had mine last week."  LIAR!

Then when I did finally "mature", I never had a cramp in my life.  I never had any problems, until menopause (once again late--age55) when I tried to hemorrhage to death for three very long years.

But even then, I never had hot flashes--warms ones perhaps--which I thought were interesting and used to sit at work and feel them as they started in my hairline and advanced.  I would giggle, it felt so weird as I tracked it.

The only problem menopause ever brought me was, wanting to slap all those snotty 30 year old women I worked with.  I finally got some Premarin to fix that.  Took it for seven years.  I stopped on my own, shortly before the FDA recommended not taking it.  I've had no problems or ill effects from that or the birth control pill which I took for ten years.
<thank you, Lord>
Where was I going with this?

Oh yes--after researching the bras websites--I see reviews that the French manufacturer, Epreinte is supposedly the best and----------only $168.00 for a bra my size, with a wider bridge.

So--over to the Bali website and got my normal Flower Bali, three sectioned, underwire in a 42DDD.  I'll see if it fits.  For $28.00 and free shipping, I can't go wrong.


I'll be sure and keep you abreast of my situation.



  1. I've read so much about boobs, bras and periods in your last two blogs that I feel like I've been to a 1950's slumber party. LOL I can't imagine buying for $168 for a bra. I'd make one before paying that much.

    1. I don't think I have ever written about boobs and period and bras in my entire life!! Not a subject I would feel comfortable, BUT now that I am old--whatever. LOL

  2. It is so nice to know other people have these same issues! And I agree $30 is a lot to pay but that seems to be the norm. Curvy Kate (UK) has good reputation for fitting size D-K ... but they are also expensive. I'm to the point I want a sleeping bra. Never been able to go braless.

    For my 40th birthday one of my brothers (they are all ornery) sent me a black lacy bra in a size LONG ... with foot long cups!

    1. Where did your brother get that bra? Sounds like it would fit me just right. LOL

  3. Over a hundred pounds for a bra is an enormous amount of money... I'd expect it to self-launder for that!!!
    On another matter entirely - are you still getting on well with your new pillow? Jx

    1. I want to know about the pillow too. I just decided I need a new one and remembered your blog on the topic.

    2. The Goose feather/Goose Down pillow is so wonderful. The memory foam mattress topper is wonderful. Absolutely no pain in my hip surgery area, neck or back when I wake up AND I sleep all night through!!!!!

  4. Yeah, you keep us "abreast". LOL

    I had trouble from the beginning of periods, and was very blessed to be able to have my one child, with a hysterectomy at 29. I would loved to have had more, but it wasn't to be, and that's okay. :)

    Oh, and I always buy the minimizer bras, it does help some; I've always had big boobs and hated it especially in high school.

    1. My Jennifer had to have surgery every few years from the time she was 16 on, for her --can't remember the word--the uterine tissue is on the outside of internal organs and causes great pain each month. It did go away for a few months after each of her pregnancies, but always came back. Why can't I remember the name of that? I'm losing it fer sure!!!

  5. "abreast of my situation" Ha,ha,ha! You're so punny. I wish you luck. The larger we are, the harder it is to find a comfortable bra. That's my theory, anyway.