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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ungrateful witch........

...that's what I am.

John got rid of the snow in front of andtwo passes beside my car.  How sweet.  Then he quit and went home.

My sister stopped in yesterday, but since the other part of my driveway wasn't cleared off, she had to walk in from the street and no cars are supposed to park on the edge of the street.  Then the mail lady came with a delivery and there wasn't enough space for her to drive in and she wasn't happy.  Then this afternoon, Bethie stopped in for a few minutes and she had to walk in from the street.

As long as John was out there, clearing off other's driveways, why didn't he do ALL of mine?  I was taught, as long as you are going to do a job, you do it until it is finished!  So I sent him an e-mail saying, "The next time it snows and you have your snow blower out, could you take a couple more passes at my driveway so I have enough room for visitor's to park?"

Yeah--ungrateful.  I'd do it myself, if I could!
It's hard enough for me to get the gumption to go out.  It's not the cold--I was born and have lived in Michigan all my life and I have never and still don't wear a hat or gloves.  It's not that--it's the getting dressed and getting in the mood to go.  It seems to take such an effort.  

I had to get out today.  Had to--is the operative words here.  The young girl that I am doing the genealogy for, just found out her mother's lung cancer has returned.  So I got up to the Print Shop, got her pedigrees copied and put in the book and got the book bound.  It is ready to go.  It took me 45 minutes, but I did feel good after I got home.  Now she can come out and get it or I can mail it to her.  I'd like her mother to see it too--I think it will give both of them a lift.  

Tomorrow--the 3rd and final batch of spaghetti will be bagged and frozen.  22 quarts. 


  1. He was probably more concerned about getting everyone freed up in case they had to go some where, rather than making room for company parking. That was really heavy snow to move, even with a snow blower it's hard work and more time consuming the deeper the snow. I hope John doesn't get insulted by your email and stop doing it altogether.

    Glad you got the book done for your friend. I'm sure it will please her mother greatly.

  2. 22 quarts! That's an accomplishment. The genealogy book will be greatly appreciated, I'm sure. You be nice to John (wagging index finger). :)

  3. I half agree..I would never call you a witch but.....

  4. Think people think! Could there be use of the other lane, especially at the Holiday Season? -sigh- Could it be useful to plow both? -sigh-

    Glad you got out, whatever the reason. And it was a good one, of course. But just getting out of our "4 walls" is important. Or so "they" say. And I think "they" are right. Get out where there are other people, fresh air, sights to see.

    Actually, when I go out to a store now, I wear a face mask, to protect me from flying cold/flu germs!! I do! I'm not proud, and I do want to protect myself!!!!!! When I get sick, I can get BAD bronchitis. No, if I can help it.

    I said, I'd cough once in awhile and make people think I was doing them a favor, by protecting them. But I don't even bother. Bahhh humbug. At 79, I can wear a germ mask, if I want to!!!!!!! >,-)))))

    That's a lot of sauce! But you must use it, so it is a great accomplishment, to have it in the freezer!

    Let's gather some sparkles, and look for the magic of the Season!

    Luna Crone

  5. You're quite fortunate John takes the time to clear your driveway. I hope he doesn't mind the extra assignment. You did ask nicely. Might some of this spaghetti sauce be for him?

  6. Yeh, maybe sending the email with that wording wasn't the best idea. Have you heard from him? If someone wants/needs more than given, it is best to offer something in return ... while apologizing that you can't do it yourself and how grateful you are. My opinion.

    Our condo parking lot and the 5 uphill blocks to a main street remain ICY. City finally put some sand on the city street but now our parking lot, of course. I took Kate to work so we can have the car to make a Costco run.

    Party on!