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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Eve...........

the Eve of what?  A new year?  Who says.  The new year used to begin in March, in or around the Spring Equinox--when new life was beginning.  Julius Caesar and some Pope named Gregory decided to change up the calendar and now we celebrate the new year in the dark of winter.  Poor misguided souls, Jules and Greg!

If you read my Face Book post today, you will have learned that I don't care much for new year's Eve.  I just don't see how anyone can get excited about losing another year of their life.  Or is it that they celebrate the coming of a whole new year to a better life?

HA!  Life only gets better when WE decide to make it better.  Forget resentments, forgive others for being mean, and get in touch with what our souls really need.  That doesn't magically happen on new years, no matter how many resolutions you make.  It can happen in March or June, or for me--on a starry night in August 2012, sitting alone on my front porch and realizing that I could not control all the bad things that had been done to me by others, but to forgive, truly forget and from that moment on, forge a new way of thinking and living.

As for new year's eve--how I hated that night.  The dances and parties we went to as a married couple.  The first hour was fun, for me, then my friends started to feel the effects of the alcohol they had consumed, and things got stupid.  SOME normally nice men were propositioning other men's wives.  Normally nice, refined women, were slobbering and sitting on other women's husbands laps.  It seemed to this non-drinker as a bacchanal to end all bacchanal's!

They say alcohol is a depressant.  Why would any normal person want to take something that made them depressed?  Or, just maybe, alcohol is a repressent?  It represses common sense and turns normal people into wildly, stupid human beings?

I say a man, whom everyone "thought" was a loving husband and father of 5 young girls, slap his wife around at one of these parties.  "Drunk", they all said, "or he wouldn't have done such a thing."

Yeah right!  When later questioned about any of these antics, the EXCUSE was always, "I was so drunk I don't even remember."

Of course, being the ONLY non-drinker in the group, I was the designated driver for some of the party-goers.  GOOD GRIEF!  Stopping every few miles to let one or more open the car door to retch and vomit.  Such fun!

When I deposited all the, by then, moaning party goers at their homes and got my own husband into bed, he had to lay with one foot on the floor to "keep the bed from spinning."  Did I lay quietly beside him so as not to disturb the bed?  Is the Pope Jewish?

Oh heck no.  I rolled and tossed and made that bed jiggle and jolt until Dear Hubs had to get up and drape himself over the Porcelain Throne for the rest of the night.  I'd find him curled around said Throne, on the cold, tiled bathroom floor New Year's morning and I'd call out with a hearty and loud cheer of, "HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! Would you like fried eggs for breakfast?"

She who laughs last, laughs all day long. 


  1. I wouldn't like New Year's Eve either if I had had your life experiences.

    Have a nice, peaceful evening tonight without too many ghosts to haunt you.

  2. Would you please speak up and be clear what you mean, Judy? Lol
    The reason you dislike New Year Eve parties is the reason I dislike most ALL parties. Boy, do I remember those few times my head was spinning so bad it was amazing I made it to the bathroom. Decades ago...

    Do you know that on a starry night in August 2012 I, too, made the decision to forge a new way of thinking and living? Check my blog entry in August 2012. August 21 to be exact! I am still getting blessed with remembering the stuff I need to forgive and be forgiven for. Oh, joy.

    Happy New Year, Judy!

  3. Hear hear. I'm -- along with my whole family -- a teetotaler. So much evil and misery could be avoided in this life if people would just STOP DRINKING. I taught my children and still sometimes remind them even as (non-drinking) adults: They make it look like people at bars and alcohol-soaked parties are having so much fun. They're not. Take away the booze and those people wouldn't be able to stand each other. It's a lie, a huge horrible lie. Don't drink. Period dot. I was raised by an alcoholic stepfather who did gruesome things to my mother, my sister, and me all because he was such a tough guy, he couldn't lay off the booze. It's pathetic. I have no sympathy; sorry, I just don't. It's a choice, not a disease. Just stop. Stop now. I know it's an addiction but drinkers can get help. Too many children will experience abuse and misery tonight because their parents can't stay away from drink. It's horrible. I thank God that He granted me the wherewithal to never begin drinking. I consider it a great gift because in different circumstances, I may not have been able to do that.

    I won't apologize for that rant because you started it! Haaahhaaha and I'm glad you did. Timely words of wisdom are always welcome and always needed. As for letting things go, forgiving, et cetera, of course you're right about that too. I make it a point to do that throughout the year; New Year's Eve and New Year's Day mean nothing to me. I don't even acknowledge them as holidays. Carry on. xoxo