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Thursday, December 29, 2016

In Between

A different feeling this year--the week between Christmas and New Year's.  It's like I'm in limbo--waiting for something to happen.  Like there is something I am supposed to do--an appointment or something equally important--and I've forgotten about it.  I keep looking at my calendar and there are no notations on the days of this week.  For some reason, it just feels odd to me.  Maybe because Christmas came on a Sunday, and to me, it felt like any ordinary Sunday and so this week is supposed to be dotted with grocery shopping, or other errands?

It's probably just me.  I am a weird duck at times.  My thought processes and all.
I have noticed that some blog buddies get upset if they don't have enough visitor's to their blog each day.  I have no clue how to even check and see who or how many stop by for a read.  The only way I know, is from the comments left.  I don't really care how many visitor's I have.  Maybe that's because my blog isn't an educational one?  It's kind of like my diary--where I write down the weird things I think of and tell you to see if you ever have those same thoughts.  It's always comforting when someone says they too feel the same way--makes me realize that I'm not the only one with strange thoughts in this world.  LOL

It would be nice if everyone that stopped by left a comment, but that's not necessary.  I won't quit writing my posts just because people don't comment or even stop by.  I guess this blog is for me--to post in and not feel so alone and lonely.

"You need to get out more," people tell me.  Even my son said, "You should get a job at Walmart as a greeter or go to the Senior Center."  EGAD!!!  Is he trying to give me advice or drive me nutz?  Of course, at 58 years old and out and about to have lunch with his friends everyday, he has no clue.

Going out requires gas for the car.  I am allowed $20.00 a month gas money in my budget.  "Go to the Mall and just walk around."  Why in the world would I want to do that?  I have never enjoyed going to the Mall or shopping, even when I was younger.  If I went to the Mall or any store, it was to get what I needed, get outta there and get back home.

Where I grew up, on the farm, and after I was married--going to town--which was 20 miles away--was for a specific reason.  To get food or a dentist or doctor appointment.  Usually we did two or three of those things in one trip.  Dentist appointment for me and the kids, then grocery shopping.

I make lists of things I have to do and where I have to go and try and do all of them in one afternoon.  Go to the bank, hair cut, stop at the inkjet refill store, stop at Michael's for needed supplies.  I can honestly say that in the 13 years I have lived here--only 2.5 miles away from a lot of stores, I have never gone--what we used to call, window shopping.  Why would I want to browse in a store, knowing full well there was nothing in that store that I needed or wanted?  Such a waste of time.  I much prefer to shop on-line, but then too, it is always for something I need--not just to "look around."

Perhaps it's the money issue.  I don't have a spare dollar to spend and if I went browsing, I'd probably see something that I really wanted and couldn't buy.  I tend to like the Pier One store up the way, went in there twice to buy something I needed, but know enough to stay out.  There would be a trunk or a colored glass canister set or something I'd love to have.  Nope!  Just stay away.
The only shopping I have enjoyed this past few years was shopping for my carpet and furniture.  BUT--I didn't browse.  I did that on-line and knew when I entered the store what I wanted--found it--ordered it--and got out.

No wonder I am bored most of the time.  HAH!

Marcia asked about John--since his dog Maisey died, I haven't seen him much.  He walked her twice a day and they always stopped in so Maisey could get her treat--Cheerios.  For nearly two years--I saw them twice a day.

John took a custodial job at the high school--working nine to five--at night!  Personally, I think it's too much for him with his bad shoulder, knee and foot, but he reacted much like a person whose spouse had died.  Jumping into something new right away.  

I've known a lot of widows/widowers who started dating immediately, or bought a brand new car, or sold the house.  He's kind of acting like that--only getting a job.

I see him maybe twice a month now and it's always for a reason.  He bought muffins at Costco and he thinks I need one.  He stopped over on the 24th with a gift--cashews.  I gave him 2 quarts of spaghetti sauce I had made.  Other than that, if I am sitting in this street facing room, I see him drive by on his way to work, at 8:30 in the evening,  or on his way to church on Sunday.  That's it.

He did clean out our driveways after the big 9" snow drop early this month, but he didn't stop in to get warm, like he used too.  I expect any day, to hear that he is selling his place and moving back to Brighton.  He much prefers living in town where he can walk to everything.

I guess, Maisey was our connection and now that she's gone, so is the connection?


  1. I missed the news that Maisey has passed, sorry to hear. I'm like you- thinking I am missing something. Like 'waiting on the other shoe to drop' in my case. It's an odd feeling.. Anyway- hope you have a good day!

  2. "This week".... Yes, I did my own post on that.... "Time, between time".... So I'm confused too!!! You aren't the only one! :-)

    Nope, it isn't Visitors I "have my panties in a twist" about. Pout... By my free StatCounter, I see all the Visitors, those who read my blog every day. And then I see how few, bother to leave a comment.

    Remember, I'm Olden! But to me, it feels like I am dancing on a stage (my open blog). I can't see the people in the audience, because of the stage lights. But I know they are out there. (StatCounter) I dance.(blog) Hardly anyone bothers to clap. (comment)

    I get tired of "dancing," for an "audience", who are watching, but won't bother to "clap".

    did I make that "clear as mud" now??? LOLLLL

    Get out more!!! On yeah! NOT! Get out in winter, and fall, and break a leg, ankle, hip? Oh yeah, that makes sense! NOT!

    And as to "going shopping"... I do not go shopping, thank you very much!!!! When I need something, I get IT. Preferably on line. Or if in a store...

    I enter, ask someone if they have it, look at it. If I like it, I get it. If not, I walk out and on to another store, and repeat. Till I get it. No "lolly-gagging" around, for me.

    Yes, it is money!!!!! I don't care if I was a millionaire, I would not window shop, or walk through stores, or even keep mail catalogues!!!!! Even if I was a millionaire, I would not have the NEED, for *Retail Therapy*!!! Yikes! How I dislike that word, *Retail Therapy*!! Have stopped reading blogs, in which the silly woman, had to have it. -grump-

    The thing I do have to have, is the library. I use their on line service, to look for books, and reserve them. The pick them up, when their site says they are in. I read on every subject under the sun!!!! Plus Young Adult fiction. Yes! -grin- Don't knock it till you've tried it! And Cozy Mysteries. And everything and anything! :-)

    Don't go to the movies. Will not give my money, to the liberal loonies, who make the films. Rent some I really want to see, from library. They were already purchased. I didn't pay to go see them, in theater.<---My rational. ,-)

    And I am enjoying the dickens out of the Hallmark Ch. and the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Ch. Leave the sound off, and just look at the decorations, sometimes. :-))))

    Annnnd, the world wide net!!!! I can visit with people, all over the world! All ages! All sorts of interests! Now, I use Instagram, for that. And I love it!!!!!

    See what you did??? -grin- You "made me" write this humungous comment! Eeeek!

    Luna Crone

  3. Ooops!

    I gave the wrong click-able link, for my 'Pout" post.

    This is the correct one......

  4. I have a suggestion if you want to stay in touch with him. Give him a phone call! or an email once a week. Invite him over for Pepsi or tea or just conversation. Maybe he thinks you are mad at him about blocking the driveway? Clear the air and start fresh! I try to comment each time I visit ... but some days I don't!

  5. If you want to see a view count on your blog and what countries people come from to see it, click on your "dashboard" or the word "design" (link upper right hand corner). Then look for 'stats' in the left hand column. When that page opens up you can customize your stats by days, weeks, months or years. If find the stats on my blog very interesting.

    I'm glad you updated us on John. He may have gotten the job because he needs the money after all the extra expenses he spent on Maisy in that last year. But losing a beloved pet is hard and there is a grieving period. If he's working full time now, I'll bet he won't be blowing your snow anymore.

    I'm not one who enjoys shopping just to shop either. You always see something you don't need and end up buying it. I don't enjoy sitting home every day either. But getting a job as a greeter would be my nightmare job.

  6. I'm guessing your Christmas decorations are boxed up? Soon we ring in the new, what ever that means. This is the time of year Fred passed, isn't it? I want to acknowledge what an amazing man Fred was. and provide a virtual hug in this no man's land.

    I know you wrote about John, but I can't quite figure out if you miss him, by what you wrote. I gather, because you share feelings quite easily, that it's not the end of the world he shifted his interest away from twice daily visits. Of course, it might be the end of the world if no one clears your driveway!

    I myself adore this limbo period between Christmas and New Years'. Every year I set an intention. Maybe this year's will be: falling into the void and feeling what's in there as I land. Gotta be love. God's love is at the bottom, right?

  7. Judy, I am one of those who visit your blog, every day, but seldom leave a comment. I feel that your other readers will think I'm a country bumpkin since my life as a farmer is so much different than theirs. I share your feelings about shopping and I don't get out and about very often, on purpose. The farmer husband goes to town for his business and I send a list with him. He buys the groceries and when I do go with him I feel like a puppy on a leash, following him because he knows where everything is. I love the precious time I have to sit and quilt or crochet.

    1. Lil red hen: Life as a farmer is fascinating to those of us who were brought up in the city.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Country Bumpkin? You know how much I long to move back to the farm! You know that when I get lonely, depressed and tired of all the rush around here, I drive back to my "home". When I married and moved from the farm where I was born, I never felt "at home", until 10 years later when I moved back to my Grandma's farm--just down the road. Since I've moved from there, I have never felt "at home" anywhere I have lived. Even here, there is a feeling that I am just marking time until I can move back--where I belong. Farm life isn't really fascinating--it is ordinary, predictable, scheduled and at times mundane. That's why I love it!!!! If you only knew how out of place I feel when I go "into town". My neighbor's around here don't understand how I can park my car on a Friday and not leave this house for a week. It is because most of my life, I lived on a farm and any time we had a respite from the "chores" of that life, we so enjoyed being inside with a bit of time to sit and do handwork--sewing, crocheting, knitting, for a little while before it was time to feed the calves or chickens--gather eggs, milk the cows or fix supper. I envy your life so much!!!! I miss it!!! I don't fit well in this suburban life and never will. My roots are in the fields of the farms where I once lived and had the very happiest days of this life.

    4. Lil red hen - I never realized you felt that way. Of course we want to know what's going on with you!

    5. Lil red hen - I never realized you felt that way. Of course we want to know what's going on with you!

  8. By the way, Lil Red Hen--you don't post on your blog enough for me! I LOVE reading your posts!! And you don't have to leave a long comment here either. Just say Hi or tell me what's going on at the farm at this time. I yearn for that kind of news!! XX OO

  9. Normally I don't read the comments but this time I did. I love Luna Crone. Like you and me, she and I may be kindred spirits. High five to Luna Crone. I'll be reading her pout post from the correct link.

    I dislike the week between Christmas and New Years. I loathe New Years and refuse to acknowledge it as a holiday -- either Eve or the actual day. I just act as though it doesn't exist. Years ago I would get mildly depressed from December 26th until approximately my birthday in early March, but that doesn't happen anymore. Since I stay home all the time, I enjoy life a lot more.

    I've been blogging for ten years and although I have been known to check stats, I assure you that nothing matters to me less than who does or doesn't read or comment. I have no ambition whatsoever in this regard. I put it out there and if someone wants to read it and enjoys reading it, great. That makes me happy. But to feel as though anyone owes me even a split second of their time, is just the opposite of how I operate. I have many friends who read every post but may comment once a year (if that). But if they read something they like or wish to interact, they'll send me an email. I actually prefer that to published comments, because it tells me there's nothing obligatory about their reading, or their response. Blogging is good therapy and good mental exercise. Those who make fun of it (and there are plenty) aren't doing it right. But again, it's a voluntary activity and there's no need for anyone to participate unless they wish to.

    Get out more? Shudder. Not me. Going out causes me angst. I would be happy if I never went beyond my own yard unless it was to go on a photo shoot. I love people and I smile a lot and engage with folks when I am out, but I seldom long for any sort of excursion. I could easily be a hermit. I do 99.999999 percent of my shopping online. Like you Judy, I bought nearly all of my new furnishings and accessories for the house renovation this summer, online. I enjoy online shopping even more than I ever did actual shopping, and that's saying something because back in the day, I did enjoy spending time looking at stuff in the stores. But you're right: Looking produces longing and there's really not much out there that we NEED. Be content with such things as you have.

    John is surely hurting with Maisie's passing but he knows you're there for him when he needs you. He hasn't forgotten you and I don't know him so I can't say for sure, but like most people, he probably got the job because he felt he needed to. I hope he gets another dog, because there are plenty of those who need loving owners.

    Thanks for making me laugh on my own blog today. I like people who don't try to be "sweet" ... that word has never defined me and it's something I definitely would never aspire to. Tell it like it is.

    Love ya girl. xoxo

  10. i have a little bit of a limbo feeling right now. i want to pack christmas up and get the place back to "normal". but my sister is coming for a visit and i want the decorations in place. the house is starting to feel cluttered and i'm a little over it...

    i am lucky to live in an area where there is a lot of free things to do - and i don't live on the budget that you do...i am very lucky!!

    pier one is one of my favorite stores. i can't go in there because i will buy things i don't need and have no where to store!!

    i am trying to do some "projects" this week. i have a few that need doing!!!!

  11. ooooh and stop flirting with my husband!! hehehehehe

    1. It's not flirting if he doesn't know it. LOL

  12. I'm here, I just don't always comment! Happy New Year, my friend!

  13. I'm here - not every day, but I catch up. I'm like you - and my husband drives me crazy - if I leave the house, I want to do all my errands at once. We live 5 miles from the other side of town, and I'd go there once a month if absolutely necessary, but we go there all the time. And sometimes 2 times in one day! Egads! I can't get used to that. I guess it's a difference of growing up in the country versus the city. Give me peace and quiet any day!