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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Almost Done

Let's see--John.  He called last night and is coming over tonight to bring me one of those gigantic blueberry muffins from Costco.  One of those muffins lasts me for 4 snacks, they are huge.  Do I miss his visits?  Not really.  Twice a day for nearly two years got to be a bit much.

My entire house is clean and ready for a clean new year.  It feels really a lot more comfortable to come in here and have it decluttered, cleaned and everything where it belongs.  I also set up my humongous humidifier yesterday so now, I don't get a shock every time I reach out to pet a cat, or touch the light switch.

Now I am wondering what I am going to do for the next couple of months.  There has always been at least one item on my "to do" list and now that list is done.  I need to get another genealogy going.  If you know of anyone that would like one done for them, please give them my e-mail address and I can give them an idea of what they will get and the cost.  Thanks.
Had to go to the grocery store. Had a gift card to Meijer--might as well go there. It was only after I headed toward Brighton that I remembered my vow never to shop in that Meijer again, Should have gone to the one in Howell--oh well, no problems today. Right?

Saw an employee-"Could you please tell me where the air filters are?" "Oh--over that way somewhere." He kept walking as he pointed.  I must have caught him going to his break. 

Later at the deli--"Could you tell me where the packaged Meijer macaroni salad is?" "It's down on the end, over there, on the end of one of those produce aisles."

Then came check-out time.
"Do you want your pop bottles bagged?"

"Excuse me?"
"Do you want your pop bagged?"
"Yes, please." ( how else am I going to carry 8 2-litre jugs of Pepsi into the house? One at a time?)

That was the extent of her greeting. I noticed that when she bagged the groceries, she turned the carousel the opposite way most cashiers do. To load my cart, I had to walk around to her side of the carousel to get the bags. Just as I went to pick-up the last two bags, she spun the carousel the opposite way, so I had to walk back around and pick them off.
"One hundred fifty-seven," she says.
I put my Bridge card in the machine and entered my PIN. Nothing.
I looked at her, she looked at me.

"You don't have any money on that card."
"Sure I do. Sixteen dollars was loaded on it December 21st and I haven't used any of it."
"Well! YOU have to tell me how much is on there."
"Oh, Okay. I didn't realize that. I've never had to do that before."
Done. She looked at me. I looked at her.
"How much do I have left to pay?"
She told me so I swiped my Meijer gift card.
Done. She looked at me. I looked at her.
"How much do I have left to pay?"
Apparently I was supposed to be reading the small print on the card swiper thingie, that had my total. Usually the cashier will say, "One hundred left."
She told me, so I stuck my charge card in the end of the card reader. She looked at me. I looked at her.
"It's not doing anything," I said.
"Is there a message that you're supposed to do something?"
I squinted--"Oh. Press green, I guess."
"Well, then press green!", she replied as she perused her manicure.
"Thank you," I said.
Not a word from her. No. "Have a nice weekend." No, "Happy New Year." No. "Thank you for shopping at Meijers."
I could hear her thinking--"old lady, just get your cart and your ass outta my lane."
On my way out, I saw Kevin the manager and was tempted to stop and tell him about my shopping experience, but then---since I will NEVER shop in that store again--why bother him?

There is a Meijer store in Brighton and, 4 miles away, one in Howell.  The Howell one is easier to get too, directly off the main road I live on--up 2.5 miles, and easier to get home from.  The employees there are pleasant.  The difference in the atmosphere of the store and the employees are like night and day.  I usually don't shop at Meijer's because their prices are higher on the stuff I use.

I have never had a bad shopping experience at Walmart.  If I ask an employee working out in the store, if they could tell me where something is, they will walk me right to the product--and if it's heavy, load it in my cart.  The cashiers are usually pleasant and always ask if I would like a carry-out person to load my car for me.

One good laugh I had today, on the way home, tons of traffic, I noticed on a side street a stopped car, emergency flashers going and unoccupied--apparently the owner had vacated the car to walk for help.  As I sat at the red light, watching this side street, 8 cars pulled up behind the unoccupied car.  Soon they were all blowing their horns.  Obviously they were all so preoccupied, they didn't see the emergency flashers or that there was no driver in the car.  Pay attention and see--then ease your car around and go on your way.  Lordy---nowadays people are such sheep!!!
Ball games tonight!  MSU basketball at 6:00 and the Orange Bowl at 8:00.  University of Michigan playing the Florida State Seminoles.  Am I going to root for the Michigan team?  

Is the Pope Jewish?  Florida State is my second favorite college football game.  Their mascot, the Indian chief rides out on an Appaloosa horse, and spikes a flaming spear into the center of the football field.  I'm a sucker for that kind of theatrics!  Besides, the Michigan Wolverines are such arrogant asses, (we actually called them, "The arrogant asses from Ann Arbor". along with their coach, Jim Harbaugh being some sort of weird ass all by himself--I will NEVER root for Michigan.  Never have.  Never will!!!!!!!!

I know most of you don't understand--the rivalry between Michigan State University Spartans and the University of Michigan Wolverines-- or Michigan Weasels as we like to call them.  Michigan State is a land grant college and eons ago, was known as the best college to go to for veterinary medicine (still is) and agricultural.  Thus we were called the "Cow College".  We are just a kind of "Aw shucks", easy-going, laid back, conservative bunch.  

The U of Michigan is where the doctors and lawyers went for their education.  PLUS--the people, when you ask them where they are from will not say Ann Arbor, but rather, "A2" or "A squared."  They act arrogant, looking down their noses at the rest of the world.  Mostly Liberals and, well--just arrogant.

The reason Fred fell in love with me?  He had been dating A2 women for a couple of years and was tired of being dumped when they found out he didn't have a lot of money and didn't own a tuxedo and wasn't interested in taking expensive trips to Europe.  He rather liked my unassuming attitude about things.

So--yes--I hope Florida State not only wins the Cotton Bowl, but drives those arrogant asses faces into the dirt!!


  1. Wish there were more colleges, which had a down-to-earth attitude and were Conservative! Yikes, I didn't even know, that one existed! Root for 'em, Babe!!! And I will too. (If I can remember which one, is which... "Olden" mind, ya' know... LOL)

    Be nice to the customers! My husband ran an old fashioned corner drug store for years. Son does now. Everyone was always nice to customers. And people appreciated it. So I know! Being nice to customers, is damn important!

    Of course, a little corner drug store, can't compete today, with the big ones. Mostly because the Gov. and Ins. Co.s don't pay on time. Big drug stores can "carry" this. Little ones can't. Son had to partner with another store, and do only cash compounding.

    Yet another way, the Government, big Ins. companies, and big drug stores, push the little guy out of business. ^&*)(*&

    John... I can't imagine someone visiting twice a day, every day, myself. Yikes. I'd say, don't let him get to doing it, all over again. ,-) Because I don't think you would like that, from what you said. Another case of moderation, is best. ,-)

    Your house.... All cleared out and cleaned out! Yes, it must be inviting. But I'm not ready to take down decorations just yet. Actually, we have a little artificial tree, on a table. And things on the mantle, and some extra faerie lights. Really not that much.

    One day, it will begin to "bug" me. then I will begin. ,-)

    Enjoy your games! Must remember... Michigan State!!!!!!!!!

    New Year's blessings,
    Luna Crone

  2. I must be a good feeling to have your home back in order. I am not there yet because I'm lazy lately

    I know January is sad for you Judy and prayinG for you

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    2. I cannot type on this photo!!!

  3. I must be a good feeling to have your home back in order. I am not there yet because I'm lazy lately

    I know January is sad for you Judy and prayinG for you

  4. I must be a good feeling to have your home back in order. I am not there yet because I'm lazy lately

    I know January is sad for you Judy and prayinG for you

  5. my husband grew up in a town named howell. i can't wait to get my house back in order but i do love my christmas decorations!!

    i need happy people - i always try to be happy and speak kindly to others!!!

  6. I'm not a football fan of any stripe whatsoever but I laughed out loud at your diatribe against U of M. Some of TG's family members who live in Michigan root for them, but I don't pay any mind. None of them went to school there and they're anything but liberal, but still they wear the colors and scream and holler at the TV during the games. I just don't do football. But your entire point was made here: "Mostly Liberals and, well--just arrogant." Nuff sed on that subject. Liberalism is a mental disease.

    As for Meijer -- when we go up north, we normally will stop in there at least once, at the one in Perrysburg, Ohio. Or maybe it's Rossford; either way. It's okay but as you said, overpriced. I can live without Meijer every day of the week and I sincerely hope they never build them in South Carolina. I don't think there's any danger.

    Rudeness in clerks and cashiers, unfortunately, is universal. I and my girls gravitate to specific stores where, because of MANAGEMENT, the employees are kind, considerate, and helpful. But you can tell almost when you walk in the door of any given store, whether the manager makes the employees toe the line and commit to customer service. You should have heard the way a floor employee talked to me the other day at Hobby Lobby. If I'd been a manager and heard/seen the exchange, she would have been fired on the spot. Rudeness to a customer is unforgivable. Without customers, they'd have to close their doors. Rant over. For now.

    As to what you're going to do for the next couple of months, you're going to enjoy your cozy clean house, and watch games, and cross-stitch, and I'm sure you'll get commissioned for a genealogy project. I dislike January and February too and I know how you feel, but don't despair. Above all, stay healthy and happy. As in, Happy New Year! xoxo

  7. December 31, 2016

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year of 2017!

    Luna Crone

  8. Lol. I'm glad you filled me in on Meier's, Weasels, John, and A2s. I feel like I've pulled up a chair to watch the game!

  9. LOL about the car with the emergency flashers. Too funny.

    I loved my Walmart that I used to go to before we moved. The one that's closest to us now is fine, but the people are not quite as friendly. But it's only a few minutes away... so....
    LOL about your ball games. You crack me up.