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Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Christmas Letter

What a wondrous year I have had.

Last Christmas Eve found us celebrating at my daughter Pam’s house—the one where I lived and raised my children.  Jennifer and her family were in the midst of moving to New Jersey on that day, so they weren’t with us---
My son-in-law Eric, will take over his father’s prosthetics/orthotics business.  Jennifer is commuting between NJ and the law firm she is partner with, here in Southfield, MI.  She is an expert on setting up Non-Profit organizations, so she travels to Washington, DC often and all over to different States and abroad. 

This past September, she was with our Governor and State representatives on Mackinaw Island.  They have a busy life and so unlike the one she grew up in.  Sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it?

To say I miss these 4 Grandchildren, would be an understatement.

 The rest of us were together.
My son Mark in the front, his wife Cindy; back left, my Karen, Pam and Karen’s husband Mark.

I also acquired a new grandson—to my right, Mike, husband to Helene, holding their dog, Marcus, Susanna, Stephen and Madeleine.

In June, grandson Stephen, graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Physiology.  He had his “white coat” ceremony and started medical school in August.  Madeleine, far right, is studying to be a nurse.  The first medical people we have ever had in our family

Another first, on my daughter Karen’s birthday, October 24th, she became a grandma for the first time and I became a great grandma.
Four generations
Grand daughter Helene Mary, Karen Helene and precious 11 day old Della Helene. 

She was named after my mother’s middle name, Della and my grandmother Helene, and her momma and grandma.


My sister Susan and her husband enjoy living in our ancestor’s home they renovated, and are enjoying their retirement.  I am so happy to have them close.

Yes—she is a Mini-Me.  We look a lot alike.

I have been truly blessed this past year.  A friend designs and sells patterns for knitted and crocheted items.  She sends me the design pattern and I work it up to make sure the pattern is correct.  She pays me for sitting in front of the TV and knitting and crocheting.  Who can beat that kind of job?

I also started doing genealogy research for clients.  When I am finished with all the research and everything I can find about their ancestor’s, I write it up in book form, with photos, census reports, marriage licenses, whatever I can find.  I have become quite obsessed with doing genealogy. So, if you want your genealogy traced, just let me know.  I do a great job!! J

This added income has enabled me to get most of the interior of this place painted, along with new carpeting and furniture for the living room and, something I have wanted for years and years, a “fireplace”.  Yes—it is electric, but it does have a heater inside.  I usually only use the flame setting for ambiance on a cool evening. 

     The fur kids, Buddy and Maggie seem to enjoy it a lot.         
Thankfully, we are all fine, healthy and happy.  My last doctor visit revealed I have “the blood work of a 50 year old,” which is great.  However doctor had no ideas on how to “cure” the pain of arthritis, tinnitus ringing in my ears and sometimes, dizzy spells from my meds.  HAH!!

So, in this joyous season, I pray God has blessed you and will continue to bless all of us in the new year.   




  1. beautiful family images judy and i must add you look great and i think you have had a good year!!

    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  2. You truly have been blessed this year and the family you'll leave behind one day is a wonderful legacy you've made for the world. Such a nice and accomplished family!

  3. Merry Christmas Jude and a wonderful New Year!!

  4. Thank you, and may you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Your blog is the only one I read on a daily basis because I enjoy everything you have to say. Don't ever stop. Thanks for being you.

  5. What a lovely family you've nurtured, and I must say that you look wonderful. Take care, and I wish you all that is good in the new year. Merry Christmas, Judy.

  6. What a lovely letter, Jude, I am so happy you have had the bonus of the work come your way, and you have been able to do such nice things for yourself! Your family is beautiful and I hope yesterday was a lovely day for you!! Your faithful writing makes such a nice and understanding place for so many of us in the same boat, to come and feel welcome.
    Merry Christmas and HAPPY 2017. Love, Marcia

  7. You have a lovely family.

    Merry Christmas!

    Luna Crone

  8. "However doctor had no ideas on how to “cure” the pain of arthritis,..."

    -chuckle- No, he wouldn't. Even if you mentioned cutting all added sugar out of your diet, he would say: "It has not been clinically proved to curtail arthritis pain."

    And to this I say: "What do you have to lose?" If it works, like for me, you lose pain. If it doesn't work for you, you can go back to eating sugar, in all its forms.

    But just like my not being tested for Gluten Intolerance.... But cutting all Gluten from my eating.... Cured all my years of all IBS symptoms and pain..... What did I have to lose, trying it???? Not a thing.

    And believe me, I have not gone back to eating Gluten!

    Nor am I going back to eating added sugar, in all its forms!

    Off my soapbox! -grin-

    Merry Christmas,
    Luna Crone

  9. What a nice note. I hope 2017 is another great year for you.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. What a nice note. I hope 2017 is another great year for you.
    Merry Christmas.

  11. All in all a good year for you, Judy, and I am glad. You look great. Your house is beautiful and you stay busy and productive. All so commendable and healthy for you. May you have many many more years of health and happiness and blogging, haaahha. Love, your friend in South Carolina -- Jenny xoxo