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Monday, December 12, 2016

It all began in the dead of night.........

and continued for the next 20 hours.   9.6 inches of snow fell Saturday night and all day Sunday.  I am so glad it didn't happen last weekend when I had the Nutcracker to attend.

 Merle-80 years old-arrived this morning to clean off my car

   and my porch

and steps
 and a pathway around my car                                                                                                                  

John (73) had already done 11 driveways when he hit mine on his way back home. 

The 30 year old kid who lives across the way, did his driveway--his own driveway and it wouldn't even enter his mind to help anyone else, I don't suppose.

What would we alone women around here do without Merle and John?


  1. We had over 12 inches here. That was wet, heavy snow that went across our state. I'm surprised Merie could do that much. It took me all day long of pacing myself and I didn't do but a 1/10 as much as he did. I'll bet he's sleep good tonight. Kids (under 30) are useless these days!

  2. oh my and wonder what my Winter will be like. Trying to
    keep much on hand as cannot drive on this rural road
    and no help close by to clear steps and drive..

  3. Wow, you got some snow! But living near the Great Lakes, guess you are used to it.

    70's and 80's in age, and they are still doing snow removal! Amazing! Wonderful! Yes, you "olden folks" around there, are very lucky. Do you bake them "goodies"? :-)

    Happy, Happy Full December Moon Before Yule tonight!
    Luna Crone

  4. Shudder... an 80 year old out working like this? Merle is a God send. Just thinking ahead....maybe you could mention to the 30 year old how nice a neighborly it is to run his snow blower around your car? I know I can be clueless how much my help would matter to someone else. (And when I was 30, super clueless.) Perhaps you could sneak in some mention of a homecooked reward for charitable acts?

  5. The snow is so beautiful! I'm a little jealous. Merry Christmas, Judy! xoxo

    1. It IS beautiful. I love it. I wouldn't live down south for nuttin' Honey. :-)

  6. i thought you lived in a community where the snow removal work was done for you - an association!! thank goodness you have kind neighbors, we always help ours as well. i have heard that men over the age of 72 should not do shoveling for health reasons, these guys must be very healthy!!

    the house they recently built next door to me has a heated driveway...oh goodness the money they put into that house!!! the snow is beautiful - we are still waiting!!!

    1. Management clears off the streets here--and not a very good job of it either. It is up to each home owner to clean our driveways or mow our lawns. Most of us have to pay someone to do that for us.