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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dark is the sky, and so am I.

Hot and humid--chilly and wet.  Michigan weather.  We are getting a SouEaster--if there is such a thing.  A big path of rain, coming in from the south-east and just rotating over us, around and around.  Detroit got 6 inches of rain.  People trying to get into work, in the underpasses, were swamped and their cars went under.  

Do dark all morning, I had to turn on the lamp in here so I could see my computer.  My mood resembles the weather today.  It was a good day to stay inside and bury myself in genealogy work.  Even that didn't seem to satisfy me.

I got my fireplace yesterday and have enjoyed it.  I turn the flame on at night, while I watch TV and cross stitch or knit.  Even without turning on the heat, just seeing the flames, seems to make me feel warm

Cats on the couch and rocker.
When I posted my video on Face Book, people suggest I center the fireplace on that wall.  This is the very thing I was concerned with last spring.  Do any of you remember me saying I thought I'd need some kind of small room divider to distinguish between the living room and kitchen?

That's what I liked about my other TV amoire.  I had it angled a bit so that is sort of separated living room and kitchen.  I think if I turned the fireplace a bit, it would look funny.

The fireplace IS centered between the window and the edge of the carpet, but it kind of bugs me that it isn't centered between both living room and kitchen window.  But, if it were--that would look beyond weird.  Half on the carpet, half in the kitchen.

I guess that reason was why I was going to get a shorter fireplace--48", so more carpet would show on each edge.  This one is 55".  It has a bigger firebox, which I like, but........................oh well, I will keep thinking.
I took all my DVD's, I've had stored in a plastic box since I moved my old TV amoire, and laid them on the edges of my desk.  Then I stacked them in categories: Biographies, Christian, Classic, Documentaries, Science Fiction, War and then put them in alphabetical order in their appropriate category.

Then I made an Excel spread sheet with all their names.  Put them in the storage ends of the fireplace and marked on the spread sheet which shelf they are on and which section of that shelf.

If I want to watch "Gone With The Wind", I know it is in with the Classic Movies--2nd shelf, mid section.

Yes--I can be OCD about certain things.  I like organization!
I don't appear to be OCD about clutter however.  I have that counter top between my recliner and the kitchen.  It is supposed to be kept clear of anything not essential.  It is ALWAYS cluttered with mail, or pencils and paper, or dishes I have eaten from for my lunch.  The dishwasher is on the other side of the counter, but for some reason, lunch and dinner plates seem to remain on that counter until the next morning!!!

I have the same problem with taking my bottles back for return.  I wait until I have three bags full and of course with no garage to store them in, the full bags reside in my bedroom or by my back door until I remember to grab them on my way to Walmart.

This room--my office--I wouldn't want anyone to peek in here.  If the litter box wasn't in here, I'd keep the door closed all the time.  Papers everywhere, stacked on my desk, a TV tray table, both carts on either side of the desk and...the dust on the book shelves? It's an embarrassment!

I really can be an undisciplined, lazy person.
GEEZ LOUISE!! I am so depressed and sad and angry now, I will leave you and try for a better attitude next time.

Hey--this is my journal and it is as it is!


  1. Ooh. I hate to see you so down, beating yourself up about being messy. (Not that I don't do this myself, so I don't feel so alone any more.)

    Really, really nice cabinet fireplace. It goes so well with your other furniture! I do get how weird it would look to have the fireplace partway over the rug and partway over the kitchen floor. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. A few ideas if the asymmetry bothers you - Perhaps putting a 6' tall folding screen divider or a vertical wall hanging between your kitchen window and your fireplace. Or hooks to hang your coat and scarves over. Or a little high shelf, with a plant trailing down.

  2. Gosh, with your new fireplace I didn't expect you to be "depressed, sad and angry."

    It you're going to leave the fireplace and TV off center (and I get why you're doing it that way) I'd take down that star above our TV. It calls way too much attention to how off center the fireplace and TV are. Maybe in the space between the kitchen chair and the TV you could take that tall branch you have in the living room corner, add some more branches, and make a tree in a pot for that space. It would add some balance, give a slight separation to the two rooms, while still blending in color wise with the wall which you'd want with anything you'd put there. It would be easy enough to take the star down and just move the branch temporarily to test drive the idea....

    1. P.S. I didn't see Glo's post before writing my own. We're both suggesting a similar design solution to add balance. I like her ideas, too.

  3. First of all, I agree with Glo! Don't worry, be happy!! Your dreams are there ... now it's the finishing touches. And ... it's not a museum ... you live there! Do what YOU like. Great place for a Christmas tree while you are deciding on a screen, or things on the wall (shelf with hooks beneath ... or just lots of shelves), or a fake tree of some sort. Enjoy the journey!

  4. Your living room looks so cozy, especially with the addition of the fireplace! Seems to me you get yourself together often enough that you can be undisciplined and lazy sometimes! This gloomy weather will do it for me! I see an very unproductive weekend coming up!

  5. I love everything that you've been able to accomplish, Judy. And, it appears you've had some good ideas here in the comments. Don't worry so much about what others think; it's your home, enjoy it. I'm praying for you, as you are for me. That's the important things in my opinion.

    Love you lots.

  6. i see what you are saying about the fireplace. i think if peeps were to see it "live" it would all make sense. i didn't notice the division of the rooms, carpet, floor, until i read what you wrote and went back and looked!!! from a distance and in a picture, it looks like it should be centered. i think it wonderful that you are working so hard to make things nice, but wouldn't worry about it.

    i consider my blog my journal too!!!!

    oh and i found a link to your blog and sallies, but i don't know what happened to my reading list!!!

    1. My reading list disappeared, too. I think google dumped them.

  7. Sorry you're feeling a little miserable. I do know how that is. I really like the fireplace. I can see that it would make your house all cozy during your long, cold winters. I don't use my fireplace much, but I use small lamps here and there when the days are dark. The glow from a small lamp or fireplace sure can cheer up the place.

    Flow and Jean have some good ideas.

    Feel better.

  8. Feel better kiddo. I'm still sitting here at the computer and just realized I turned 71 years old an hour ago.... holy moly..

  9. I hope by the time I'm reading this, you are already feeling much better. Your fireplace is beautiful and considering how long you've wanted it, I am so happy it's there. GowitheFlo and Jean R. are absolutely right -- just put something tall to the right of it, to balance it all out. Definitely move the star, maybe make it part of a grouping. As to the clutter part, I cannot deal with clutter -- in itself it makes me anxious. I'm not neurotic about it but I find I'm so much happier when everything is picked up. Absolutely I cannot abide dirty dishes. But that's just me! Be well and happy. It's October! xoxo