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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Here it is, Wednesday, and I have been remiss in posting.  

I used to have a short-cut icon for my blog on my monitor desktop and saw it every day and that jogged my memory to post.  Since I have had problems with my 'puter, that icon is gone.  Outta sight, outta mind.

I made a To-Do list.  I like lists.  They inspire me to get things done and they also jog my memory.  Too bad I'm not all that inspired.  I have 20 things To-Do NOW, so I decided 5 a day for a week would get it done.  

Monday was a great day.  I got my 5 things done.  Crossed them off my list and felt great.

The disappointment came on Tuesday.  I had stopped at Art Van on Monday, ready to order my media/electric fireplace--at last--after waiting 5 years.  This is the picture of the one I have wanted.
Of course, they only had 2 in stock.  One I hated and the other one would be okay, but--not quite what I have wanted.  My sales girl showed me 3 websites to go on that they order from.

I stayed up Monday night until after 1:00 am, looking and I found two that I liked and one that I fell in love with.

I liked this one, the one I saw in the store, had glass in the side doors.

I loved this one!

So--she called their rep and guess what?  Can't order it--wrong company, but I can get it at Lowe's and Home Depot--that's what my sales girl said. She actually told me where I could get it and it isn't her store!!!

The thing of it is, she has been so helpful and so efficient at getting my couch special ordered to match my chair--at no extra charge, and my table, that I want her to have my final buy--the fireplace.

If I get it at Lowe's or Home Depot, I would have to pay $100.00 (at least) to  hire one of their contractors to put the thing together, and whatever delivery charge they have.  

I asked my brother-in-law to be honest.  Did he want to put it together or not.  He said, "I'd rather not."

Perhaps it's a good thing not to go with it because it is much bigger and might look overpowering in the space I have for it.  My max length is 55" and this one was 57.5", but I do love the curved part on the bottom front.

She and I spent almost 2 hours going through sales books.  Either the pieces were too big, too expensive or don't come in the burnished oak color I need.  Plus I want the Mission Style furniture.

She is going to call Art Van head office and have them e-mail her photos of the inventory our store here is going to receive this year and look it over and let me know.

The one they had on the floor at the store is okay, so she had me put a down payment on it.  That way I got the 25% discount.  If we find another one, I can get it also for a 25% discounted price because I locked it in yesterday, and it will come to my house and the delivery guys will put it together--free.  Well, almost free.  Art Van charges a $100.00 delivery fee, but do charge extra for set-up.  She waived the delivery fee.

Anyway, the more I think of it, the more I like the one in the store.  It has a bigger firebox than the one I have lusted after for 5 years and is a bit larger--54".  So...maybe I will get that one after all.  

The price is $699.99 on the ones I looked at.  With the discount, delivery, set-up, I will pay $620.00.

I came home and took the 8 -100 dollar bills I had with me and stuffed them back into my hidey place and will wait and see what she finds.

Last night, I got on-line, found the big one I loved and read customer reviews.  Most liked it, but did mention that it was cheaply made.  It can't be moved after installation or it falls apart.  Maybe God had His hand in the process of me not being able to order it?
I was so worn out that I did nothing else the rest of the day, except--I got my latest genealogy book bound, safely wrapped and in the Medium Flat Rate box--it weighed 4#!! and set up a pick-up schedule.  The mail lady picked it up today and, as we speak, it is wending its way to California to my client.  YAY!!
Of course, today--I had 7 things to do on my To-Do list to make up for yesterday's "not-doing", so far I have filled up the bird feeders, cleaned up the kitchen, run the dishwasher and 2 loads of a 4 load laundry.

I really need to call and make my mammogram and chest x-ray screening appointments, and set-up a plan to start PT in October.  Supposed to have done all these appointments in August and have put them off.  What would it take?  An hour out of my day?  BIG DEAL!  Get with it, Jude!!!

I so HAVE to go out and cut back my perennials and clean up the yard and put away all the porch pots and...I just keep putting that off too.

This summer has really discombobulated me!  Not a normal summer by all means.  Cooped up in the house with the A/C running because of the heat and humidity.  Normally, I would be outside in the summer, playing in the gardens, tending to my pots of annuals--I did not do that this year.

Now, it's the first day of Autumn, with lower humidity and NOW, I am ready to start my planting and gardening and........NOW it's time to put it all to bed!

I have mentioned how I "hated" this summer.  It's the worse one I have ever experienced and must be I am not alone.  Neighbor's and friends are saying the same thing.  "Didn't get to enjoy summer because it was too hot and now, winter is 6 weeks away!"

None of my annuals grew or lasted like they should have.  First time in my life--I planted Morning Glories and although the vine grew, kind of wimpy, I had NOT ONE blossom.  

I love October, so....maybe I will get inspired to do the garden clean-up then?

Okay--going back to the laundry.  Does one load count as one "To-Do" thing or is ALL the laundry counted as just ONE "To-Do"?

I better call and make those appointments first.  Oh--yeah, I need a hair cut--BAD too!!!


  1. I am so glad you are behind on your list of summer and fall chores because so am I and it makes me feel better that I'm not alone. The summer and September just got away from me!

    Don't get a media/fireplace unit that is a couple of inches too big for your space. As nice as that one with the curved front is, it will never look right sticking over the door and/or window trim. Whatever you get, you'll have it in time for the old weather. Very cool!

    1. Now--it was just a moment of passion for that big one that had me convinced it would work. Not the first time a moment of passion led me astray!!!

  2. you are funny judy!! i love lists, i am always working from a list and i feel it is impossible to be productive without one!!!

    my gardens are a mess, they really need tending to. i am home, once i unpack, do laundry, get through all the mail, i will be outside as the weather is suppose to be cooling down!!

    1. We are hot tomorrow, but the real cool down starts on the weekend. YAY for Autumn.

  3. I think you invested your hot/humid summer hours on genealogy to fund your home update!!!

    I, too, like lists ... and I think each load should be ONE item. Sort, wash, dry, fold and put away! That IS a chore for sure!

    I agree with Jean ... don't settle for furniture that is NOT perfect for your space ... you know it will be another 20 years before you redecorate ....

  4. I'm so excited for you to get the fireplace/tv console, and hope you find one that you really love and works for the room.

    Yeah, strangely this year none of my roses, etc did their normal job and it made me ill/cross. :)


  5. One load counts as one to-do item. Better count, because life seems like one laundry load after another!

    hmmm. Go for what makes your heart sing and your head nod. This amazing saleswoman is going to show you everything in the pipeline plus give you the 25% discount? You guys are clicking, Judy (or should I say GiGi)!

    This weekend we get chilly here in Connecticut - down to the 40's. Time for the sweaters. Hooray!

    1. That's where I made my mistake. I counted "Laundry" as just ONE To-Do. LOL

  6. I love October, too. Our perennial bed is looking a little worse for wear, but my annuals are still blooming away.

    You will enjoy your new purchase when you get it. Nice.

  7. I agree this was the worst summer! We did not get to do our favorite things like hiking and picnicking because it was just too hot and humid! I am glad for the cooler weather coming and the windows open! I know the kitties are looking forward to it too!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was glad to see that you had visited. Nancy

    1. Judy, NJ, Nancy is one of my oldest blog friends. I'm glad you visited her; she's an awesome person and writer. She doesn't post like she used to though.

    2. Sally, you're right. I have not been posting as I used to do, however, I am still writing. I will try to be more consistent in writing in my blog. I post on FB more frequently, --under my name: Nancy Klingensmith

  9. Isn't it horrible when you have to make doctor appointments? I hate going to the doctor. But good for you, being conscientious about it. Our summer was horribly hot too, and like you, we did renovations and it was miserable. It's cooling down here ever so slightly but I still stay inside. I checked your temps and they look lovely. Enjoy! I'm so happy knowing you'll finally have your fireplace this winter. I love having reviews to read, and I usually find they're accurate. I can't wait to see the one you choose. xoxo