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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

So Much For Socialzing

John and I argue every day, it seems. 

Last Wednesday night when he stopped by he said, "You better get your garbage taken out, Girlie. They pick up tomorrow."

"Au Contraire, Young Boy," I said.  They will pick up on Friday this week."

"No.  They pick up on Thursday.  You should know that by now."

"If we have a Holiday on Monday, they pick up a day later--on Friday."

"I think you're wrong!"

"Didn't we have this same discussion on the week of July the fourth?  Remember--they picked up on Friday."

"Yes they did that week, but..................."

"I have lived her thirteen and one-half years.  If there is a Holiday on a Monday, they pick up the garbage on Friday.  Why do you think, that for the first time in nearly fourteen years, they are going to change their schedule this time?"

"You just wait until early tomorrow morning when you hear the garbage truck.  You are going to be mad."

"I will put mine out tomorrow night for Friday pick-up."

"Five dollars says your wrong."

The garbage pick-up was early Friday morning.  John handed me a fiver on his morning walk that day.

Last Saturday he asked me if I knew what the Big 10 College Conference schedule was. I told him I did and read the schedule off for him.  I had already printed it out and had it nearby.

When I mentioned that we play Maryland and Rutgers, he said, "Oh. Those aren't conference games.  Those are just schools we play for fill-ins."

I said, "They are in the Big Ten Conference--along with Penn State and Nebraska."
We play them for real!

"The Big Ten is called that for a reason," he went on.  There are only ten schools in the conference."

I said, "The last few years they have added four more schools to the conference."

He said, "I know how you hate to be wrong, but in this case.  You are wrong.  It's called the BIG TEN conference because there are ten colleges involved.  Other wise they would call it something else.  I got five dollars that says your wrong.  Check it out and you'll see."

I quit arguing.  I had the dang schedule right in front of me, besides that--I know a lot more about the Big Ten conference than most people.

So after he left, I jumped on the Internet, found where the schools are listed in the BIG TEN conference and e-mailed the link list to John.

He was over the next afternoon and handed me a fiver.  I just simply said, "Thank you."

"I'm still going to check with my son because I think you're wrong!"

Then yesterday, during our evening chat, we were pondering on what would happen if either presidential candidate died.  Who would "they" put in the election?  The second one with the highest delegates?

Then he said, "It's happened once before."

"It has.  When?"

"When Dewey and Truman were running against each.  Dewey sent him a congratulatory note and died three days later.  Just think.  What is he had won and then died."

"You're referring to Thomas Dewey from Owosso?"

"Yes,  It happened."

Ah--err- that election was in 1948.  Dewey was a Republican running for President.  Truman was the democrat.  He barely beat Dewey.  Dewey didn't die until 1970 something.  He was dating Kitty Carlisle at the time, living in New York, working as an attorney.
He had a sudden heart attack and died.

"No.  You're thinking of someone else.  I mean Thomas Dewey.  He died three days after Truman won.  I saw it on a documentary."

I didn't argue because i knew it wasn't true and---there was no five dollars involved.  HAH

I did however Google Thomas Dewey's bio and send John the link.

Then last night, we were talking about the 2 planets and one star that is visible in the south-west sky, right after it gets dark.  We were out on my porch and both looking toward the sky.  I was looking off to my right a bit, he was looking east.

I said, "South west is kind of behind you."

He turned and said, "Ah, yes.  I get my directions confused.  There's the full moon rising up from the west."

Wait. What?

"The moon rises in the east--the south east kind of, travels across the sky and sets in the West."

"No it doesn't!" he said.  "The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but the moon rises in the west and sets in the east."

I gave the excuse that the mosquitoes were biting me and came inside.  He and Maizey continued their walk.  I just wanted to go over to the wall and bang my head on it!

Where did this guy go to school?
I did get up to the bank and the store today AND I did see Pearl AND I started putting my porch pots away in the shed.


  1. I hate arguing/debating about things that can be easily proven.

    My trash company now does a robbo call telling us the schedule changes because of a holiday.

  2. This is too funny.

    My trash pick-up schedule after a Monday holiday is the same as yours - one day after the normal pick-up day.

  3. hahaha You got me to laughing before I barely woke up. Hey, at least you got ten bucks from it. So, did y'all decide who would run for president if the "runner" died? :)


  4. Well, you could make a good monthly income off of his $5 bets!

  5. i like the saying on the picture...i find i like people who i don't know better than the ones i know, let me explain. if i meet you on line at the food store let's say, and we strike up a conversation, i will enjoy that. conversations with my friends, not as much. my nail girl, we talk once every six weeks and i really enjoy her, other peeps say different about her. i don't see it!!

    i don't know why these things matter to john, or why he finds them worth arguing about. i like to talk about pleasant things!!!

  6. In talks and discussions with my man, I've found we each are right/wrong about half the time. We even one another out. xoxo