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Monday, September 12, 2016


I am so mad at myself!

Last night I made out a mental list of what I would do today.

Up at 8:00
Take a walk at 10:00
Stop in to see Pearl
Go up to the store at 2:00

What did I do?
Alarm at 8:00--hit snooze until 8:45
at 10:00- still playing on Face Book
at 11:00- genealogy
at 2:00--back to genealogy

GEEZ LOUISE!!!  Why am I so undisciplined?

A young girl, whose father I dated when I first moved here, said she didn't know very much about her Dad's family and she wished she could afford to get a family tree book like I make for others.

Her Dad and Mom were never married.  Her mother had been told she would never have any children.  Then she met "A" 15 years older than her and lo and behold!

I met this girl when she was 10.  Every other weekend she'd visit her Dad.  Her Dad didn't get up until 2:00 in the afternoon and then spent the next 6 hours on his computer.  Her Mother was not the greatest woman I ever met either.

I'd take her shopping, or play with her outside, or bring her back here to spend the weekend with me.  I was there, when she was 12 1/2 and woke up in the morning when she realized she had got her first period.  I took her out to breakfast and bought her a bouquet of flowers to celebrate.  

Her Dad died in 2007 from blood cancer.

She is 22 now, married and has two little daughters.   I think she needs to know about her roots.

So, I spent four hours today working on her genealogy.  I want to be able to make and mail her a really nice book
Tomorrow I am going to do all the things I didn't do today.

I promise!!!!!


  1. Okay, then. Good luck with that. LOL

  2. awww, don't be too hard on yourself...we all have days when we don't accomplish what we think we should. gosh, i never accomplish what i think i should!!

    you are so kind to put together a book for your friend, she must have wonderful memories from the time she spent with you. that book is going to be such a great gift!!!

  3. I have days of good intentions, too, that go up in smoke. Sometimes I think computer are time-sucking monsters. LOL

    Love what you are doing for your young friend.

  4. What an awesome gift you are giving her! I, too, made a celebration when my kidlet had her first cycle. We let her take the day off school (5th grade!), went to a movie SHE wanted to see, had lunch and let her pick out a new outfit. Never did call it "the curse" but for her it STILL is. Unbelievable cramps, faints, etc. Every single month! UGH!

    Most of my days contain TO DO's from previous days! I refuse to set an alarm to wake up though. After 40 years of that ... no way.

    1. Endometriosis? My Jennifer had/has that.

  5. Get 'er done :) Some days are just more productive than others...don't beat yourself up too much! :)

  6. Get 'er done :) Some days are just more productive than others...don't beat yourself up too much! :)

  7. That is such a lovely thing to do for her. It will mean so much to her. Isn't it wonderful when you know what someone needs, and it's in your power to deliver it?