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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

A lovely day indeed.

I left the blinds up on my bedroom window last night and the sun woke me at 8:00.  Perfect way to wake up.

I messed around on the computer, then took a nice long shower at 10:00, jumped back into my nightie to air dry off, tidied up the kitchen and bedroom, finished a load of laundry and then at 11:30 started getting dressed.

I had a nice, sunny 35 mile drive to have lunch with the Old School Gal Pals--we had 11 today, which is a good crowd.  I ordered Nachos Supreme--Oh my--delish.  I have enough for tomorrow's lunch, of course the chips will be soggy, but the rest will be tasty.

After lunch and an 90 minute chat-up, I drove on out to the Cemetery to check on Fred and all my other ancestor's and best friend, then on over 3 miles to The Farm for a nice two hour chat-up with my little Sister.

She filled me in on all the news. 

I noticed as I drove by my old farm, that Daughter Pammie is have the almost falling down barn, taken down.  She found someone who wanted the wood so he is paying HER instead of her paying him to take it down.  She was at work, so I couldn't stop in.

Sister Susan said that my son Mark was down for a visit and he is feeling great!  The Chemo is finally all out of his body, his hair is coming back and he doesn't have to go back to the Oncologist for another infusion of the testosterone killing med until December.  He feels very strong and Susan said, the usually non-talkative Mark, spent almost an hour there chatting with them.  YAY!

I checked on my way home, thinking to stop in and see him, but he wasn't home either!

I got home around 6:00--clocked 72 miles on the car, with a non eventful drive.

Perfect day!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, it was worth the drive to Susan's to learn about Mark. I am SO happy to hear his news, Judy, just as I know you are.

    Glad you had a perfect day. xoxo

  2. Sounds great. So glad to hear that Mark is doing well.

  3. Sounds like a really great day. Glad you got good news about Pannie and Mark.

  4. a great day, lot's of good stuff...especially about mark, how wonderful!!!!

  5. Ooooh the nachos sound so good. And I'm so glad to hear that Mark is feeling much better. xoxo