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Sunday, September 18, 2016

It was the best of days-----------------

My oldest grand child's baby shower was Saturday, at Karen's.  A pictorial review:

To start off--this lady--my ex's wife, met me in the garage.  She said, "We've seen each other more in the last two months then we have in the last five years!"  Which is true--with the wedding, the class reunion and now the shower.

I replied, "When are you guys leaving for Florida?"

"First of October."

"Well, enjoy your winter of golf."

"Gary doesn't golf anymore."


"He hasn't golfed at all this last year.  With his bad eye and then his knee replacement--he just...."

"My gosh.  What does he do if he can't golf?"

She gave me one of those side-long, narrowing of the eyes look--"Nothing!"

"Oh oh.  You mean he follows you around and................"

"No--he sits in his chair and when he isn't sleeping he's 'Can you get me this...can you get me that.' "

"Oh....  Gosh.  I'm sorry,"  I replied, trying not to smirk.  Then she said the funniest thing..............

"You wouldn't want him back, would you?"
Wait. What?

I did laugh then.  A loud guffaw.  "Ah...no thanks.  I enjoy living alone."
Jennifer was there too.  She is working at her "home" office in Michigan all week.  She said she is coming over for a visit one evening.   She and Pammie were helping Karen cook and get everything ready for Helene's shower.

This little Munchkin is grandson Marcus' girl friend.  I met her years ago as she dances in Madeleine's ballet company.  She has called me Gramma Judy for years.  She wanted to sit on my lap.

We played a few shower games--fun ones I have never played before and then Daddy showed up.  He wanted to be there to see/help Helene open the gifts.  I can truly say, the first time I have ever seen the Daddy show up for a baby shower.

Mike is 6'5", Helene is 5'10".  I think we might have
a nice big and tall baby girl.  

Who says Daddy's don't get excited by little baby things?  His face was just radiant every time Helene opened another package.

I gave them this--"promise"--

A picture of what the baby quilt looks like now--

and what it will look like--hopefully--before the baby comes.

 So--they have a pretty good start on things....except no crib for the crib quilt to go on............GiGi (I think that stands for Great Grandma = GG?) may have to send along a bit of cash to get that baby a crib...

The obligatory photos:

 Soon to be: Great Grandma Judy, Grandma Karen, Momma Helene, Grandma Reva (Mike's Mom) Great Grandma Rivard (Karen's MIL) and Great Grandma Diane (ex's wife)

Soon to be Aunties:  Great Aunt Pam, Karen, Momma, Aunt Madeleine, Great Aunt Jennifer, we were missing Aunt Susanna, who lives in Oregon.  

"I love you", my Sweetest Girl!


  1. What a GREAT family day!!! Love that quilt. So glad you got to participate!!!

    1. The weird thing--I have 6 baby quilts all done, for future great grand kids, but none of them looked right for Helene. I had started this quilt in 2015--it is taking a lot of work--a lot of stitches!!!

  2. So much love. Oodles of it, GiGi! Now I know what you're doing each day. The quilt will be exquisite!

    Nothing like those comments from the second wife to make you pinch yourself for your good fortune. Thank you, God!

    1. Her comment kind of hit me strangely. I have known Diane since the 1960's. She and her husband were in our group of golfing buddies and attended many parties and dances with them. Her husband died right about the time Gary and I separated. I encouraged him to date her--knowing full well she wouldn't put up with much of his BS and being glad my kids would know their step mom. It's worked out pretty good for all concerned AND I don't have some old school bossy man to have to take care of. HAH!

  3. I'm glad you got to spend quality time with family. I've been to a couple of showers where the fathers showed up for the gift opening. I think it's really sweet.

    That's funny and fun what your ex-wife said to you. She's letting you know you didn't lose a prize worth having.

    1. I feel bad for him. Golf was the love of his life!

  4. Do you want him back? hahahaha That struck me as so funny, and I can guarandangteeya I wouldn't want mine back! But, like you Judy, I would feel bad for him or anyone who has to give up what they love.

    Beautiful shower - everyone so happy like it's supposed to be.


  5. Oh, and the baby quilt - is that cross stitch or embroidery? It's beautiful!!!

  6. The quilt is and will be gorgeous. That's the best present. Best of luck to the little family. xoxo

  7. Looks like a nice shower! We are giving a baby shower for Shauna and Brad, not just Shauna. Times are different now!

  8. Judy, you look so good. Sweet thoughts to your new grandchild-to-be. All happiness.