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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fireside Chat

I started getting so nervous and jittery at 7:00 last night.  I was really dreading having to watch the Presidential debate.  It makes me very uncomfortable when people raise their voices, or snipe at each other.  I wondered what else I could watch on TV last night, while I sat and crossed-stitched.

It made me think of the other TV shows I watch.  When Fred was here, we used to watch CSI and Medical shows and crime stories.  After he died, I couldn't stand to watch them--the violence, the noise and I still don't watch them anymore.

So, last night after Jeopardy, John and Maizey stopped in for 45 minutes, then they went home because he didn't want to miss the debate.  I came in and played a couple of Face  Book games and then decided I should watch, at least part of the debate.  I turned it on at 9:30 and Hillary was screeching about something.  Then the Donald started in.  Showing them split screen was interesting--to see their reactions while the other was holding court.  It appeared to me that all the whole Donald was talking, Hillary was looking down at notes or something.  Then when she rebutted, it seemed like she was reading from a well rehearsed script.

Then he'd start in and there she'd be, nodding her head, or sneering, then he'd do the same when she was speaking.

I flipped over to HGTV to watch Tiny House Hunting, but on their commercials, I'd switch back to the debate.

I don't think the debates are going to show anything new.  I don't really care what either one says because they both lie.  Neither one is fit to hold the most high office of the land.  I don't think it will really matter who wins.  Our country is in such disrepair, I'm not real sure it can ever be great again.

Thankfully, we only have six weeks to wait and then...Dear God, help us all!
I have to go to the doctor on Monday.  A follow-up on my chest x-ray.  Probably will have to have a CAT scan of my lungs.  I have had a "nodule" off and on for the last 4 years.  It shows up on an x-ray and then the next x-ray, 6 weeks later, it is gone.  Still, when the doctor's office called to set up an appointment, I got that icy cold band feeling around my middle.  That band of fear.

Last time I had to go back for a second mammogram.  I am almost waiting for that call to come too.  

My horoscope said 2016 was going to be a fantastic year for me.  I don't believe in such things, but at the time, I thought, "YAY!"  Well, it may or may not be true.

Whatever--my fireplace is being delivered tomorrow morning and I am going to enjoy it for as long as I have on this earth.  God will take care of the rest.


  1. Can't wait to see the new fireplace.

  2. i am excited about your new fireplace!!! i watched the debate and felt they could have used the time better. stayed on topic and talked about current issues and issues that interest the voters. i didn't understand some of it and so much was not relevant. just my humble opinion!!!!

  3. 2016 has seemed like a pretty good year for you! Getting the living room of your dreams.

    I did the SAME thing last night .... Tiny Houses and the debate. I am not sure why they call it a debate. At the very least there should be a moderator from EACH side ... and questions decided ahead of time, submitted by both sides. Currently it's a waste of time for all involved ...

  4. Today is the day! The timing is perfect, just as the nights are getting chilly. To think...a fireplace without all the wood and ash and chimney cleaning. I have a granite fireplace I blocked off by putting a display case and couch in front of. Too much work to use and mess when I did. Yours will be trouble free. Hooray!

    My take on the debate, and I only share because I know this won't come between us. He glowered and menaced, she stiffened and fought back. None of his Republican rivals could! >>sigh<< this is not the time for a kinder, gentler leader. I hope the time will come, and pray the compassionate side of Hilary will come out once she's in office.

    I grew up with a glowering tyrant and cowered in fear, so this is personal. Only when I was 45 was I strong enough to stand up to that parent. Picture Trump unconstrained with his hands around Hilary's neck. One of my proudest moments - standing my ground against a parent who attacked me. Confrontation ain't pretty, but capitulation is uglier.

    1. This is weird. I too was 45 when I first stood up to the glowering tyrant, but---not for myself. He was going after my little sister and I got in between, took his blows, looked him right in the eye and said, "Don't you EVER hit my sister again!" and the tyrant walked out of the room. Victory is ours!

    2. Way to go, Judy! Now I don't feel so bad it took me that long :-)

  5. Your fireplace will be here just in time! I know you'll love it :0

  6. Can't wait to see your fireplace.


  7. I watched about a 1/2 hour of the debate then I went up to read in bed! That was about all I could take! Your right, God help us all no matter who gets elected!

  8. We watched the debate but it was an uncomfortable 90 minutes. Trump needs to do better next time. I will pray for you as you have tests and learn results. Let not your heart be troubled! xoxo