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Friday, March 16, 2018


To the Doc's yesterday afternoon for my yearly Medicare Wellness Check.  

New government guidelines---if you have EVER smoked in your life, Medicare now requires you to take a breathing test.  Even though I had one three weeks ago at the pulmonologist's, I had to do another one--passed.

IF you are on any kind of opioid pain med OR anxiety med--I take Ativan--occasionally--you have to have a urinalysis.  To make sure you are taking it, but not taking too much.  To make sure you are taking it and not selling it!!!
I wonder how much I could sell it for?  My script reads, "take 3 daily", I only take 1.  Think of the $$$ I could make!!

Oh yes, and by the way--I asked the doctor if it was all right, when my shoulder hurts so much I can't sleep, if I could take half a Percocet at bedtime?

"Where did you get Percocet?"

"You gave me a prescription two years ago when I was still having pain from my hip surgery.  I have 10 left."

"No--it won't hurt you, but I won't give you anymore."

"Okay.  I don't want anymore.  I have 10 left...at one-half every three to six months, I should be okay.  I just wondered...because I am on a blood thinner, if it would hurt me."

"Percocet is addictive.  If I wrote prescriptions for it, the government could put me out of business."

"Why the heck would it matter if an old person became addicted to a pain med...if it eased their pain?"
I'm thinking about Pearl who is addicted to Tramadol, that this same doc gives her, but at least she finds some relief.

"The government would only see how many prescriptions I write for it and that could cause ME a problem."

"Okay.  So, if in the future, I need an opioid pain med, I'd have to go to a pain specialist?"

"Yep.  That is their speciality.  I'm just a primary care doctor....anything out of the ordinary, and I am required to refer you to a specialist."

Two pages of questions to answer--in the last 4 weeks, have you fallen?  Do you eat a good diet?  On and on.

My heart is good, nice and steady.  Lungs are good, nice and clear..no wheezes or rales.  Carotid arteries are good.  Blood work--fantastic.  Gained 2# since last year, but height is the same: 5'9 3/4".  

There is one test that Medicare should include--a memory loss/retention test, as...................

I requested a prescription refill on a med....

That prescription was filled and picked-up by me on March 2nd!  I have no memory of that!

See--good blood work means nothing to the way a person is aging.



  1. Pain killer pills are often stolen from old people by their grandkids or caregivers and sold on the streets. We're in the middle of an epidemic of pain killer overdoses and deaths. I understand and support the changes the government is making here. Some of the other stuff like repeating that lung test makes no sense at all! Glad you passed all your tests! You don't have to have the Medicare test if you don't want it.

  2. It's wonderful that all your tests were good! I haven't been to a doctor, except for the physical before cataract surgery, since the 80s. So, I just hum along, assuming all is o.k.

  3. I am not familiar with those Medicare guidelines that you spoke about. I have been to the doctors recently within the last six months, so perhaps they are newer than that. I am on Medicare because I have multiple sclerosis. I am however familiar with all the strict guidelines regarding pain medication, you are smart to keep them for times when you need it now because getting any kind of pain medication is very difficult. I know that From experience.

  4. Boy the government and doctors are more and more snoopy; as in urine tests to see if you are taking medication. Also I have read that they are now overly cautious about prescribing pain meds, as your post says.

  5. Having several family members become pain killer addicts, I wholeheartedly agree about being cautious ... although I lock ALL my meds in a safe because of cleaning people, grandkids, etc. BUT ... I think if a patient asks for help once a year ... good golly, that should be okay!

    CONGRATS on passing with flying colors!

  6. My sister has run into this problem with pain pills. She needs some pretty strong stuff for her arthritis if she wants to maintain her active lifestyle. Kaiser is becoming stingier and stingier with the prescriptions. She has to stay home more often due to the pain.

  7. Oh, forgot to mention (see, that memory thing of which you wrote) that I got my medicare report on all the tests and appointments I've recently had. The report showed I had no depression. So, when did they test for that? I guess the dr just checked off the box, after talking to me, that I seemed okay. I wonder if there is a box about being a bit crazy??

  8. Hi Judy! been thinking of you so did some digging and found you! now to catch up! hope all is well!

  9. I don't do that test, but my doctor can write scripts for whatever I need. Of course a couple needs a written script rather than ones that can be called in. Patti takes tramol and doesn't need to be written. I'm glad your tests came out well!

  10. When I was in the hospital the day before Christmas Eve in severe pain from my gallbladder attack they would not give me anything until they did the ultrasound and saw that my gallbladder was infected! Then they only gave me Motrin which took forever to work! After the surgery they were giving me narcos but those gave me a headache and I never took them when I got home. I also take Xanax once or twice a month to help me sleep. I get those from my primary care but probably only ask for a refill once a year. Glad all your tests are good!

  11. Oh dear. I am so glad I no longer need pain meds. The way they treat you if you even bring up the subject, is so judgmental and demoralizing. It's terrible that this "opioid crisis" has made it more difficult for those already dealing with chronic pain. xoxo