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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

March wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor Robin do then, poor thing.

Craziest winter we have ever had.

We got 8" of snow here and yet my sister, who lives 20 miles north, only got 1".  My cousin who lives 15 miles west, got 2".  We must have been in one of those "snow" bands.   Sunny yesterday and today, but when I went out to get the mail, I noticed the heavy snow had broken off two, fairly large Lilac bush branches.

At least we don't have Nor'Easters.  High tidal water and flooding can be as devastating as fire.  Both of them tear down houses.  I wouldn't care for those strong winds battering at me for a long time either.  

I went down to visit Pearl, as it was her 82nd birthday.  She kept trying to tell me she is 83, but I finally convinced her that she was born on March 1, 1936.  "Then what year did I get married?"

"1955.  You and Merle eloped to Angola, Indiana."

The conversation continued like that for awhile.  She asking me how old her kids were and was I sure she was born in 1936.

She has been diagnosed with early Stage II diabetes, as if we all didn't know that was coming on.  She only had to take a pill, not injections.  Then she said something that sort of stunned me.

"You know...this is my won fault."

"What's that?"

"The reason I can't walk.  When my legs started paining, I quit walking.  Every one told me I had to keep walking, but I just sat down and quit.  The more I sat, the worse the pain got.  They were all right.  The less I walked, the less I could and now look at me."

I didn't give her the "I told you so", what good would that do?  They had a ramp built from their back door down to their driveway.  It's 2 years old.  Pearl has never used it.  She's afraid of it.  So afraid, that if she does go out to get in the car, she still has to have Merle and her daughter take her down the 3 front steps--which is far more hazardous than the ramp.
I haven't seen Dar in a coon's age.  Almost a month.  I have no idea what is going on over there and should probably walk on over for a visit.  She is still in PT, as I see her leave twice a week, before 9:00.  She's was always a walking fanatic, but I never see her out walking either.

Which reminds me--I never see myself out walking either.  I count my weekly trips to Walmart, walking the length of the store as my exercise, but---another resolution to walk every day, once spring arrives.  
This genealogy I am trying to finish up--the one for my friend, is tough.  They don't have e-mail, so every time I have a question I have to call or write.

I called twice--apparently her husband didn't recognize my name--although he does know who I am, and hung up the phone.  So, I called back and when he answered, I quickly said, "May I speak to Liz."

I had two questions.  The call lasted an hour!  Every time I asked about a certain ancestor, that brought on a dissertation about their lives or their cousin's life, or maybe that Indian lady he had a child with.

"Was it that grandpa Richard, or the other one?  Judy needs to know."

Liz is one of our School Gal Pals that comes to our luncheons, and usually dominates the conversation.  She hasn't attended the last two, which has been kind of nice as we can all talk to each other.

She's mad at us now because we canceled our December lunch because of a big snow storm...one of the girls called Liz and told her and that we would not have another luncheon until January.

Well, wouldn't you know it, Liz went the next week and couldn't find us.  Then she went the first Thursday in January--we meet on the second Thursday, and once again couldn't find us, SO..she thinks we are meeting in private and won't tell her where.  Last week I sent her a note, with genealogy questions, but also the place we are meeting, next Thursday, directions, a map and a photo of what the place looks like.  One of the other girls is going to call her the day before for another reminder.
It's hard to see one friend's going downhill.  I don't mean forgetful, not being able to come up with a certain word--that is happening to all of us, but I mean really----sliding down that slippery slope faster than I can keep up.

Now I feel the road falling away under my feet, at times too.  New shows are coming on TV and if I don't write down the day/time/channel I will forget to watch.  When I have to go into town, I write down my "map"--bank, post office, grocery store, Michael's.  Not only do I do that so I won't forget, but I figure out where I have to go, the easiest route and no left turns.  LOL
I am filling up my March calendar.  Hair cut on Monday.  Lunch on Thursday.

Blood draw and doctor's appointment the next week.  Yes and other places I need to stop on the days I go.  I can't be wasting gas or my time.  LOL


  1. It is hard to see friends and/or relatives more forgetful than the norm. Thankfully, Mama never got that way; nobody in my family that I can remember has had Alzheimer's but one aunt--- so far. My closest friends had it and it was so heartbreaking to see. Her husband told me she said one day, "I think I'm going crazy, Al!" She had lung cancer for 20 years, and through surgeries and treatments, always holding it at bay. Alzheimer's was much more deadly and persistent.I don't know whether that is what your friend's problem is or not, forgetting more and more. I know what you mean about remembering which might and which channel for favorite shows. I need to make a list, wonder if I'd remember to look at it! 😉

    I think Pearl could probably also blame depression as part of her not getting out when she could, poor thing! You're right, "I told you so!" never helps!
    While you had the snow, we had the edge of the Nor'easter! Crazy weather patterns.....

  2. The weather has been so unpredictable this year.

    My group of friends who meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays has a person who can never remember which Monday it is. I send out email reminders several days ahead but half the ladies don't read their emails on a regular basis. It's sad and frustrating.

    Ramps can be scary if they are icy but otherwise they are so much safer and easier than steps. I feel badly for Pearle's family having to deal with an irrational fear like that.

  3. Very sad about Pearl, Judy. It really is hard on the family and friends like you who care so much.

    As for walking, I've fallen into not doing it anymore, and I should get back out there. The last two places we lived were perfect, not so much here.

    Take care, it's always good to see you here.


  4. hehehe, busy girl!! i was not sure i would be able to find you under all that snow!!!

    ps..i think walking is over-rated, too much wear and tear on the joints!!!

  5. I'm surprised you don't stroll in your lovely neighborhood. I love to walk and it's been so long since I could do more than walk around the house, go to the store, and maybe go on an occasional photo shoot for no more than an hour. I do fear falling just about as much as anything. It's terrible to fall. Oh and tell Liz, mercy girl, paranoia will destroy ya. Nobody's freezing you out. Do keep up. Haaahaha happy spring, Judy xoxo

  6. Sad to hear about Pearl.
    You sure did get a lot of snow. We had a Nor'Easter here on Friday. It blew for more than 24 hours. A lot of people lost their power in our state, but we didn't. Very lucky.

    I need to make sure I write down my appointments or put them in my phone calendar. That's all good, but then I have to remember to check my calendar. We're all getting old.