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Thursday, January 4, 2018


I had to run to the bank and the print shop yesterday and it was 14 degrees--outside temperature.  I don't know what the wind chill factor was, but it was cold.

Today, I have to go back to the print shop AND up to Brighton to get some ink jet refills.  The high today is 7.

I don't wear a hat.  I noticed yesterday, there are a lot of older women, with short hair, that also do not wear hats.  We get out of our cars and hurry into the store.  Guess we figure no hat or gloves are needed.

If I have to take the garbage out or fill the bird/squirrel feeders, I DO pull on a knit hat (actually crocheted one that my Pammie made.)

I also run around the house barefooted.  

Apparently this lifetime Michigander is used to this cold?

Although, for it being this cold, this long, is unusual even for us.  And today, the Northeast is being battered by a Nor'Easter complete with ice and snow and worse than anything we here have ever seen.  Even coolish in Florida, I hear.

As yes, the climate it is changing.  I don't know if we are headed for a new Ice Age or a Heat Wave, but having studied geology in college, I know the earth goes go through climate changes every now and then--like every thousand years or so.

What can WE do about it?  Not much.  It is going through its normal cycles.  The hole in the ozone layer is already there and the industry that built this country, probably is to blame.
As you can tell, by my absence of posting, I am finishing up a genealogy--thus the running to and fro to the print shop.  I want to get it in the mail by Friday.

I also finished up the Newsletter for our 60th class reunion, that was in June, but has taken me this long to get people to cooperate and send me their profiles!  I told them all that it's a wonder they didn't fail English composition because they aren't very good at getting their "assignment" done in a timely manner.  HAH!  I got all but 3 profiles, so those people WILL NOT be in the Newsletter.

They think our Senior English Composition teacher was tough?  They don't know who they are messing with in me!!!
I have another genealogy waiting in the wings and 2 more after that one.  YOWZA!!!

I hadn't had any since last April and in September I starting praying to God to, "please send me a genealogy", and in October I got one.  Then these have come on fast and furious.

My sister told me, "Don't you know you are supposed to be specific with God?  You should have prayed, 'please send me one genealogy, a month,  for the next six months.'"
This last one was difficult.  I had to figure out how to get into records from Denmark.  Then I had to figure out the translation of people's names and dates.

How could a woman's maiden name be different than her father's surname?  Elaine Rasmusdatter.  Her father's name, Rasmus Hansen.  Rasmusdatter actually means, Rasmus' daughter.  So in reality, her name is Elaine Hansen, but she is listed as Rasmusdatter.  

As an example, on my wedding certificate, I would be listed, not as Judith Walts, but as Judith Charlesdatter, my father being Charles Walts.  I was going to be married, so my maiden name wouldn't mean much from then on anyway.  I wouldn't be, Judith Charlesdatter Miller, but just Judith Miller.

If the name I was searching was male, his name, instead of Hans Hansen, might be listed as Han Rasmussen.  The "Sen" meaning son=Hans Rasmus' son.

Oh, it was fun to work through, with a lot of checking back and forth, if I had the right child with the right parents.  I don't charge my clients for that "back and forth" checking.  That is something that I have to do to make sure I have the correct lineage.  I might work 5 actual hours, but only charge for 4 hours.

My sister says I am an "obsessive perfectionist" and that would be a correct adjective, when it comes to the genealogies.  BUT--you should see my house!

It is a filthy mess in here and one I must correct!  I have to start in the back bedroom and work through this place to the this room in front.  

So, I will see you when I can.  LOL


  1. I figured that was what was keeping you busy. I loved doing my families genealogy but I don't think I'd get the same kick out of doing it for strangers. More power to you.

    I'm a life long Michigander, too, and I think people who go out in this kind of weather without proper winter gear are flat out crazy. 1) you never know when you might get in a highway pile up and end up being in out in the elements for hours. But I also recognize that we each have different internal "furnaces" to keep us warm or cold. At the least I hope you carry hats, gloves and boots in your car when you go out.

    1. I DO have hats, gloves. scarf and boots in the back seat of my car, just in case I travel further than 3 miles. :-)

  2. It is definitely coolish in Florida. They are predicting 19 tonight. We had rain yesterday and in Southern Ga, right on the border of FL/GA line there was quite a bit of snow. Not totally unheard of. It snowed here in 1989, which I vividly recall. Yes, the "sen" is son and usually the name is passed on to each as a surname. Makes it hard to follow the Danes. I know. But that was interesting to learn it also applied to the daughters as well.

    1. 19? That's even cold for here!!!
      Our family was in Clearwater Beach on Christmas Day, 1976, and it snowed a bit. My kids thought it was great! Travel all the way down to Florida for Christmas Vacation and still had a white Christmas.

  3. It snowed here last night. We ended up with about 6 inches---more than we've seen in a few years. I swear---it didn't seem like what I though a "blizzard" looked like! The wind was blowing pretty hard also. It is supposed to get down to -1 Sunday morning, though.
    So names like
    Johnson, Jameson, Peterson, and so on came from the original first name, and then the son was added as they had sons, etc?
    Then, Simon barJonah in the a Bible always meant Simon(Peter) was the son of Jonah. So, I guess "bar" in the Hebrew language meant "son of". How does that meld with bar Mitzvahs (Sp??), I wonder. They have it when the boys become "men", I think. I didn't have college and I never studied languages.
    I can see how you get so far down the rabbit hole sometimes. It starts one to thinking of how names originated!
    I never saw Mama wear a winter hat, no matter how cold it was. She had on wool scarves that she'd pull up loosely to cover her ears,mostly. I figure it must be all about static and how we look like we've been mildly shocked when we pull the hat off of our hair! 😁
    Stay safe, friend!

  4. Well, no one can say you aren't keeping busy in the cold. Ou temp right now is 14F. Our low will be 9. Our highs are reaching the 20s. It snowed half the day yesterday. They haven't plowed our road. We stayed home today, but H wants to venture out tomorrow to Sam's. We'll see. Glad you got some genealogies.

  5. Today, the high was 7 degrees and I had to go to the Post Office. My car started right up. It has been sunny each day for the last couple of weeks. The sun doesn't lift the temp, but it sure helps the mood. Expected 35 on Sunday-Monday. We will think it's a heat wave.
    Temp inside, a nice 73 degrees.

  6. This is so interesting. I knew about the "datter" part -- having read parts of the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy -- but I did not know that "sen" means son. We have some friends named Rasmussen. That's fascinating. I'm glad you have plenty of the work you love.