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Saturday, January 13, 2018

What day is it?

I'm still discombobulated from the holiday weeks we had, when I had no idea what day it was, unless I looked at my calendar.

I have been so busy this last week and had no errands to run that it didn't really matter what day it was, but still, I was shocked to realize that today was Saturday and only realized it when at 11:00, I realized that Michigan State and University of Michigan were playing the rival game today at noon.

We (Michigan State) lost, which wasn't really unexpected by me.  Two weeks ago, we were the #1 college basketball team in America, beating teams by 28 points.  BUT--that was preseason and you can't really tell how good or bad a team is until they start conference play.  

Oh well--you don't need to hear about all that.
The genealogy that I am working on now, has been interesting.  Probably made more so because my client has biographies written by her grand parents.  I can print those pages and put them in with the "facts and figures" pages and plump up the book.  Just imagine what a treasure to have for the generations still to come.  

I decided to renew my subscription to Ancestry.com International, so that I can access birth and marriage records from European countries.  My client's ancestor's are fairly new emigre's and if I could only access USA records, I'd only get a couple of generations.  

I'm near the "top of the tree" now, so I may be able to finish writing the book this week.
We are back in the deep freeze.  All the snow had melted by Thursday evening, with a temp of 57 that day.  Then Friday the snow started--we got 3-4 inches, which was nice because it covered up all the mud and dead grass and is once again, a pretty, white wonderland outside.  Along with that, came the single digit temps again.  

I wanted to run up to Subway and get me a Spicy Italian Foot Long sub for supper this afternoon, but every door on my car was frozen shut and I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with that problem.  I DO have to go up to Meijer tomorrow to get cat food, milk and bathroom tissue, so I'll pour some water on the driver's side door, to get it unfrozen, and then when I get home, try and remember to spray the rubber around the door with PAM cooking spray.  That helps the doors from freezing shut--or so I heard.
My grandson is getting married June 2nd, so the other day, I did spend some time on a few websites looking for an appropriate "Grandma" dress to wear.  That was quite an experience to tell you about later.


  1. Comgradulation on Grand son up coming wedding. I had some what a hard time for mothers dress. Well what I ran into fashion that is meant for someone who is fit and trim. That's not me.
    Coffee is on

  2. Do you have an Auto-Zone store around? If so, call and ask if they have a better produce than PAM made for that purpose.

    Have you done much at Ancestry.com International with research Italian ancestor? I've been told very little of their ancestry was online but that was a few years back so I never got the membership. What does it cost theses days?

  3. I can always tell when you have a family tree project! So glad to hear from you for a short bit.

    This one sounds very interesting. Have you thought about "advertising" in your local Craigslist to do genealogies? Or start a new blog and post frequently so when people are searching your blog GENEALOGY HELP will be right at the top!

    Brrrrr. Portland, Oregon was 58 degrees yesterday. And sunny!

  4. I hate that business of trying to find something to wear to a special event. When my nephew died, I had to find something for the funeral. I never have the right thing to wear. I did find something that can dress up black pants. I don't wear dresses anymore or heels. I'm sure you will find something lovely. Probably already have.

  5. Guess I won't tell you how cold I am today. But, wait Weds a.m. supposed to be 28. Britt didn't want me to leave them today, but I'm hardheaded. Hunt told me not to freeze. I will but never tell her. :)


  6. you are really quite the sports fan, i don't know one team from another. i wouldn't even know the steelers were a football team except that my sister talks about them all the time. we don't follow sports here in this house!!

    my niece is getting married in march and i have been looking for a dress too. i found 2 at dress barn that i liked and ordered them. i'm pretty sure they will not fit but i have to start somewhere. don't order a dress from macy's. i ordered one once, it was rolled up and placed into one of those small bags....and was all wrinkled when i received it. terrible care and presentation.....

    our snow has all melted, we are back to freezing. i am so glad you have gotten some genealogy work, it makes my heart happy that maybe you have a few extra dollars.

  7. Wow! Wouldn't be wonderful if we all had our grandparents' biographies? Even diaries! I'd treasure them. I can't imagine what you'll run into. :)
    I wished we liked basketball--because now it's all basketball, and nothing else to watch.Hubby loves his college football, and I like the Olympics.
    I wish I could find a grandma dress. I have a wedding in Mar. where I may as well be a grandma, one in Feb. I hope isn't as dressy. I don't look forward to these things. I am thinking y of ordering a wig, for my hair is just so thin. It's stressful when you can find no place to even try one on. I can't figure the right color, or even style!
    We're supposed to have more snow on Wrds., but maybe it won't amount to much. Weather is back in the terms at night!
    Stay well and warm!

  8. Oh dear, dresses for weddings. I have looked at thousands. Good luck. Meanwhile, stay warm. xoxo