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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Crazy weather

Our predicted temperature for tomorrow is 50 degrees.  4 days ago, it was -20.  So that means, our temperature difference will be 70 degrees in five days.  Yes, I know.  That's just plain weird.

The park's maintenance guys kept scraping our street today, as the sun shone and the snow melted.  Unfortunately, with all this action, they filled in the end of my driveway with lots of chunks of un-melted snow.  I wasn't planning on going anywhere today, but I decided I needed some fresh air, and get away from this computer.

I went out and started the car and then drove forward and back until I had the end of the drive pretty much flattened.  Then I sprinkled some ice melt on it.  The ice melt will work even in very cold temps.  I just didn't want those chunks of snow to harden and ice up.  We are expecting another big snow this weekend.

It felt almost like early spring, out there, in the sun, so I took the opportunity to fill up the bird feeders and the squirrel food box.  Within minutes of coming back in, I saw 4 Cardinals, 6 Blue Jays, Chick-A-Dees, Titmouse, Nut Hatch and two squirrels having an afternoon snack.

I also got my bedroom and bathroom and kitchen cleaned up and will mop the kitchen floor tomorrow.  I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately and getting these chores done, really calms me down and makes me feel good.

It is always better for me to have chores done before I get involved in the computer/genealogy.  I can concentrate much better.  I think I finally have a time-schedule in place to give me ample time to climb branches AND keep my house in some semblance of order.  
Dar had shoulder surgery this morning and was home by 2:00.  I can't even imagine coming home that quickly.  If I get cut into, I am going to at least spend the day and night in a hospital.  

She's home with a pain pump!!  Are you kidding me?  That kind of equipment and procedure belongs in a hospital setting, in my opinion--especially at our ages!
I haven't heard from anyone in the family all week, so I can assume that means everyone is all right?  No news is good news?  Right?
Dang kids!

Well, if I don't see or talk to them, then I won't make a mistake and say or do something that is misinterpreted, so I guess, it's a good thing.  HAH!


  1. I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago as did my niece. We both came home the same day. It's better because you have less chance of getting infections that can kill you or at least make it harder to heal.

    What brand of ice melt do you use that works in cold temperatures? I haven't found any that works below 20.

    I love having a clean house, too. It does make you feel different.

  2. hi judi, same here with the weather. it is suppose to be 50 on friday, with rain, i'm just glad it's not snow as we have so much on the ground already!!!

    stuck in the house, i have been cleaning a lot too. chuck helps me, i am not a big fan of cleaning but i love when the house is sparkly clean!!!

    1. I don't mind cleaning, it's just that it hurts my back so much, I have to take a break every 20 minutes, so it takes me forevah!

  3. It's warmer here today, but raining.

    Those pain pumps, I don't think anyone can overdose; you're only allowed so many 'pumps'. Is her dad still there?

    I finally took down the Christmas this morning, and that makes me feel better too along with vacuuming. Now, I can be a slug for a while. :)


    1. She can't overdose on it, but I'd hate to have the dang thing still stuck in me!!! Just give me a Percocet and I'll be fine. LOL
      Old wives tale--if you don't take down your Christmas tree by January 6th, bad spirits will enter your house and ruin the entire year. You better go through the house burning sage to get rid of the evil spirits. LOL

  4. Oh I hear you. When I had total hip replacement last March, they wheeled me back to surgery at 2:00 p.m. I was walking into my door (with a walker but otherwise unassisted) at 10:00 p.m. I had actually been "up" for hours, walking all around. That surgery was easier than falling off a log but I understand that shoulder and knee surgeries are lots more complicated.

    Good job taking control of that ice. We don't want you slipping and falling. I know the birds were glad to see the feeders filled up. The weather is nuts here too; we had a bona fide deep freeze here last week, but today it's seventy degrees. The azaleas will start blooming if it doesn't cool down again.

    I'm like you: If the house is in disarray, I cannot think. Tidying everything up comes first.

    Sorry I didn't see your comment on my blog until today. I've been preoccupied with wedding stuff. That's how it's going to be for many more weeks! We are down to the wire.


  5. It's 67 degrees here today, but rainy. If it had been sunny, would would have died from joy. I know exactly what you mean about a clean house. I always feel better when my house is clean. It's a mental thing. Take care and don't slip on that ice.

  6. Weather is the big issue here, too. I stay home a lot these days. I haven't been able to get into my blog for a couple of months, I think, something about a mix up with my password rememberer, but my son was here over the weekend and solved the problem for me, again! I don't know why programs revert to something old and that gives me trouble because I forget the old. Soon I'll get a blog written again. Meanwhile, I'm glad you're still getting along okay in spite of the weather. I know what you mean about wanting our kids to keep in touch each week. Nancy