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Monday, July 10, 2017

Many things I don't understand.................

I have a question.  Well, I have a lot of questions.

When I went grocery shopping, I picked out 4 ears of sweet corn.  What I noticed was that, of the 4 people standing around the sweet corn bin, (including me) 3 of those people were husking the corn and putting the husks into the...I don't know what it's called, "husk receptacle"?  

Why would they take the protective husk off hours before cooking the corn?  The kernels immediately start to dry out, once the husk is removed.  Of course, on the farm, we picked it, carried it to the house, husked it and dumped it into the already boiling water.  I can't do that now, but I leave the husk on until just before I cook it.

In fact, I have lately left the husk on, lay it in the microwave and cook for 4 minutes.  Take it out, slip off the husk and man!!!  That ear of corn, even if it is a few days old, is sweet and steamed and delish.
I have another question.  Why can't I grow Succulents?  I used to have "Hen's and Chick's" in an outside rock garden.  They thrived--even though they stayed out there all winter.  They came back in the spring, with additional chick's and sent up stems with flowers on the top.  I ignored them completely and they loved it.

Three years ago, I spent quite a bit of $$ for Succulents to put in my big coffee cup planter.  I had stones in the bottom for good drainage and I didn't water it very often.  Before the summer was over, they had all turned to mush and died.

 The one below cost $8.00 alone!

Last year I didn't buy any, but a couple of weeks ago, I was at Lowe's and their Succulents were on sale.  They look really healthy.  I even got special soil for them, a planter with a drain hole and read up on how to grow them before I planted them.

Already, my favorite one that looked like a pin-cushion (front in this photo) is turning mushy!


Dar's 18 year old grand daughter moved out of her mother's home, because she hates her.  Her mother moved out of Dar's home, because she hates her.  Anyway, so this girl (?) came to visit grandma and I went over to say "Hi", as I haven't seen her in four years.

The one in the middle is Dar's grand daughter.  She introduced me to the other two as, "This is my best friend Dakota and my lover Sierra."    Okey Dokey.

I can't wait to hear Dar's take on the weekend visit.
My porch pots and planters are doing well.  Today, we have had a nice, gentle, rain most of the morning.


  1. I used to have tons of hens and chickens that would come up year after year at my other house, but when I try them here they rarely last three years before they all die out. I finally figured out in my case they are getting smothered by landscape bark. This fall I'm digging them up, putting them in temporary pots to winter and they won't get replanted until after the landscape bark is refreshed next spring.

    I sometimes take the husks off the corn in the store, sometimes not. It's messy and if I'm going to use the corn right away it's not going to dry out that much.

  2. I don't understand the shucking of corn in the store. I haven't seen it done here in the grocery stores BUT at Fresno State University which is infamous for its corn. People line up, in the heat, to get it. It's okay corn, but not that great in my book. But, people there will shuck it right there in the farm store. The employees put up signs asking people not to do that, but then when that didn't work, they put out large garbage cans for the refuse. I keep mine tightly wrapped until time to use it.

  3. I've seen others shuck also; I guess they are planning to cook it right away and don't want the mess in their house.

    Your flowers are beautiful, Judy. I'm so envious. :)


  4. I never want to cease having questions!

    Because when I cease having questions, I will "be done."

    And I am not ready, to "be done," yet!


  5. Husking corn in store. Must be city folk. No one with any country knowledge, would do that.

    Wonder, do they think it is sold by weight at the check out? And think they are "saving some money"? LOL

    Luna Crone

  6. Succulents do not want any special treatment. They prefer to grow where they first found themselves.

    If you bring in "fancy" ones, and set them up, they feel they don't really "belong." And like all things, which do not feel content in their surroundings, they "poop out."

    There!!! How is that for Succulent Wisdom 101??? LOL

    Luna Crone

  7. "This is my best friend Dakota and my lover Sierra."

    Yeah, a couple of our second grand's college friends, were to get married, this spring. Never heard if they did, but I imagine they did. -sigh-

    Is male/female bonding getting too complicated? And some girls/women, feel it more simple, to do female/female bonding?

    Or as many say, is one's sexual preference, inborn?

    I don't know. So I don't judge. No "skin off my nose," what anyone else does, in this matter.

    1. She could have just said, My girlfriend Sierra: and I would have known what she meant.

  8. Your flowers are terrific this year, as usual!

    Why do people feel it necessary to let us in on their sex life? I, for one, don't really need (or want) to know. I have a niece who is living with a man and says she is bisexual. If I were him, I think my feelings would be hurt ... as there is nothing he can "compete" with. And most of my younger friends who are gay seem to be ANGRY with everyone about everything then blame it on our prejudice ... I'm sure most of these younger ladies don't want to hear about MY sex life and preferences .... so why do they think we want to hear about theirs?

    1. I think that when young people share too much of their sexual preferences, it is a form of rebellion... And "in your face" acting out.

      We are looked on, as "the old folks." And so, we are fair game, to "shock." LOL

      If we allow ourselves, to be, that is. ,-)

  9. We used to have hens and chickens - cats and kittens. I haven't had them in years.

    I always cook my corn in the microwave unless I have to cook a bunch of it for a bunch of people. Then it all goes in a big pot. Jimmy Stewart used to say that the best way to cook corn is to take a pot of boiling water out to the garden, pick the corn and put it in. LOL It is true, though; the fresher corn is, the better it is. The sugar content changes quickly after it's picked. Microwaving it is great.

  10. I wish I could help you with your plant problem but alas, I cannot. Nothing grows on my watch. Even if I follow the instructions to the letter, plants die around me. It's a mystery. Also a mystery is the alarming reality that now and then, I see a person who, no matter how hard (although discreetly) I stare, looks to me as though they could be either male or female. I know what this crowd are doing: They're waiting until all of us die so that they can take over the world. God help us. xoxo

  11. My hens and chicks bit the dust too, after surviving cold winters and hot summers.

    I wouldn't dream of husking corn at the store! I'd think of the bacteria that would get on it!