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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

...and the beat goes on.

Nice rainy day yesterday, but then the sun came out and it got humid.  Last night, even though it was only 65 degrees, with the humidity, I felt clammy!  Turned on the A/C to dry it out!  Now this morning, it is hot and clammy outside, so I will leave the A/C on all day and stay inside.

OOps!  Crisis mode!  I emptied the last can of wet cat food and used the last cup of dry cat food.  Not good.  More importantly, I just noticed I have about a cup of Diet Pepsi left and when I looked in the Pepsi Cupboard, it was empty.  How could I have not noticed that yesterday?  AND, I used my last cup of milk for my morning warm cocoa!
Well, the morning went by very quickly and the next thing I knew, it was time to watch my Soap.  I kept yawning and wanted to fall asleep and couldn't figure out why...until my dim mind remembered, I had been sipping on Decafe Diet Pepsi.

Right after my Soap was over I headed out.  OhMyGosh--smothering outside.  Why?  Why?  Why?

Instead of running to the store this morning, when it was a bit cooler, I decided it would be fun to go in the heat of the day, with a car air conditioner that works intermittently, depending on how hard a bump I go over that shorts out the fan switch and send the air up to the windshield instead of into the car.

45 minutes, I was home.  Nice and cool in the store so I took my time.  Got it all plus.  

Suppose to have thunderstorms tonight and severe weather tomorrow night.  It's hard to know what MY weather will be like because the weather report comes out of Detroit and a lot of storms that affect that area come up from Ohio and never reach up this far north (60 miles).  

Well, I have a radar map that has an arrow on the precise piece of ground I live on, so I will check that once in a while tomorrow.
BTW--I found out, Dar's grand daughter was sexually molested by her father when she was 8-10.  She declared at 12, that she was a Lesbian.  Before that, she was a thin, delicate little thing, with long dark curls and always dressed in cute dresses.  At 12, she got her hair cut boy style, put on a lot of weight, and walks rather "mannish"--almost always has a baseball cap on.  

Her "lover's" father left mother and her when she was 11.  I think their preferred lifestyle choice comes from not trusting and being afraid of men.  Much easier not to have a man involved in your life when you've had those experiences.  Much easier to dress and behave very mannish so as not to attract a man.  Right?

What bothered me the most was that Dar is elated that her grand daughter left home.  "That will serve her Mother right!, she said.

Yet, when her daughter left home, Dar didn't feel that way.

Dar and her daughter are very much alike.  Bossy, demanding, threatening, uncompromising.  Just like Dar's mother was.

Generation after generation...and the beat goes on!


  1. I finally turned my AC on late this afternoon. And since we're supposed to have bad weather over night and tomorrow I won't bother turning it off.

  2. I had to make my way to the grocery store yesterday. We didn't have much here. It about wore me out, but glad to have gotten it done.

    Dar's life is like a soap opera, but then again I guess mine is too. LOL


  3. The mornings have been humid, but I've noticed that the humidity seems to drop as the morning goes on. I never turn the AC off though. It's too hot for that no matter what the humidity is.

  4. That's sad, about Dar's family. It's very hard to break that circle of abuse and it can carry from generation to generation unless you acknowledge it and make an effort to break that chain. Believe me, I know from experience. My Mom was verbally abusive to us and I found myself doing the same to my kids. I broke that cycle but it took time and it was very hard.

    1. Me too. When I could hear my verbally abusive dad's words coming out of my mouth, directed at my children, I knew I needed to correct my behavior!!

  5. So dislike that clammy feeling... Like everything feels kind of wet, even clothes. worst part is when I begin to feel it is "difficult" to breath. Of course, it's just a feeling. but.... on goes the A/C!

    We both seem to be in a T-storm area. YIsh...

    Luna Crone

  6. So sad, for children to have had such horror things, in their young lives. Understandable, to try to deal with them, by making life style changes.

    Generation after generation. sighhhhh Actually, it's better for these girls, to not choose to procreate. Because chances are, the issues would just keep being repeated. in one way or another.

    What say you????

    Luna Crone

  7. People carry such insupportable baggage. It's sad. I'm glad your foray to the grocery turned out well. The reason it's hot and sticky is ... it's summertime! Haaahaha. That's why, like you, I stay inside mostly. At least during July and August. In South Carolina, the heat and humidity are intense. I can't take it. My A/C runs always -- although, a few weeks ago it conked out in the middle of the day and it was the next day before we could get HVAC repair out to top the unit off with freon. The A/C-less night was oddly comfortable -- almost chilly. Part of that I chalk up to our brick house which holds the cool for a long time. Also our bedroom is always the coldest room in the house. The ceiling fan is always set to high. That night, with only our sheet for cover, TG and I were extremely comfortable. I slept like a little bitty baby. It's when you get up and try to actually DO anything -- besides sleep -- that the heat takes you down to a nub. So we're cool again. All is well. xoxo

    1. The heat is bad on me, but the humidity is the killer!!!

  8. the heat is unbearable for me. yesterday i went out and shouldn't have.

    sad when cycles don't change!!