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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's Wednesday---I think.

This greeted me when I first opened Face Book yesterday morning.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

It was eerily quiet around here the last few days--in the mornings that is.  I'd wake up and wonder if I had gone stone deaf!  Not a sound, except the Tinnitus ringing in my ears.  Of course, that all changed as darkness came.

For some reason, people find it fun to set off loud explosive devices.  Not pretty fireworks kind, just very loud bangs!  Now, as a person who suffers from a phobia of loud, sharp noises, it makes for an uncomfortable couple of hours.

I thought I had that phobia taken care of, along with my anxiety, depression and panic attacks and I no longer get anxious when thunder storms come in, but last night, I had to succumb to screwing my ear plugs, deep into my ear canals.  Because, THE IDIOTS were walking the street in front of and behind my house, setting off the loud bangers.
All is quiet once again this morning.  It feels like Sunday, but my "reminder" days flip-chart says "Wednesday" and I rely on that, rather than a feeling.

This photo greeted me first thing on Face Book this morning.  Darling Della enjoying her first 4th of July up at Karen and Mark's cottage.  I wonder if the fireworks over the lake scared her?


  1. I was going to write that I didn't get the meme at the top and then it hit me, she's talking about our independence day. That is pretty funny. And Della at the bottom looks like a very sweet baby.

    Its' Sunday quiet around here, too. Lots of people have the week off and they're on vacation.

    Maybe you'll have to get yourself a thunder shirt like they make for dogs who don't like fireworks and storms. LOL

  2. oh my goodness judy, she is just darling. i LOVE her outfit!!!

    on the 2nd we went to see fireworks. on the 4th we decided to stay home...we were able to see 4 towns displays from our back yard on the river. and my rich next door neighbor put on quite a show as well. his were huge fireworks. we did well, i was glad we stayed home!!!

  3. Fireworks seem such a waste to me. Of course, back in my childhood days, I don't think there were many set off, just a sparkler or a few single pop firecrackers. We have two dogs who are terrified of thunder and loud noises.

    Precious little girl!

  4. Cutey Darla...

    We didn't have any bangs, near here. We can hear them, "way off" somewhere. But none here. Actually expected to hear more, since fireworks are now openly sold here. :-(

    I would not at all, like to have them, walking around the neighborhood.

    I take it, not all who live there, are retirees? Because I doubt retirees, would be doing such. Sounds like young weirdos.

    So if young weirdos live there, why do you continue to leave your doors unlocked???

    Luna Crone

  5. My daughter in law post a "Happy Treason Day"...Coffee is on

  6. Little Della is just darling!! I saw that Queen post in my FB feed as well and cracked up! :)

  7. We didn't hear any fireworks on the 4th for some reason. Last year was different. I subscribe to dictionary.com's "word of the day," and it makes an odd noise when it comes in on my phone. It always scares the heck out of me. So weird. I hate noise pollution in general. It doesn't scare me, just annoys me.

    Della is the sweetest baby.

  8. She's one of the most beautiful babies I've seen. :)