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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


I am starting to notice something--scary.

My short term memory is getting bad.

When I first wake up in the morning, I am a bit confused as to what day it is.  If you asked me right then, "What did you have for supper last night?", I wouldn't be able to tell you.  

Sometimes, while falling asleep at night, I think of something I want to do the next day, but the next day---I have to really think hard and for a long time on, what it is I wanted to do, and even then I can't recall.

Last Thursday night, instead of being in my computer room the last place I am before I go to bed, I was watching TV and got up and went to bed.  Friday morning when I came in here, my computer was still on and my night time pills were still in the little box.  Thankfully, I have my table lamp in here on a timer, or it would have still been on.

To top it all off, last month I forgot to pay a bill.

I have some bills I pay by check and some I pay on-line out of my checking account.  Along about April 28th, I was reconciling my checking account balance and was $40.00 less than what the bank was showing.  I went check by check against my bank statement.  I couldn't figure it out.  On the list I print out of what is due, when it is due, I had lined out that bill, so I knew I had paid it.

Later that day, I got an e-mail from the company saying my account was overdue.  I quickly got into that account and realized at once what I had done.

I had put in the information, what I was to pay, the day I wanted to pay, but had forgotten to click on the "submit" button.


Sometimes I even forget how to spell a word and have to Google it to get the correct spelling.
I have no problems remembering birthdays or appointments.  I have no problems when doing my genealogies.  I keep things on schedule and in good order, but the other things......................

Now I worry what I may have forgotten something that is really important.  

I have always been very organized and kept everything in my mind without needing to make lists.  Now, I have to write everything down!

It's creeping me out!  Do I need to see a neurologist and get a memory test?


  1. My hubby who is on medicare each year for his physical part of it is a memory test that is given by his doctor.
    Then he or she can send you to write direction. I pray it nothing I loose words more then I like
    Coffee is on

  2. I pray this is nothing. I had a bad fall on the side of my head,no bruising when my son was here. It has been 3 weeks
    and notice a little of the same. went to doctor, she looked in my eyes and said I was fine. Judy, I am 82 and so much
    started happening 4 to 5 years ago and told it is normal
    but do not like. Do all you know to do, rest more, pray
    and keep moving...I do not like that when I go to the doctor
    they say "you look fine" but I do not feel fine.

  3. I think what you're describing is common and rather normal in our peer age bracket. I personally won't be asking a doctor about my having to look up words for correct spelling or not remembering what I ate for dinner because I don't want those notes on my health records and there isn't anything they can to about it anyway. There is no magic pill or treatment. We just need to keep trying to exercise our brains and I keep my blog for that purpose.

    1. I don't tell my doc anything! Everything nowadays, goes on our health records, and like Dar and her noted, "prone to anxiety and hysteria" on hers, I sure don't want anything like senility on mine because, it DOES reflect on how we are treated by the health care people. She is taken less seriously because of that notation!

  4. It's life, in "The Older Lane." Probably starts at different times, for different individuals. But as far as this house is concerned... We have to write down everything.

    When this becomes noticeable, it is wise to do so.

    Here, it is a mini calendar. All bills/date due, go on there. All appointments go on there. All things necessary to remember, go on there.

    Pills are set up, in our daily way.

    Night "rituals" (be sure doors are locked--outside back light on-night security on) are done, every night, same time, same way.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    You've had a "wake up call." Use it, to make sure you deal with things, in best way.

    Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt. (LOL Don't you just "hate" that ancient saying?!?!)

    Luna Crone

  5. Oh and of course, the daily "write down lists"!!!!

    Food needed, when we think of an article, write it on a master list.

    Have a Master List of stuff to do "outside". And mark off,as they are done. It feels grrreat. :-)

    Stuff like that. For each household, lists would be unique, of course.

    But. It is normal and natural. Don't let it spook you.

    As someone said, keep your mind moving, which you do in spades, with the geology work!

    Keep our interests up. Read about them. Find new ones, when old interests pale.

    Use the Net! It is full of garbage, Yes. But finding the non-garbage is mind sharpening. ,-)

    Chin up Girl! Your mind is still sharp as a tack. You can learn to deal with, what now needs dealing with.

  6. awwww judy, i am 58 and much of what you talked about is my "normal". i don't want to be dismissive, you should probably talk to your primary to see if it should be looked into further. everyone is different, not everyones "normal" is the same, it never hurts to check with a professional. and keep up all that work you are doing, i am a big believer in keeping the mind stimulated!!!

    and even though this was a serious story, you sure did tell it with style!!!

    1. No--I'm not telling him! When I missed paying that bill, it really shook me. I have always been "sharp" and to think I am losing that, makes me irritated at myself. Some days just are worse than others. Today seems fine and made me smile when I had to call the Food Bank because I noticed the lady there had written down on my card, my next appointment was for Friday--May 16th. May 16th falls on Tuesday. HAH!! I remember her "telling" me "Friday, May 12th at eleven," but on my card she wrote Fri. May 16th. So I guess this "disease" is prevalent in the older community. HAH!!

  7. I am amazed at people who can recite what they've had for dinner the night before and the night before that! It would take me about five minutes to remember. By picturing the whole setting I can SOMETIMES draw enough up to be specific. Lately I've been forgetting to turn lights off downstairs when I go to bed. I left the burner on once, until I smelled the meal burning. These are mere 'oopsies' to me, because my memory has never 'had my back'. For you, your memory has had your back, so it must be like releasing a dear friend.

    I loved what my husband said, when I judged myself poorly for memory lapses. "It's not memory that makes someone intelligent. It's creativity and resourcefulness."

    So, Judy, how can you use your creativity and resourcefulness to help you? ;-)

  8. Sounds pretty normal to me! I put EVERYTHING on my iCal so I can check on my phone and on my computer. Each night I check the following day's schedule. IF I choose to NOT do something, I edit it to move it to the next day or week. I write down EVERYTHING.

    Thanks for using your creativity and resourcefulness!!!

  9. Judy, you're still sharp. But Luna's right: you must write everything down. I don't pay the bills at our house but if I did, they'd all be on a list because I can't remember anything. I keep copious lists of everything I need to purchase and although a "to do" list isn't necessary yet except maybe at holiday time when there's so much more to do than usual, I do keep a detailed calendar. I hate it when I forget something, so all of this helps. Don't freak out, my friend. You're human. xoxo

  10. I'm 63 and write lists and reminders for myself all of the time. Not only is it a good reminder for me, but it makes me happy to check things off the list as I get them done. Maybe the bill paying thing was a little glitch or keyboard stick when you hit "submit" when paying the bill.

    I sometimes have to ponder what I made for dinner on which night so I don't keep any leftovers too long in the refrigerator. Apparently my husband, who is 64, doesn't remember which food we had on what night either, because he has snacked on some leftovers that I should have remembered to throw away but didn't. He always says they tasted just fine to him, and he hasn't gotten sick from any of them yet. Knock on wood. Maybe I need to start making lists of what days I made which dinners and posting it on the refrigerator.

    I learned something from your post and comment section today that I had not given any thought to before. It hadn't occurred to me to how an off hand remark that I may make to the doctor (or their assistant) could be misunderstood or blown out of proportion and follow me forever in my medical records, especially now that medical records are shared between all of the doctors, specialists, and hospitals via computer. I will measure my words carefully before speaking at future doctor appointments.

    1. I go to the doc's twice a year. When he walks into the room and asks how I'm doing, I reply, "Just fine.", until he tells me differently, that will be my answer. HAH!

  11. I have those problems, and I'm much younger!! I can't even think from one moment to the next what I want to say, do, etc. I honestly think it's because we have so MANY things to remember - passwords, user names, account numbers, where we go, what we have to do, it just becomes overwhelming. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.