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Onward and upward! something that you say in order to encourage someone to forget an unpleasant experience or failure and to think about the future instead and move forward.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Are there days................

.......when you get ticked off, for no particular reason?

Early this morning--well 8:30, I looked out and noticed an ambulance parked in front of Pearl and Merle's house.  They weren't there very long and brought no one out on a stretcher and were soon gone.  I called to find out and Merle said that when Pearl tried to get out of her chair, she slipped down so her shoulders were low on the back and her bottom was hanging over the edge of the seat and she couldn't get up.  Merle couldn't lift her, so he called for help.

By 9:15 Dar was rattling my still locked front door and wanted to know what was going on with the ambulance.  I told her what had happened and she scoffed.

"How could Pearl allow herself to get in such bad shape she can't even get out of her chair?!"

"I don't know.  It's very sad."

"Sad?  It's stupid!  She needs to get into physical therapy!"

Then she jumped into her "it's all about me" thingie and went on to tell me she is going back to the Psycho Therapist next Tuesday so he can work with her on bio-feedback and other methods to rid her of her (imaginary) pain.

"Are you going to have hypnosis?  He said it would help."

"Oh no!  I can't be hypnotized.  I can't allow that control to be taken away from me."

"Control is not taken away from you.  You aren't unconscious!  You are just in a relaxed state--kind of like when you are sitting in your chair dozing, but you still hear the TV.  You can stand up at any time you want."

"No!  That scares me."

"That's very sad.  You talk about Pearl not helping herself and you are doing the same thing."
I'm ticked off at both of these women.  They complain and moan and groan and yet...won't do a thing to help themselves.

Then, there's Jackie, directly across the street from me.  Nearly 80 years old, went in Tuesday for shoulder surgery, at 10:00, and home by 2:00.  No hospital stay.  No going to the rehab place for a few days.  Came home, with a pain pump and her grand daughter to stay a few days.  What a woman!!!
On Face Book this morning, there were 3 links friends had "shared".  All three of the links were either from a "satire" or "fake" news company source.  They just go along sharing these links without even considering if the "news" is true and thus, stirring up even more (usually political) anger from their friends that comment.  I hate it when people start arguing with each other in the comments area.  Argue with the person who posted the link, not with their friends that comment!

I am also ticked at President Trump.  I just wish he would do The Job and quit with the Twitter.  He talks too much and a lot of what he says is down right stupid!!

When he was rambling about how Andrew Jackson could have talked it out and stopped the Civil War and why was that war fought anyway.  I just wanted to scream!!!  Good Grief!  Did he not have any history lessons in those schools he went too?  Andrew Jackson died 15 years before the Civil War started.  He has a bust of Andrew Jackson in the Oval office.  He is one of his heroes.  If so, shouldn't he know the history of the man's life?  

I had to live through 8 years of Dumb and Dumber and now...4 years of  Bozo the Yellow-Haired Clown?

There are a lot of qualified Presidential candidates out there.  Why aren't they nominated?
Then I just read a quotation on a friend's blog.  "Keep busy in your pursuit of all, in these last years.  Do not expect much from others.  Take responsibility for your own happiness, without depending on anyone else."  

This is painfully true to me and reminds me, I haven't heard anything from my kids or my sister since Easter.
Ever have one of these kinds of days?

I think I'll walk up to Pearl's and talk for awhile.


  1. I agree about hating people posting misinformation .. or something from 10 years ago but making it seem like it happened today and the media is not covering it. I usually put a comment that it should be checked on Snopes but mostly they ignore that and leave up the post!

    Dar is beyond my comprehension. Sometimes when I am annoyed at how messy my daughter is, I take 20-30 minutes and tidy up my own space. I can work on myself ... others? Not so much!

    THANK YOU for blogging!

  2. OH, every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's why I have to (attempt to) limit my "news of the world."

    And try to put other stuff, out of my mind.

    I can not allow myself, to get rilllllllled up, about things, I can not do anything about. And I have to help my husband, do this too.

    Actually, he is better at this, than I am. But sometimes, he gets "stewed," and I have to "un-stew" him. lol

    Ya' ken.... (what is that??? It's an old welsh/scottish way of saying "You know...?" And I love it. And so I am using it.) Anyway, ya' ken, I guess the older we get, the more time we have, to allow ourselves to get riled at what we feel, is the stupidity of others.

    In later life, we simply are not as busy, as earlier. And the mind is "happy" to fill our time, with all sorts of ponderings. Some good and some bad (for us). So maybe, along with aches and pains and bowel issues, we get too much time to get "stewed," about "stuff," in older years.

    Old Wisdom 101.



  3. Trump's total ignorance on what caused the Civil War is mind boggling. I doubt he's ever read a book about Andrew Jackson or any other history book since grade school.

    I'm glad you spoke up to Dar about Pearl not helping herself. If I had to listen to her first thing in the morning, it would spoil my day, too.

  4. Judy, my words - and really difficult to do.
    But we must.
    Take care - rain just keeps arriving. Looks like I live in
    a jungle.

  5. Very heavy rain and wind here today. Hope it is gone tomorrow, as I am doing the Alzheimer's walk in the morning. Guess I will go regardless.
    I, too, am sick of all the nastiness and fake news. It siphons right down to fighting on our little hometown FB page, too. Some people are just on there with their own vicious, ignorant opinions. They like to stir up controversy, even if it is about lies.
    Thinking about you.

  6. What a story teller you are! I was with you herding those chickens and dragging the rabbit cages :)

    I was thinking how your father was probably a lot more accurate than our local forecasts many a time! Only a few days ago we had the direst forecasts of severe storms...well we did have storms and high winds but nothing like what they were saying...( no major hail, lightning etc )

    As to Trump being an idiot and embarrassing oh yes we are on the same page lol / I just cringe