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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Good to know................

Judith, you do not have the ε4 variant we tested.
Your risk for Alzheimer's disease 
0 variants detected
in the APOE gene

From my 23 and Me DNA medical report.  Cool!

Karen's husband Mark and four of the kids went to the Grand Canyon for a two week adventure.  They went down in the Canyon and then they hiked up and down, from rim to rim to rim.

Marcus and Maddie were teamed up and as they were halfway to a rim it started raining.  They were dressed in the shorts and t-shirts, but as they climbed higher, the rain got heavier and colder and then it started snowing.  Susanna was waiting for them in her tent on the rim edge.

Marcus and Maddie were so cold they knew they had to find shelter until the storm passed.  Luckily, they found a wooden latrine and sat for an hour--no heat, no lights, no nothing.  Their clothes wouldn't dry out and they knew, the only way they could survive was to go back down to get to warmer air, below the snow/rain line.  

11 hours later, they met up with their Dad and brother Stephen, who had come looking for them.  Susanna had waited 7 hours in her tent for them and got worried, so she packed up and made her trek through the snow/rain to the bottom of the canyon.

Marcus and Maddie were in such bad shape that Dad had a moment of, "Oh my God.  What do we do now."  He, Marcus and Stephen are all Eagle Scouts so they know survival skills.  They finally found a spot to set up camp and got the heaters and lights going inside the tents with blankets and food.

Thankfully,  Marcus and Maddie flew home Friday and Mark and Stephen arrived this morning.  Susanna flew back to Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

I am very thankful this Mother's Day that all of my grand children are alive--although Maddie is sick and on the edge of pneumonia!
Saturday, Pammie and Karen came over.  Karen wanted to take us out to lunch.  I suggested she stop and get Subways for us so we could sit in the living room while we ate, and be able to chatter away without noisy people around us.  Gosh--we giggled and laughed and talked about long ago, "remember when" memories.  Then we went outside and they dug two holes and planted the 100 year old Hosta's I had picked up at The Farm on Thursday. We had an absolutely grand, goofy time!
I went over to Dar's Saturday evening to wish her a Happy Birthday.  She has started with a new doctor--her 10th.  She still refuses to do her meditation or any bio-feedback for the pain, because she's "scared".  I don't know what this doctor can do for her.  Very sad case!
Today felt kind of strange.  So many Mother's Day wishes on Face Book that I felt nauseous!  I knew that the grand kids would be gathering at Karen's during the day, but I wasn't invited didn't drive over.  With all the kids and her hubs back home safely, I felt it was her day to shine, without me hanging around on the fringes.  My oldest grand daughter Helene, e-mailed me a photo of her and the baby.  I had sent her a Happy 1st Mother's Day card and she loved it.

I had thought to start painting the porch today, but it never got above 61 and the breeze felt cold to me.  Besides, I don't like to do physical chores on a Sunday.  I spent 5 hours on the genealogy I am working on.  Back 21 generations, so you know, that takes a lot of time, printing, scanning, filling in the family sheets and writing the stories in the book.  I'm about half way done.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and warmer, so I will paint the porch.  Got to get a couple of coats on it, so it might take two days.  THEN--it may just be warm enough to plant.  I don't think we will get any more frosts.

I hung the Baltimore Oriole feeder and Humming bird feeder.  Within an hour, the Oriole swooped in.  Still haven't seen a Hummer, but Sister says they have them, so mine should be coming in any day now.


  1. I too was thankful when I read on FB the family had arrived safely back home. Praying that Maddie will be well soon.

    How nice that you were able to spend time with Pam and Karen; I know that did you a world of good. :)

    It's still hot here (as you know) and still without any rain at all in several weeks. So worried about those in the lines of fires. Hopefully, soon things will get back to normal however I don't even know what normal is these days. :)

    I know you're doing wonderful work on the genealogy and the families involved will be so happy just as we were when you did ours. And, I'll always be thankful for that, Judy.

    I spent the same kind of Mother's Day as you, and was happy to do so. The kids are coming over today and spend the night so it won't be quiet here for much longer. LOL


  2. Wow, your Alzheimer's variant was tested. I'd not be brave enough, to do that. Although at 80 and 80+, we feel we have gotten away, without it. And are "happy" with normal age related forgetfulness. -grin-

    Horror story about your family. Good they had enough survival skills, to know what to do. Yikes! Being such a wimp, about such stuff, I can't imagine people wanting to do those things. Me = Wimp.

    Our weekend rain, has given way, to blue skies and white clouds.... And enough wind, to blow you to OZ!!!!

    "Enjoy" painting!!!!!!

  3. So happy to know that your beloved grandchildren and Mark have come through their Grand Canyon adventure. That sounds terribly frightening. Years ago, I was caught by bad weather on a hike in a ravine in western MA. We surely thought we would never be able to climb out, and I can still feel the adrenaline and terror.
    Hope you are able to get the painting done this week. It is about 50, cold and windy here with drizzle. ICK. Your Mother's Day sounds like such fun. HAPPY!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to put the humming bird feeder out. We've been so buys recently. Will do today.

    Lucky for you about Alzheimer's disease.

    I'm very happy that you had a nice day with Pammie and Karen, and even more happy that your grands are all well. What a harrowing tale.